Speaking of Strong Delusions . . .

Speaking of Strong Delusions . . .
Vol: 15 Issue: 27 Friday, December 27, 2002

Among the items of interest in this morning’s news was a story in the Miami Herald that didn’t get much attention in the national press, although it made major headlines across South Asia. The story is about Mark Jimenez, a Miami computer executive who was extradicted back to America after fleeing to his native Phillipines in 1998.

The real story is why Jimenez fled to the Phillipines in the first place, and why it’s NOT news in America.

Jimenez fled the U.S. in 1998, shortly before a U.S. Justice Department campaign-finance task force accused the Filipino native — born Mario Batacan Crespo — of orchestrating an elaborate scheme to avoid U.S. election laws that prohibit hard-money contributions from foreign nationals.

The indictment accused Jimenez of funneling hundreds of thousands of illegal dollars into the re-election campaign coffers of President Clinton and Democratic Sens. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts and Robert Torricelli of New Jersey through 23 employee straw donors.

An additional Miami federal indictment charged him with tax evasion, mail fraud, conspiracy and making false statements.

At least seven employees of Future Tech, the computer parts export firm established by Jimenez, ”gave” $1,000 each to Clinton at a Miami fundraiser hosted by Jimenez later received $1,000 bonus checks in return. Sounds exactly like the Buddhist Temple fund-raising scheme, doesn’t it?

So much for the ‘isolated incident of which I knew nothing because I was in the bathroom after drinking too much iced tea’ defense.

Clearly. this was a routine system used to launder money to the Clinton political machine.

Where Jimenez got into hot water was when he tried to stiff the IRS. His company pleaded guilty to having falsely claimed the donation reimbursements as deductible payroll expenses on its corporate income tax return and falsely reporting a $100,000 donation to the Democratic National Committee as a charitable-contribution deduction.

That’s what tripped him up — not the honest Janet Reno Justice Department of 1998. It’s only because the IRS that didn’t get theirs that Mark Jimenez is about to get his.

I read at least a half dozen stories today speculating on the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for the White House in 2004. CNN, Newsday, the UK Guardian, even ABCOnline from Australia all point to polls that make her the Democratic favorite for the nomination.

And I read the lone account in the Miami Herald of what money can buy in a Clinton White House.

Jimenez’s fortune helped him gain access to the Clinton White House; he golfed with the president, socialized with the First Lady and even attended one of the infamous White House coffee klatches.

During the meeting, he lobbied the administration on behalf of Paraguay, where his firm had major business interests. A month after the coffee, Clinton allowed the country to continue receiving U.S. aid despite restrictions on other Latin American governments that failed to control cocaine smuggling, said the Herald.


I’m not exactly sure what it is about this story that stunned me. I suffer ‘Clinton fatigue’ as much as anybody and more than most. Maybe its just because the whole thing is just SO wrong — and is pretty much blacked out in the national press.

Mark Jimenez came to the US as Mario Crespo, a penniless divorced father on the run with his kids. He became Mark Jimenez to hide his kids from their mother.

He arrived in California with $3000 to his name and somehow managed to get exclusive distribution rights to floppy disks and other computer paraphernalia upon which he built his fortune overnight.

Before long, Mario Crespo was on a first name basis with Bill Clinton, golfing with Hillary Clinton, staying overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom, having coffee and steering US policy with Paraguay.

This is the story that is NOT on the front page of the New York Times, because . . I’ll let YOU finish the sentence.

The corruption of the 1990’s seems somehow surreal in the New Normal, like it couldn’t have really happened. Surely it was blown out of proportion — or that is how it is being portrayed as history revises itself before our eyes.

But LOOK at what we are talking about. Take Mario Crespo/Mark Jimenez and multiply him many times over, add the Chinagate scandals and the James Riadi/Indonesia/Buddhist Temple and the hundreds of other criminal convictions among the Clinton associates.

Most of our military secrets escaped during his watch, the military was decimated and Osama bin-Laden was convinced the United States was so decadent and corrupt that he could scare it into submission. And 3,000 of us died, based on that flawed assumption, on September 11.

The depth and breadth of the corruption of the Clinton administration is almost unfathomable. The cost to the country is still be tabulated and would take generations to calculate completly.

But Bill Clinton continues to command the respect and admiration of half the country and most of the international community.

Now to the point. When the Bible speaks of the antichrist, it almosts sounds like it is referring to another world.

A world in which people are so stupid and gullible that they will believe him when he says that he is really God, and will eventually rally with him on the plains of Megiddo to fight against the returning Jesus.

I used to wonder about that a lot. How WOULD he pull it off? I mean, the antichrist is a pretty specific character about whom we know a great deal.

The only thing we don’t know at the moment is who he is, but once he takes power, his actions will pretty much eliminate any doubt of his identity.

And once it’s obvious that he’s the antichrist, (how many other guys call down fire from heaven, insist on a Mark and demand worship in the last days?) why will they continue following him?

Since governing requires the consent of the governed, how’s he going to manage it?

Just how powerful is propaganda? Well, as I said earlier, I read six stories this morning speculating about whether Hillary Clinton was going to run for president two years from now.

Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not saying that either Clinton is the antichrist.

But look at the dynamic here. As we witness history being revised on the fly, we’re really watching as the fine tuning is being applied to a conditioning process that will answer the questions I posed earlier.

Paul writes of the antichrist and of those who embrace him, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:” (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

A lot of people stumble over this verse, mainly because most of us like to think its the other guy who’ll fall for it and not them.

But Clinton really DID steal the White House using illegal cash and illegal connections, blamed Bush for ‘stealing’ Election 2000, trashed the White House, stole its furnishings, pardoned his cronies and cost the American taxpayer uncounted millions investigating and cleaning up the mess he left behind.

And most Democrats think that Hillary has a chance at the White House only two years from now. The world under antichrist needn’t be populated by gullible morons for the antichrist to seize global power.

The current crop will do nicely.

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