Bush May Cut Ties To PA

Bush May Cut Ties To PA
Vol: 4 Issue: 26 Saturday, January 26, 2002

The fallout from the Karine A seizure on January 4 continues as anticipated. Saying he was “very disappointed in Yasser Arafat”, President Bush said he was contemplating his next move, which might include suspending or even cutting ties with Yasser Arafat. Arafat responded by threatening, through an aide, a consequential ‘regional earthquake’.

According to Arafat aide Nabil Abu Rdeneh, instead of cutting ties to Arafat, Bush should cut ties to Sharon. After all, goes the reasoning, if Sharon would just give in to the Palestinian territorial demands, they wouldn’t need to smuggle weapons from Iran to make them give in by force. Rdeneh said, “What is needed is to isolate Sharon.” Arafat complained to a Greek TV camera that the world is ignoring the ‘plight’ of the Palestinians, while denying any knowledge of the weapons smuggling operation. This time, the PA’s ‘usual suspects’ routine fell on deaf ears.

Arafat Groups To Make Terror List

The US has learned Arafat is planning additional attacks against Israel, of which the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv January 25 was the first. Washington intends to announce a series of decisions against Arafat should those attacks occur. Among them will be the severing of ties with Arafat and the Palestinian Authority; closing the PLO mission in the US; and adding Arafat’s Fatah, together with its component wings of Force 17, the Tanzim and Aqsa Brigades to the US list of terror organizations. It also means terminating the hundreds of millions of dollars in aid money the US contributes annually to the PA. Congress also included a provision in that aid bill that requires the President to act against the PA if he determines the Palestinians are not fulfilling their obligations to fight terror as a condition of accepting aid money.

US Shares Intelligence With Arab Leaders

Washington is not only considering cutting ties with Arafat, it encouraging other states to do so as well. The administration is already actively encouraging EU states to isolate Arafat. It also sent letters this week to King Abdullah, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak containing the intelligence findings from the Karine-A arms boat Israel intercepted on the Red Sea on Jan. 3. They included proof of Arafat’s operational, intelligence and terrorist links with the Iranian leadership, as well as evidence of his Tehran-assisted attempts to subvert both the Egyptian and Jordanian regimes.


When bin-Laden said the West “would find no security” it was clearly a terrorist threat. Arafat’s promise of a retaliatory ‘earthquake’ is elevated by the media, and accepted by the State Department, at the level of a ‘diplomatic reply’.

It is not. It is a terrorist making a threat in an effort to impose his will over that of a sovereign state — the textbook definition of a terrorist. So what is the difference? Arafat is recognized — by the virtue of his official recognition by the US as the legitimate spokesman of the Palestinian people — as a diplomat.

Without US recognition, Arafat is just another Osama bin-Laden. That means the US is free to interpret the ‘warning’ of an impending regional ‘earthquake’ as the terrorist threat it actually is. This is what it all means, once the diplomatic ballet is over. Tarnished as he is, the US realizes Arafat is still the only game in town if there is to be peace in the Middle East. Any US move to cut ties with the PA is a tantamount to recognizing there remains no hope for peace. Which leaves only war as the alternative.

Beijing Caught Aiding Iran’s WMD Program

The Bush administration imposed economic sanctions on China this week. Beijing was caught [again] selling chemical and biological weapons equipment to Iran. It was the second time in four months that sanctions were imposed on China for its sales of weapons of mass destruction, products and missile goods. In September, the State Department imposed sanctions on the China Metallurgical Equipment Corp. and Pakistan’s National Development Complex. Those sanctions were for Chinese missile-related sales.

US Repeats Warning of Wider War

A senior US official speaking at the U.N.-sponsored Conference on Disarmament in Geneva warned that the United States will use “every method at its disposal” against countries that — because they sponsor terrorism, seek to obtain weapons of mass destruction, or help spread ballistic missile technology. Undersecretary for arms control John Bolton singled out North Korea and Iraq in the speech. But he also sent a message to Beijing and Tehran, saying, “I caution those who think that they can pursue nuclear weapons without detection. The United States and its allies will prove you wrong.”


The global situation continues to spiral toward chaos. The world is at a pivotal moment in history, one of those periods that historians like to study and shake their heads in wonder that nobody saw what was coming. The Bible outlined the exact alignment of nations, in much the way a historian would look at them in hindsight — only the Bible predicted that alignment thousands of years in advance, for a precise moment in history, in a specific generation.

Think of it. The qualifying generation would be one that experienced an exponential explosion of knowledge. [Dan 12:4] Moore’s Law dictates that computer processing ability doubles every 18 months. For the first time in 2500 years, there would have to exist a Jewish state, called Israel, and located on the same piece of real estate from which they were exiled. Israel’s rebirth would coincide with a revival of the old Roman Empire. The EU was born out of the 1948 Benelux Customs Treaty. Today, it is routinely referred to as Revived Rome.

The generation that saw all these things would also see a global economy [Rev 13:17] a global government [Rev 13:2] and a global religion [Rev 13:11-15].

All these things can only happen once, and all of them, according to the Bible, must occur in a single generation, somewhere in time. That generation, according to Scripture, will see the complete fulfillment of Bible prophecy for the last days.

Including the Rapture of the Church. It cannot be a future generation. These prophecies have not been fulfilled in generations past. Since they have begun, they will not be fulfilled in generations future. Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” [Matt 24:34]. That only leaves one generation that meets all the qualifications. This one.

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