Anthrax Mailer Probably US Scientist

Anthrax Mailer Probably US Scientist
Vol: 5 Issue: 25 Monday, February 25, 2002

Breaking The United States has known who the anthrax mailer probably is for as long as three months, but hasn’t enough evidence to charge him. The FBI investigation, according to sources, began to focus on current and former U.S. scientists after the anthrax found in letters sent to the Capitol Hill offices of Democratic Sens. Tom Daschle of South Dakota and Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont matched a finely powdered strain of the bacteria held at Fort Detrick.

The scientist was identified from a pool of about 50 researchers known to have the technical ability to produce the sophisticated weapons-grade anthrax strain found in the anthrax letters.

Investigators kept secret the fact they have identified him, hoping he would make a mistake. But now that investigators have raided the suspect’s home, the secret is out.

The unidentified scientist was twice fired from government jobs and, after the September 11 attacks, reportedly made a threat to use anthrax. Incredibly, the suspect is currently employed as a contractor in the Washington area.

Kyoto Treaty Based “On Lie”

The Kyoto Treaty was, prior to 9/11, President Bush’s biggest political headache. President Bush created a firestorm of controversy when he pulled the United States out of Kyoto. A group of scientists convened by the American George C. Marshall Institute concluded rising greenhouse gas emissions may not be the main factor in global warming. They argue that temperature rise projections this century are “unknown and unknowable”. They claim it is “a media myth” to suppose that only a few scientists share that view.

Philip Stott, emeritus professor of biogeography at the University of London, is a prominent British critic of global warming. According to Stott, “The authors challenge the key contradiction at the heart of the Kyoto Protocol, the global climate agreement – that climate is one of the most complex systems known, yet that we can manage it by trying to control a small set of factors, namely greenhouse gas emissions. Scientifically, this is not mere uncertainty: it is a lie.”


The Kyoto Treaty would have placed enormous burdens on the Western powers, particularly the US, to curb global emissions while less developed nations like China and India would have virtually none [China and India make up about half the global population].

The conclusions about global warming have been under counter attack by an opposing minority group of mainstream scientific thinking ever since they were initially noted.

Using broad general strokes, most scientist fall into one of two categories; those who recognize some things are ‘unknown and unknowable’, and those who substitute the unknowable with important-sounding speculation.

For example, the theory of evolution. On one hand, we have scientists who begin from the hypothesis that humanity was the result of a chemical accident in some primordial soup.

Having assumed the primordial soup and the chemical accident, they then developed a complicated explanation of how tadpoles eventually evolved into apes into various incarnations of man [Neanderthal, etc] without a single fossilized example of one of these transitional phases.

On the other hand are those reject evolution and accept that certain things are ‘unknown and unknowable’.

The Apostle Paul warned of ‘profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called’ [1 Timothy 6:20]. Paul described this arrogance as ‘Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.’

But what is really at issue here is the topic of the debate. Strange things, ‘unknown and unknowable’ are taking place in our environment.

What gets lost in the argument is the very fact that ‘strange, inexplicable, global climactic changes’ are the subject of the debate in the first place.

Back in 1995, I did a series of reports for This Week in Bible Prophecy called “What’s Wrong With The Weather?” At that time I noted the increase in frequency and intensity of so called “100 year storms” and “500 year floods”.

Using that scale, there had been 1500 years worth of floods and a thousand years worth of storms in the preceding five years. A lot has happened since 1995.

Jesus warned of increasing famine and pestilence [Matt 24:7]. So do the environmental scientists on both sides of the argument. Where they differ is cause and effect. The Kyoto crowd thinks man caused and man can fix it, the other side argues its ‘unknowable’.

Notice that nobody is saying it isn’t happening. Floods and droughts are responsible for recent famines that killed millions at a time of unparalleled global prosperity.

Many scientists are beginning to look to outer space, blaming gravitational shifts caused by NEO [Near Earth Orbit] asteroids suddenly appearing in space.

Jesus described the signs that would accompany His return. Compare the Kyoto debate with His prophecy in Luke 21:25,26.

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

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