A Tale of Two Unions

A Tale of Two Unions
Vol: 16 Issue: 30 Thursday, January 30, 2003

The Democrats have evidently decided to set up their own Executive Branch, since they can’t quite get used to the idea that they are no longer in power. Since Their Guy left office (well, actually, he took a lot of his office with him in his suitcases), they have taken to offering what they call an Alternative State of the Union that they have presented for each of the first three years of the Bush presidency.

It is a fascinating concept – an ‘alternative’ state of the union, but it makes one question how the Union can be in two different states simultaneously.

The State of the Union address is a report to the Congress from the President outlining America’s state of being. So there is much that can be learned simply from the fact that the Democrats are offering an alternative state of being. (I thought you had to smoke something to achieve that state, but who knows?)

The Alternative State of the Union this year is championed by California Representative Nancy Pelosi, who represents the most liberal district in California. Think about that for a second – how liberal would that be? Liberal enough to believe that America can exist on two levels in two different states of existence. At the same time.

In the one state, where the Republicans are in charge, everything is bad. Everything. But in their Union, everything is used to be perfect until the Republicans took control of the White House and both Houses of Congress, which they chalk up to the fact that they haven’t been liberal enough. That’s why Nancy Pelosi believes she got to be Democratic Minority Leader in the first place.

It isn’t because more people wanted the Republicans than wanted the Democrats. To a liberal, the obvious answer is always the least likely. And the crazier that alternative explanation, the better they like it.

In their altered state, more people voted for the Republicans because the Democrats aren’t liberal enough so they are going to liberal us to death.

Those in the Altered State call themselves ‘Progressive’ and the road to progress is easy to find.

Just look to see what road George Bush is on and take any other road. To the Progressives, a tax cut is a ‘giveaway’ because Progressive thinkers know that your tax dollars aren’t really yours – to them everything you earn belongs to the government.

You don’t pay taxes out of your income. Your income is really the part the government pays you by not taking it. To the Progressive in the Altered State, giving every American the same percentage of their taxes back is unfair, because it amounts to a tax break for the rich.

The mathematical principle that shows the percentage of a large income is more money than the percentage of a small income goes by the wayside in favor of the principle that earned income was never yours in the first place, as we’ve already seen.

So it is incumbent on the Progressives to ensure that those who earn more money than they think is reasonable have that income taken from them and distributed to those who earn less.

It is under this principle that in the old Soviet Union, the standard joke was “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” Of course, we know that doesn’t work, since Communism as a viable political system has collapsed everywhere except North Korea and Cuba – two excellent examples of the effects of wealth redistribution by the state.

Which is why the principle of tax cuts drives them ballistic.

The Progressives in the Altered State believe that a fair system would be targeted tax cuts. What targeted tax cuts means is this. Only one segment of the population deserves a fair shake.

They scoff at the idea that giving the same percentage of taxes back to the ‘wealthy’ as to the ‘poor’ will do anything to stimulate the economy, since only the poor will spend it. The rich will just put it under their mattresses.


Several things are important to consider here. The first is the fact that the top five percent of income earners in the United States pay 95% of the taxes. The second thing to consider is who the Progressives in the Altered State identify as being ‘rich.’ For example, if you make as much money as a freshman Congressman, you are very rich. If you make less than $100K a year, you are pretty rich. If you make half that much, you are moderately rich. None of these categories are entitled to have the government give them any of their money back because they won’t spend it and stimulate the economy.

Because they already have all the money they can spend now, don’t you know.

If you are on welfare, you deserve a tax cut. If you work at McDonald’s, then the $300 you get back from the government will get spent and stimulate the economy.

If you are ‘rich’ and you invest your tax cut, it only benefits other ‘rich’ people who don’t deserve it. But let one of these rich guys lay off employees because he can’t afford to pay both the employee and the government and Pelosi can demonstrate that it is George Bush’s fault.

This probably doesn’t make very much sense to you if you make enough money to qualify as being ‘rich’. But don’t worry. Pelosi explains patiently that the reason it doesn’t make sense is because its really the Republicans engaging in class warfare.

All the Progressives in the Altered State want to do is make sure that the working class is told over and over again that the biggest tax cuts go to the richest Americans who don’t really need them – cause that isn’t class warfare.

