The Final Chapter – by J.L. Robb

The Final Chapter – by J.L. Robb
Vol: 29 Issue: 11 Thursday, October 11, 2018

In 2010, I had a “calling” to write a series of books about the last days. The calling had been there for decades, but I never heeded it. I did not know why God would be calling me to write, since I had no book writing experience and because I had been so adept at sinning.  As a Christian, I would sometimes get angry at myself; because I so often talked-the-talk but did not walk-the-walk. It is difficult.

In May of 2011, The End Part One was published; but I remember how down in the dumps I was when I wrote the final chapter. It was a lot like the day after Christmas, when I would have a “let down” feeling that it was over. I did not want it to end.

When I finished the final chapter in Part Two, the feeling was the same. The saving grace: I had another to write.

This week, I am writing the final chapter of the final book, Part Seven. It is titled The Ninth of AV and concludes with a world in disarray and on fire, wars and civil wars, a Muslim antichrist and Pope Pius XIII as the False Prophet. Only the return of Christ keeps mankind from killing everyone. Once again, I feel saddened that it will be over this week. It has been the most wonderful journey.

In reading reviews of the series on Amazon, each book is rated between 4 and 5-stars and the praise is humbling. However, there are a few negative comments that the books do not exactly follow scripture. Of course, that is true. The predictions of the major prophets, the minor prophets and the apostles concerning the last days would be beyond my capabilities to write exactly the way the scriptures are written. There is too much left for interpretation.

But my target market is not the saved, but the unsaved; not the found but the lost, like I was. I believe that God’s guidance formed my thoughts throughout to help me save at least one individual and possibly, many. The series incorporates plenty of scripture but not an overwhelming amount. Had I loaded it up with scripture; the people I want to reach would not read it.

The characters for the most part are not churchgoers. Except for Jeffrey Ross, the lead character, all the main characters are believers… sort of. They claim Christianity but have not read or studied the Bible, except for Abe the Bartender, a Messianic Jew. They go to church at Christmas and Easter, but it is more of a social event than a Holy event.

Over a period of years and a series of tragedies, these friends, mostly senior citizens begin to notice all the unprecedented events and how similar they are to stories they heard or read at church. Water turning to blood, fire falling from heaven, the rise of a sinister ruler that no one knows is sinister and all the disappearing people.

If you haven’t had a chance to read, I hope you will. You can follow the lives of Abe the Bartender, Wild Willy, Sheryl and The Admiral, Chadbo, Condi and Jeffrey Ross as Islamic terrorism hits the Bible Belt; and the world is going to Hell in the proverbial handbasket.

It will be sad to finish the final chapter.

There is another Final Chapter in my life right now as I conclude my final Omega Letter, and I am not alone in my sadness that Omega Letter will close. God led me to the Kinsella family, and I am so glad I met them. As I read the letters from Jack and the other phenomenal writers, I was humbled when asked to join this group. It was another one of my many gifts from God.

Before joining the Omega Letter family, Kari asked me to send Part One so they could have a read. When Jack read it, he wrote an article recommending it to Omega Letter readers. We mailed more books in the following 48 hours than we ever have, before or since. And what a magnificent group of readers and subscribers to this family business! Many of our lives have been blessed by Kari, Mike, Jack and Gayle. My life has also been blessed by those who commented on the weekly articles.

I hope you will continue to stay in touch, either through my author page on facebook or via email.

Facebook author page:

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Pete started a facebook page, EFTB Even From the Beginning, and I hope you will check it out.

One thing I have noticed about sadness is that it often leads to gladness in ways we do not understand. God weaves mysteries in our lives. I feel confident and pray that Omega Letter makes a comeback. If so, I will be there with the other writers. Our love for this family runs deep. Until then, may God smile on the Kinsella family and all of you.

I bid you sweet adieu, and keep looking up.

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