Terror Groups Now Number 33

Terror Groups Now Number 33
Vol: 6 Issue: 28 Thursday, March 28, 2002

The State Department added three more groups to its official terror list, bringing the total number of groups designated as ‘terrorist’to thirty-three. Among them are the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the militant arm of Arafat’s Fatah movement.

General Tommy Franks said yesterday that the United States will remain in Afghanistan ‘indefinitely’. General Franks also warned again that the war on terror could last ‘longer than most of our lifetimes’.

The Other Terror War

The suicide attack against the hotel in Netanya was the worst attack since the Tel Aviv Dolphinarium attack last year. The crime was visceral on many levels.

It was aimed against families.

There were absolutely no military targets in the Seaside Hotel dining room. Neither were there expected to be. The dining room had been booked for Passover, as it is every year, for families; fathers, mothers, children. They were the targets — not collateral damage.

It was aimed at religion

The Passover seder is a feast day that literally revolves around a feast. The Passover meal caps the remembrance of God’s miraculous delivery of the Hebrews from bondage in Egypt. The ten plagues, the Passover Lamb, the Angel of Death passing over the homes of the Hebrews are all solemnly remembered.

It was aimed at children

As the families gathered, Abdelbaset Odeih walked in and blew himself up. Everyone around him was instantly vaporized. Forty-eight people suffered serious wounds. Said one survivor, “The face of the little girl was so nice, it was as if she was surprised – big, big open eyes – but surely dead.”

Arafat Crosses The Line

“Everyone agrees, here a certain line was crossed. And things won’t be the same as they were before,” Emmanuel Mahshon, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official, said. “It is possible that we will have to change drastically the rules of the game.”

Arafat has evidently decided to go for broke and conduct an all out war against Israel. The Arab summit split over Arafat’s address via satellite. Lebanon refused to allow him to speak live. Half the Arab League boycotted the meeting. The split is between those Arab states ready for war and those who oppose it.

The Israelis believe Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Jordan s King Abdullah cancelled their scheduled appearances at the Arab summit at the last minute after learning of the war plans. The two Arab leaders reportedly were warned of possible assassination plots against them if they attended.

Israeli intelligence also believes Iran, Iraq and Syria are backing Arafat and pressuring him to scuttle all attempts at a ceasefire. Arafat has pledges of direct military support from these countries in the event of war.

Syria Calls For War

At the summit, Syrian President Bashar Assad called for the immediate severing of all Arab ties with Israel.

Syria’s puppet in Lebanon, Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, said the cause of a wider regional conflict is really US peace efforts. He complained of foreign pressure being applied to halt the violent uprising before it achieves its goals of forcing Israel out of territories captured in 1967.

Madness of Biblical Proportions

And if further evidence is required to prove we are living in a time in which events of Biblical proportions grow increasingly routine, the Reverend Jesse Jackson has offered to settle the 4,000 year-old conflict and save General Zinni from embarrassing failure. As soon as he finishes his lawsuit to settle a 200 year-old slavery dispute.


The US war against international terror will last for decades, according to General Franks. That sets the stage for decades of continued international tension, shifting alliances and disinformation campaigns from all sides. The last six months are merely the first six months of a New Reality.

Iraq seems intent on self-immolation. If not as a consequence of past terror, then maybe as a consequence of war with Israel. Pressuring Arafat to start a general Middle East war all but guarantees the fulfillment Jeremiah 51:26 “And they shall not take of thee [historical Babylon – modern Iraq] a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations; but thou shalt be desolate for ever, saith the LORD.”

Syria is also playing with fire, literally, according to Scripture. Damascus, historically speaking, is the longest continously-inhabited city in the world. But Isaiah 17:1 says, “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” This prophecy remains unfulfilled.

The Passover Massacre ‘changed the rules of the game’ for Israel, and that means the rules have changed across the board. Syria, Iraq and Lebanon believe they can do serious damage to Israel before the UN steps in and halts the conflict in place. They are gambling that the Arabs will hold the territorial advantage and can reverse the tables on Israel.

The stakes are high; higher than in any previous Arab-Israeli war. Syria and Iraq have massive chemical and biological arsenals. Both have missiles tipped with unconventional warheads containing both biological and chemical agents pointed at Israel.

The Israelis have officially admitted, for the first time, to having a nuclear weapons arsenal. In total, foreign intelligence estimates agree it contains at least four hundred warheads. The Israelis have developed special weapons, nicknamed mini-nukes and micro-nukes, specifically designed for conflict in the confined areas of the Middle East. It is an iron-clad certainty that Israel will use them if the Arabs attack using unconventional weapons.

It is anticipated that Israel will mount a massive response to the Passover massacre. Whether that response will trigger a full-scale Middle East war remains to be scene.

But it is clear that the Bible has some unfinished business with Damascus and Baghdad/Babylon. It will happen, exactly as the Bible said. If not now, soon.

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