Here’s what the Progressives in the Altered State of the Union think is the right prescription for America. (My translation in parentheses).

* Progressives believe that a war with Iraq is unjustified and the U.S. should halt the war preparations. Instead, the U.S. should strongly support the UN inspectors in Iraq. (Because Progressives believe the Altered State is not sovereign, but is instead subordinate to the UN. Forget all that outdated Constitutional stuff).

* Progressives believe that the national economy is in serious trouble and needs a genuine stimulus. The stimulus must be large, it must jump-start the economy immediately, it must create new jobs, it must be fair; it must put money in the pockets of the majority of Americans, and it should target neglected areas of society, such as housing, schools, and water systems. (The Bush tax cut doesn’t PUT money into the pockets of the majority of Americans – it LEAVES money in the pockets of ALL Americans – unfair to the Progressive mind)

* Progressives believe all Americans deserve a guarantee of high quality, affordable, health care. With the failure of the private market to deliver health care to 41 million Americans and affordable pharmaceuticals to senior citizens, Medicare should be improved and expanded to give high quality health care to every American and a prescription drug benefit to seniors. (Progressives don’t like the idea of anything being privately owned – the government can do a much better job. That’s why the government regularly shells out hundreds of dollars each for expensive equipment like screwdrivers and toilet seats.

* Progressives believe that jobs should pay living wages, that people be more easily able to form unions and bargain collectively with their employers and that the federal government should guarantee Social Security with the “full faith and credit of the United States.”

(Progressives don’t think the government should leave employers with enough money after taxes to do this, though. The progressives prefer collective ‘bargaining’ – which is one reason that the only working Americans who can afford a new car are autoworkers. Progressives believe that the government should guarantee Social Security — on credit, while at the same time, spending the Social Security surpluses to pay for things like Medicare)

* Progressives in Congress believe that Americans should be assured of strong civil rights and liberties, including reproductive choice. (Progressives believe in strong civil rights and liberties, unless one claims one of those rights is the ‘right to life’ – in which case the ‘right to choice’ is jeopardized. Progressives have yet to actually ask a baby if it minded being brutally murdered and ripped from the mother’s womb — so much for ‘choice’)

Here’s how the Progressives sum up the Altered State of the Union, rather than the cowardly, cold and unfeeling State of the Union presented by the President:

“America, gather up your courage. We can make America a better place. The future can be better than the past. There is an alternative to the Bush Administration.”

Someone should point out to the Progressives that their alternative sounds better when explained in the native Russian from which it was lifted.

Musing Right Along . . .

Well, it’s over. Almost. We stopped for the night in Hagerstown, Maryland on the trek home. (The Hagerstown area was our original destination, until we decided to keep going until we could see grass instead of snow) LOL! We ended up spending the coldest, snowiest week the North Carolina coast had seen in ten years.

The day we left was the first day the mercury was above freezing since we arrived. But we were able to walk the beach, pick up some seashells and do a few ‘touristy’ things. But staying in our hotel afforded us some time to make some wonderful new friends, and to really get a ‘feel’ for what the heartland genuinely feels about the war against terror.

Virtually everyone on the island is either in the Marines or is related to someone in the Marine Corps. And absolutely no one we met was without an INFORMED opinion. (That was refreshing in the extreme, even when that opinion was different than mine)

God was VERY good to us on this trip. He arranged things so that the entire trip was one of interaction and experience.

I am sorry it is over, although I can hardly wait to get home and see my grandson Bailey.

We have a rule at our house, since Bailey is only three. He can’t get up unless the sun is up. As I’ve mentioned previously, each morning, Bailey will pad up to my office, stand at my elbow (after I’ve been a work for hours in the absolute silence only found in the pre-dawn hours) and loudly announce, “Gwanddad! The sun is up!”

I peel myself from the ceiling, and Bailey and I go down and celebrate the birth of a new day.

I loved my vacation, but I’ve really missed that celebration.

I can hardly wait to get home and find out if the sun came up all those mornings when I wasn’t home.

God bless you all for your indulgence affording me the opportunity to indulge Gayle. (And me). And thank you.

From the bottom of my heart.

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