‘True Stories About Converts To Islam’

‘True Stories About Converts To Islam’
Vol: 160 Issue: 26 Monday, January 26, 2015

We examined Islam’s Jesus in previous Omega Letters and saw that to Islam, Abraham was a Muslim and that both Judaism and Christianity are perversions of the primordial faith — Islam.

There are entire websites dedicated to the topic of Jews converting to Islam. According Jews for Allah, “More and More Jews are Realizing That Judaism and Christianity are Lighthouses Leading to Islam”.

One such example of a Jew converting to Islam comes from “Moshe,” who discusses the need for Jews to reevaluate the Tanakh [Bible] and the Koran: “I am Jewish who converted to Islam because Islam is the rational choice. I wanted to believe the Torah is true and like most Jews I tried to block out reality, thinking if I ignore the Koranic revelation it would go away and the facts which the Koran mentions like the universe was formed with a big bang and the planets by the contraction of early gases.”

The following Hadith (tradition) is an example of Jews historically converting to Islam.

“Safwan Ibn Assal relates that a Jew asked his fellow to take him to the Prophet (peace be upon him), and when they came to him they inquired from him about the nine clear signs (as stated in the Qur’an 17:101) ‘after stating them, they kissed his hands and feet and said: We bear witness that you are a Prophet.’


How Islam reaches the conclusion that it is the primordial religion out of which the perversions of Judaism and Christianity sprang is not easy to follow.

The Promise was given to Abraham about 2100 BC. A thousand years later, King David ruled the most powerful kingdom of the ancient world — Israel.

A thousand years after that, Jesus Christ shed His blood on Calvary, was raised from the dead and seen by more than five hundred witnesses before ascending Bodily into heaven.

Over the next three hundred years, the Books of the Old and New Testament were codified as the Bible and Christianity had become the state religion of the Roman Empire.

Six hundred and twenty-two years after Christ, sixteen hundred years after Solomon built the first Jewish Temple, a thousand years after Nebuchadnezzar destroyed that Temple, eight hundred years after the Temple was rebuilt, and more than five hundred years after THAT Temple was destroyed by the Roman legions and the Jews scattered into the world — Islam was born.

But the Koran says Islam was here first. How did they reach that conclusion? Simple. Mohammed simply declared Abraham a Muslim, effectively rewriting history with no regard to fact. That revised history of the Middle East is the one upon which the world relies when evaluating current political conditions. Which is why the world sides so easily with the Arabs on any question of what belongs to Israel and what belongs to the Arabs.

Arafat’s claim that Israel has no historical presence on the site of the Jerusalem Mosque is swallowed whole by both his constituency, and the court of world opinion, despite the evidence.

Since the Koran says Abraham and Jesus were both Muslims, modern Palestinians were the ancient Israelites.

It is on this teaching that the myth of Israel being the usurper to the Promised Land rests. Islam represents a sixth of the world’s population. It is no surprise that the UN follows this same line of revisionist history. After all, there’s nobody alive to ask if Jesus was really a Muslim, and if the Koran is right, the Bible is all made up out of Islamic tradition anyway.

That is why a billion Muslims want to see Israel destroyed and Jews and Christians either killed or converted.

Islam’s goal was, is and will remain the forced conversion of the world to Islam and the destruction of those who refuse.

Strong words, but that’s what the Koran teaches. It’s what history demonstrates. It’s what contemporary Islamic thinkers teach. It’s the central theme of Islam — submission.

I am not saying all Muslims follow the fundamentals of Islam. Many Christian denominations don’t follow the fundamentals of Christianity. But concluding that peace-loving Muslims represents true Islam is like concluding Jehovah’s Witnesses represent true Christianity.

I don’t believe Islam is the religion of the antichrist. The Bible divides the world into four distinct spheres of power in the last days, but from a decidedly Euro-centric perspective.

While the antichrist rules the ‘world’ the Bible also speaks of the 200 million strong army of the Kings of the East, the Muslim/African alliance of the “Kings of the South” and the Gog-Magog confederation, all of whom ‘trouble’ the antichrist from his seat of power in the revived Roman Empire.

The ‘world’ controlled by antichrist is the Western world — the Bible makes that clear. Israel is a part of the Western world by virtue of its culture, values and political system.

But Daniel makes it clear that the antichrist reaches some kind of alliance with the Arab world. Daniel 9:26 says he confirms a covenant between Israel and her enemies, Daniel 8:25 says that ‘by peace’ he will ‘destroy many’.

We are seeing the shadows of what the Bible says is to come developing form and substance.

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” Luke 21:28

Originally Published October 24, 2002

Featured Commentary: The Twist of Cain ~ Pete Garcia

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