Farewell to Our Beloved Omega Letter – by Alf Cengia

Farewell to Our Beloved Omega Letter – by Alf Cengia
Vol: 29 Issue: 12 Friday, October 12, 2018

As most readers are already aware, the Omega Letter website founded by Jack Kinsella is finally closing down. Here’s my fond farewell to our beloved Omega Letter.

providentially discovered Jack Kinsella and the OL some time after the events of 9-11. By that time I’d left my New Age past behind. I was still finding my footing and wondering what this world was coming to.

Ironically, I found Jack by doing an internet search for Hal Lindsey. The irony is that I’d rejected Hal’s ideas prior to becoming a New Ager. I actually bought some of his books and promptly gave them to my mother. They just happened to be an answer to her prayers. But that’s another story.

After the 9-11 wake-up call I wanted to check if Hal, the Old War Horse, was still around. From what I was seeing around me, his warnings appeared to be coming to fruition. Perhaps he wasn’t just a raving lunatic after all! Maybe I was the one who needed to read the memo.

Because of Jack’s connection to Hal my internet searches exposed me to an early version of the Omega Letter Website. It took some time before joining. However, I was immediately drawn to Jack Kinsella’s incisive commentaries and sarcastic wit.

For the longest time I read all the free briefings. Finally, I couldn’t get enough and became an OL member. One of my most touching memories happened after my first comment. An older Vietnam vet (Lou Talley) immediately reached out to me. Lou is now with the Lord and I still miss him.

The OL has always had a close family atmosphere. It was a secret, safe haven we could all go to; to chat with, pray for, and comfort each other. Sure there were squabbles. The Holy Spirit was there too. We always made up and blessed each other.

One thing I loved about Jack was that he allowed us to quarrel – he didn’t micro manage the forums. He’d only cut in when he felt the bickering went too far, as it sometimes did. Then he became the wise big brother who brought peace to the family.

John “Jack” Michael Kinsella went to be with the Lord on March 14 2013. I’m hopeless at recalling dates, but I know this because I still have a token of his memorial service on my desk. I’m looking at his photo as I type, and often wonder if the angels keep him informed of the goings on in this broken world. How busy would Jack be if he was still writing daily briefings!

It was a bitter-sweet honor and privilege to attend his service. Bitter because we lost Jack and missed him terribly. Yet it was sweet because Jack was now with the Lord. Jack’s family blessed me that day, and others too I bet. To this day I wish I had his family’s testimonies on video. They filled me with hope and encouragement. I’ll never forget it.

It is Well with My Soul (One of Jack’s favorite hymns).

A few of us often whimsically muse that Jack might have set up an Omega Letter Lane in Heaven. Lou is there along with other members who’ve gone to be with the Lord. They’re likely sitting down laughing, talking with the Lord, and sipping heavenly lattes, while waiting for us to join them. Oh to have an ear into those conversations!

We’re all very fortunate that the Omega Letter lasted so long after Jack’s departure to heaven. This is a testament to the commitment and dedication of his family. With all my heart, I’d like to thank Gayle, Kari, Mike and all else concerned. It takes a lot to maintain a safe website!

Kari must be applauded for her commitment to providing Jack’s past briefings on a daily basis and keeping them relevant. I thank all the writers (current and past); as well as those involved in getting the graphics done, and the social media postings. Finally, I’m very grateful for the privilege of writing for the Omega Letter over the years.

Sometimes God allows a door to close. Then He opens another one. He is sovereign and good and we must trust Him whatever happens around us. This is a hard lesson for me, so I’m not preaching – just reminding myself.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

This world is becoming increasingly wicked – moreover the events in the Middle East suggest that the Lord may be returning soon. Let’s all pray for the church, for lost souls, keep watch and seek closer fellowship with, and commitment to, the Lord.

I’m particularly concerned about keeping in touch with members who aren’t on social media. Many don’t have churches to attend. The OL prayer forum was a place of support for them. Let’s keep in touch with each other! There’s always a chance that a future safe space will be created for fellowship.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matt 18:20

My wife, Alesia, and I have set up our own website Zeteo 3:16.  You can read our Statement of Faith HERE and our Mission Statement HERE. Those of you who aren’t on social media can reach me via our Contact Form. We can then keep in touch via e-mail etc. I can also be reached on Facebook and am happy to try to connect people to other writers and members.

Finally, I have a lot of favorite Bible verses which give me comfort. This one comes to mind right now:

But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1Cor 2:9

As one of the Omega Letter members often says, “Keep Looking up!


NOTE From Frank

I’ve always considered the Omegaletter website a safe place to meet and talk with a loving group of like-minded Christians about current events and their significance in Bible prophecy without having to deal with the trolls, naysayers and the like.

It’s tiring and all but impossible to have a Christian conversation on Google, You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook etc. without all the noise and attacks and in some case even being blocked for saying something that the world hates.

We’re all going to miss the OL terribly, but it has been on my heart to have a safe place to meet.  That’s why with the help of some others have set up a website https://omegaletter.chat. The membership is by email invitation only and any of the members can invite others to join after they have been members for some number of days.  Time will work this out for the best way to handle.

It’s not going to look at all like the OL site we love, but working hard to try to keep it a safe one from those that would seek to do us harm in body and spirit. It will definitely take some time getting used to, but I hope that some of the upgrades and newer features will compensate for what we have lost on the OL, or at least make a few things tolerable, while we fulfil he great commission and longingly wait for Jesus to tell us all to “Come Up Here!”.

Please remember that it IS a work in progress, and there will be bumps along the way.

Moving forward, will try to add in some of the nice things that we have all gotten used to on the OL.  We all hate to see the Omega Letter Website go, but that does not mean we can’t keep in touch.

Since we are starting from scratch here, If you want to join, Send a message to Alf or myself on Facebook or an email to omegaletterchat@gmail.com with the email address you want to receive the invitation on.  There is NO fee to join or use.

God Bless you and look forward to seeing you there.

Frank (Phrank)

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