Secular Humanism and the ”Death” of God

Secular Humanism and the ”Death” of God
Vol: 24 Issue: 31 Thursday, May 31, 2018

Secular Humanism is a religion — the Supreme Court says so. In 1947, Harold Rafton wrote the following definition of a secular humanist:

“I propose to meet the issue squarely…by fostering humanism, a rationalistic religion based on science, centered on man, rejecting supernaturalism but retaining our cherished moral values.” (“Released Time and Democracy” The Humanist Spring 1947 pg 294 cited in “Understanding the Times” David A. Noebel, Harvest House Publishers)

“The American Humanist Association “certifies humanist counselors who enjoy the same legal status as ordained priests, pastors and rabbis.”” (“Understanding the Times” David A. Noebel, Harvest House Publishers)

Humanism is not only accepted as a religion with full religious 501(c)(3) tax exemptions, but the Supreme Court upheld Daniel Seeger’s right to claim conscientious objector status exempting him from military service because of his religious beliefs. His ‘religious belief’ cited before the court was secular humanism.

Secular humanism is the only religious belief that can legally be taught in American schools. The slippery slope of Constitutional interpretation that reads ‘freedom of religion’ (a phrase not found anywhere in the US Constitution) as meaning ‘freedom from religion’ began with the case of McCollum v the Board of Education.

Humanist teachers recognize the potential for converts among the young and impressionable minds of students. They are careful to disguise their religious beliefs as ‘science’ teaching the ‘theory’ of evolution as ‘fact’ despite the total absence of any conclusive evidence to support it.

In 1948, the theory of evolution received two major boosts. The first was the introduction of the ‘Big Bang Theory’ that provided a pseudo-scientific explanation for the origin of the universe. Prior to the development of the so called ‘Big Bang’, evolutionists still had a major unexplained problem. Although they came up with explanations for the earth; (a spinning ball of magnetically charged particles that stuck together was one such;) and for life on earth (evolution or ‘natural selection’) there was still no explanation for where the universe itself came from — apart from an Intelligent Creator.

Still, there remained another problem. How to get this new ‘scientific’ information before the young impressionable students in American schools. Many students still believed in God, and often the school day began with a prayer to Him. Educators were faced with the problem of officially acknowledging a Creator at 9 am, then trashing Him for the rest of the school day.

The Supreme Court settled that issue in a decision entitled McCollum v. Board of Education, 1948, and further established it as a matter of law in the case of Zorach v. Clauson, 1952. They found in public schools a period of silence may be observed in which children may pray if they wish, but the schools may not conduct devotional exercises, compose prayers, read the Bible, or otherwise enter the field of religious instruction.

That was interpreted to mean acknowledging any Divine Hand in the creation of the Universe or its contents was “entering the field of religious instruction.”

It is interesting to note than in 1948, when God was still allowed to enter the classroom, the American students were among the best educated in the world. We now sit dead last. SAT scores fell so low the Supreme Court ruled the grading system “unconstitutional.” Students were ordered to be graded on a sliding curve.

The very next year, SAT scores skyrocketed! An educational miracle! On the other hand, American students rank #1 in self esteem! As David Barton put it in a lecture last year, “We may be stupid, but we feel good about it.”

Also, in 1948, the number one student problem cited by teachers was talking in class, closely followed by children chewing gum in class. Today, it’s guns in the classroom, followed closely by assault on teachers.

Evolution – A New Religion

The very word ‘theory’ means “An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture” but it is illegal in the United States to teach any other explanation dealing with the origins of life. Even the ‘abrupt appearance’ theory, without the mention of God is forbidden, despite the fact the abrupt appearance theory has far fewer flaws than does evolution.

For example, a belief in ‘scientific evolution’ requires a suspension of the provable, immutable natural law known as the “2nd Law of Thermodynamics.” The laws of thermodynamics can no more be repealed than can the law of gravity, yet our children are taught one has no bearing on the other.

The 2nd law of thermodynamics incorporates the law of ‘entropy’ — the measurable, systematic breakdown of all things into their component elements.

In other words, the fact everything ages, and everything breaks down with age. Even communications. The concept of entropy also plays an important part in the modern discipline of information theory, in which it denotes the tendency of communications to become confused by noise or static. The American mathematician Claude E. Shannon first used the term for this purpose in 1948.

Entropy is a natural law that can be observed, without scientific instruments or double-talk. A beautifully landscaped park, left untended, becomes an overgrowth of weeds. A new car left parked and untended gets rusty and falls apart. A baby becomes an old person and dies.

Everything decays, eventually. Even earth’s orbit around the sun has a measurable decay factor — yet evolution teaches that — with the addition of a billion or so years, the exact opposite happens! Evolution is a made-up explanation, constantly under revision, to explain the unexplainable — apart from the existence of God.

“When you see these things BEGIN to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

The Letter was written by Jack Kinsella on January 9, 2004

Featured Commentary: O’ Prophets, Where Art Thou? ~J.L. Robb

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