Moral Majority Breaks Silence – Too Little, Too Late?

Moral Majority Breaks Silence – Too Little, Too Late?
Vol: 145 Issue: 25 Friday, October 25, 2013

After decades of staying in the shadows, America’s ‘Moral Majority’ was beginning to sound like a myth.

While all the polls show the majority of Americans identify themselves with conservative values, and the overwhelming majority of Americans identify themselves as ‘Christian’, America’s moral fiber has been steadily eroding.

In the same country in which Rob and Laura Petrie slept in twin beds, Ward and June Cleaver evidently didn’t have a bed, and where Archie Bunker became the first TV sitcom home that had a bathroom, fetal tissue and eggs are now routinely ‘harvested’ from women’s bodies to make collagen soap, or to create embryos for medical experiments.

Pornography is everywhere, including on television, and there is even a movement to lower the age of consent for children having sex with adults.

Given the ‘correct’ circumstances, the elderly, the profoundly disabled, and the unborn can be put to death with impunity by judicial order.

Marriage is rapidly being redefined as any union with a variety of partners, regardless of sex. Single-parent homes are nearly as common as traditional families with married parents. In some demographics, they are even more common.

Black conservative writer Star Parker once quoted statistics among black Americans that suggest seven out of ten black families are single-parent families.

But there is a growing segment of religious conservatives determined to take a stand to defend America’s Judeo-Christian roots, despite the successes of the liberal minority that seem to be making all the rules.

Progressive liberals go ballistic at the suggestion that America is a majority Christian country or that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

ABC News recently quoted a Beliefnet poll that found 83% of all Americans identify themselves as Christians. That figure is only slightly lower than the 89% majority as assessed by the CIA World Factbook.

The Factbook found only 9 percent of Americans who claimed to be atheists — Beliefnet found 13%. Both agree that, of those Americans who expressed a religious belief, non-Christians in America are a tiny minority of less than five percent.

Is America a ‘Christian’ country? One could just as easily ask, ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’


Ummm, let’s ask a different question, instead. Is Israel a ‘Jewish State’?

One would be hard-pressed to make any argument to the contrary. About the only thing the Arab world agrees on is that Israel is a Jewish state. The UN has passed volumes of resolutions condemning Israel FOR BEING a Jewish state.

It was only in the past decade that the UN abandoned its equation of Zionism with ‘racism’ and the Durban Conference on Racism a few years back in South Africa devoted most of its time to condemning Israel’s ‘racist’ policies — but not because of any ‘racial’ inequality.

As Michael Melchior observed at that conference, “Israelis, are a ‘people of a particular birth, irrespective of religion, and people of a particular religion, irrespective of birth.’

In America, only four percent of the population is non-Christian. Eighteen percent of Israeli citizens are non-Jews, a mix of Arab Muslims, Arab Christians and non-Jews of other faiths.

If Israel is a “Jewish State” because 82% of its population are Jews, then what does an 83% Christian majority make America? Buddhist?

Leaving Israel aside, the Beliefnet poll went further than most in determining Christian demographics, comparing the American results to the global religious makeup.

According to the poll, this is how America stacks up against the rest of the world.

United States: Christian, 83% No religion, 13% non-Christian, 4% World: Christian, 33%, No religion, 5%, non-Christian, 52%

Of the 83% of Americans who identify themselves as Christian, 37% agreed with the labels ‘evangelical’ or ‘born again’ to describe their religious beliefs and associations. Forty-seven percent of Protestants and 14% of Catholics describe themselves as born-again.

And seventy-four percent of those who claim to be born-again identified themselves as Republicans.

In addition to confirming that America is a Christian country, opinion polls also confirm that America is the most hated country on earth — after Israel. But, if one cared to look, they’d discover something else.

Our loudest and most prolific international criticism comes from countries like China, North Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Iran.

How come they focus their immigration efforts on keeping their people IN, while America’s biggest immigration problem is keeping them out?

Why is it that those who can escape their own countries head immediately to the ‘Great Satan’ for refuge?

For the most part, all of the negative information about America, her history, her scandals and her hypocrisies come directly from the American media.In North Korea, the average guy only knows his own government. To him, that’s what ‘government’ is. In his entire life, he’s never heard his own government criticize itself, and he’s never heard anybody else criticize his government in public.

So, as far as he knows, he [and maybe a few really close friends] are the only ones in the country who think they got lousy leadership.

So when he reads what a scandal-ridden, double-dealing, oppressive country America is, according to America’s own self-assessment, then our North Korean friend can only assume that, compared to their ‘worker’s paradise’, America must be a foul place, indeed.

In the Arab world, to a greater or lesser degree, we can find a similar dynamic at work. When some tin-pot dictator or would-be rabble-rouser wants to rouse some rabble, he doesn’t need to denounce America, he can just replay us doing it for him.

Since all the average Muktar or Mohamed knows is that nobody criticizes his government and everybody can find something wrong with America, then America must be an awful place deserving of its standing.

It isn’t America that the average Ivan, Ahmed, or Chou Wong hates, but rather, it is his perception of what America is — a Christian nation.

Article 14 of the UNDHR says,

“Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution” but then specifically excludes religious persecution in the next breath.

Subsection (b) says,

“This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”

Literally reading the 1948 Genocide Treaty, Christianity is ‘genocide’. The genocide concept was defined by the 1948 United Nations Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide Crime.

According to the article 2 of this Convention, ‘genocide’ includes “inflicting serious physical or mental integrity” on the group members.

Christians believe that the only way to heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ. That specifically excludes all other religions, which has already been successfully argued as the ‘infliction of serious mental harm’ to members of other identifiable religious groups.

It was the same concept under which the Romans persecuted Christians. The Romans didn’t object to one more God, they had lots of gods. They objected to the Christian claim that Jesus is the ONLY way — they took offense to that as a ‘hate crime’.

Persecution of Christians is not new — it is as old as Christianity itself. It is significant to note that the only two nations founded on the principles of Scripture are the world’s most hated nations.

They enjoy the undying animosity of the United Nations, European Community and, particularly, the Islamic world.

“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated Me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” (John 15:18-19)

Note: Jack published this Letter on May 1, 2005.  Alf Cengia’s article, “Losing my Self” goes on to assess today’s immorality.

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