Special Report: The Birth Certificate Non-Controversy

Special Report: The Birth Certificate Non-Controversy
Vol: 86 Issue: 24 Monday, November 24, 2008

It appears, from what has transpired thus far, that the office of the Presidency of the United States may soon be occupied by a usurper. It sounds nuts. It really, really does.

The idea that somebody would even try is what makes it sounds nuts. Bill Clinton was unable to conceal an, er, indiscretion that occurred in the White House bathroom with no witnesses.

Somehow, it ended up all over the front pages of the world s newspapers and a whole generation of little kids learned too much too soon courtesy of the nation s highest moral authority figure.

So for Barack Hussein Obama to embark on a campaign for the only office that Constitutionally requires natural-born citizenship when he isn t qualified redefines the audacity of hope.

That isn t merely audacious, it s downright impudent. It is unthinkably naive.

Surely, he couldn t hope to keep something like his birthplace a secret from the same media that discovered Monica Lewinsky? Could he? And what about the big shots at the DNC? Surely they ascertained their candidate s eligibility?

Obama s place of birth didn t really become much of an issue until after Hillary went down in flames. I recall there was a rumor that Team Clinton had a bombshell ready to release just before the convention, but the rumor fizzled and died.

One would assume that, if that rumor dealt with Obama s place of birth, that the DNC would have moved heaven and earth to put that rumor to bed well before the election. I mean, think about it.

If you were among the DNC s leadership, would you take a chance on blowing control of all three branches of government on an unqualified candidate? One thing that political operatives understand is how politics operates. This could be something that could blow up in their faces it is far too big a risk to take.

One would assume that ten seconds after the first person questioned Obama s birth place, the DNC had operatives and private investigators and important Democratic Senators poking and pleading and cajoling until they had irrefutable, undeniable evidence that they weren t about to toss away their best shot at the Oval Office in a generation.

Continuing with this line of assumptive reasoning, one would further assume that, in order to squash the rumors before they had a chance to affect the vote, that the DNC would share that irrefutable and undeniable evidence with the voters.

The rumor about his place of birth was substantial enough to qualify for a spot on Obama s Fight the Smears website. Obama s campaign posted a facsimile of his Hawaiian birth certificate on his website.

But instead of quelling the controversy, the facsimile simply fanned the flames. Dozens of self-described experts pronounced the birth certificate an obvious forgery . It was becoming a real problem for the campaign.

A problem that could have been easily and instantly resolved by releasing the vault copy (handwritten long form) of his birth certificate.

Such a copy exists it must exist, if the president-elect was actually born in Hawaii. And at least two members of the Hawaiian state government publicly stated that the records exist, they have examined them, and that Obama s birth records are in order .

But for reasons that defy assumptive reasoning, the Obama birth records are a more closely guarded secret than Pentagon war plans.

The New York Times regularly published top-secret leaked battle plans that forced Pentagon planners to scrap military operations in progress.

But NOBODY can get their hands on Obama s birth certificate.

Honolulu Circuit Court Judge Bert Ayabe on Wednesday ruled that author Andy Martin had no standing under state law to obtain a copy of the birth certificate.

Ayabe said in his decision that Martin had no direct and tangible interest in the vital statistic records being sought. Hawaii public records laws are more restrictive than in many states and allow birth and death certificates to be released only to family members and those with a direct interest.

That is where it becomes, as they say, curiouser and curiouser. If an American citizen doesn t have a direct interest in whether he wasted his vote on an ineligible candidate, who does?

Then there is Philip Berg, the former Pennsylvania Attorney-General who took his case directly to the Supreme Court.

On Nov. 3, Justice David Souter rejected Berg’s emergency appeal for the court to halt the tabulation of the 2008 presidential election results. BUT Justice Souter set a schedule for a response from Obama, the DNC and all co-defendants on or before Dec. 1.

All told, there are still at least ten active and unresolved lawsuits regarding Obama s birth status still before various federal and state courts. Every single one of them could be put to rest with the same action at the same time.

Just release the birth certificate one time to one credible news organization or even turn it over to the US Supreme Court and be done with it.

So, why is this still an issue? Like I said, it s nuts. Isn t it?

One gets the sense that the LAST thing that the courts or the Senate or the party bigwigs on EITHER side want to see is Barack Hussein Obama s birth certificate.

The courts seem perfectly content to rest on the argument that US citizens don t have standing to question his eligibility.

But the courts, which DO have standing, don t seem even slightly curious concerning WHY Obama is fighting the release of his birth documents.

The mainstream media seems totally unconcerned about Barack Obama s eligibility to serve. This is where it seems particularly out-of-synch.

Woodward and Bernstein became household words after they uncovered the Watergate scandal that brought down a presidency, changed the course of history, and earned them each a Pulitzer Prize.

The reporter who proved that a usurper had managed to get illegally elected to the highest office in the land would go down in history as having broken the story of the century.

A Pulitzer would just be the beginning. Yet not even Bob Woodward wants to be Bob Woodward.

Even the Republicans want to see the Barack Obama eligibility issue fade away quietly into the woodwork. There is no hue and cry arising from the losing camp. Curiouser and curiouser.

But not really. If it turns out that Barack Obama is constitutionally ineligible to serve, then what? What happens next?

If the election is decertified, then legally, the default winners would be McCain/Palin. Not even McCain/Palin want to see that. Absent a political mandate, they would never be able to effectively govern. Even if there were anything left to govern after the riots.

The consequences are unthinkable.

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