OL Sit-Rep 2012

OL Sit-Rep 2012
Vol: 126 Issue: 23 Friday, March 23, 2012

About a year and a half ago, we published a column highlighting our member’s fellowship forums and what a marvelous information resource they have become.  Our fellowship forums are unique in that they are the only place I know of on the internet when Christians can fellowship without worrying about getting sucked into some angry, pointless doctrinal debate.

As I wrote in a commentary published on January 31, 2011 “Inside is Where We Keep the Good Stuff“;

The Omega Letter was designed first and foremost as a place where mature believers could fellowship together, but also as a place where they could share information with one another.

Henry Ford once observed, “I’d rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 men than 100 percent of the effort of one” and on that philosophy, invented the automobile assembly line.

Just scrolling through the past week’s worth, one finds discussions on such varied topics as the new Zodiac, Glenn Beck, Obama’s speech, the Mossad’s latest assessment of Iran’s nuclear program, and lots more.

The Omega Letter forums are an information clearing-house of facts and reports that are relevant to Bible prophecy or of interest to mature Christians, presented as they happen by observers unafraid to share their opinions or ask questions of one another.

At the time that we published that commentary, it was true that pretty much all our best stuff was hidden on the other side of the member’s firewall.  Back then, about the only original material we had to offer the public was a repurposed OL briefing from earlier in that week offered as featured commentary.

Indeed, for many years, the OL survived on the strength of the daily Omega Letter Intelligence Briefing and the member comments that it would generate.  But from the start, the intent was to create a reader-driven website — we’ve always referred to the OL as your OL because it is about you.

But it is harder to keep the focus on the message and those to whom it is intended when it is all the work of one donkey, even if that donkey understands his role.  Allow me to sidetrack for the benefit of new members to explain the donkey concept.

Back in the early 90’s I was speaking at a conference in Niagara Falls with a bunch o’ famous guys; Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey, Dave Hunt, Peter Lalonde and Dave Breese.

These guys were old pros, but I was brand new to it all. Over coffee one morning, I asked Dave Hunt how he kept his feet on the ground in the face of all the adulation from Bible prophecy fans, of which he had many.

Dave shifted gears, answering my question by telling me a story.  He told me that there was once a donkey for hire.  He was chosen out of the rest of the donkeys to be the one hired out for a day.  At the end of the day, the rest of the donkeys asked him how his day went.

Our donkey was thrilled.  “It was amazing,” he said.  “There were crowds lining both sides of the street.  They were throwing palm fronds before my feet and shouting ‘Hosanna!’ as I passed by.”

“You know,” said the donkey, “I think they’re gonna crown me King.”

Dave looked at me over his coffee cup and asked me if I remembered the name of the donkey.  When I said I didn’t, he told me that was the point.  Some people think the commotion is for them, rather than the Message that they carry.

I’ve tried to operate the Omega Letter along those principles.  That is why the Omega Letter is called “The Omega Letter” and not “Jack Kinsella Presents” or some such thing.  The Omega Letter is about presenting the message that the Lord is preparing to return, not about the donkey carrying that message.

From the start, it has been my dream to make the Omega Letter a group effort on the grounds that the more voices there are delivering the same message, the less it will sound like the demented ranting of some individual theological malcontent.

The problem is when you are the one driving the bus, you don’t have time to be sightseeing — I had all I could do keeping up with my own writing schedule. 

I prayed and I waited and prayed and waited and prayed some more and waited some more for the Lord to send me someone that could help me realize that dream.  It took more than eight years, but after a number of false starts, I finally recognized that the Lord had answered me the first time I asked — if I had only listened.

I’m a hard man to work with — impossible, almost.  Or so I am told.  All the time.  Ask Hal. Ask Mike.  Ask Frank. Ask my beloved wife, Gayle,  I don’t know why I am hard to work with — I think I am a real peach.  But evidently, I am not. 

Neither did I realize the Lord had already staffed me up.  I was just looking in the wrong places. I should have looked in my back yard.

My wife Gayle now runs the business end of things.   Daughter Charlyn backs up Gayle.   Daughter Kari now serves as Managing Editor — her husband Mike has been our webmaster since even before we went live on October 14, 2001.

But all that was just a means to an end — the ‘end’ being for the OL to have a whole stable of “donkeys” to carry the message.  That was what I had been praying for. 

And when a plan comes together, it’s a marvelous thing to behold. 


Today, in large part due to Kari’s hard work as Managing Editor, the Omega Letter has come of age.  When we began, everything on our site was leeched from elsewhere on the net except for my own commentary and your forum comments.

In recent years, the Lord has blessed us with one gifted writer after another.  Today we are blessed to be able to publish a new commentary every day, exclusive to the Omega Letter, in addition to the Omega Letter Intelligence Daily Digest.

In no particular order, here’s a quick rundown of the Omega Letter’s exclusive daily editors-at-large.

The Lord sent us a scientist to help us make sense of the many new scientific discoveries and how they relate to Bible prophecy and the times in which we live.  Wendy Wippel is a molecular biologist with over thirty years experience in medical writing and research.

She is also supremely gifted with the ability to translate the dry and boring into some of the most insightful and interesting reading you will find anywhere.  You can read her bio here. You can learn more about Wendy Wippel and what a blessing she really is by visiting her website, “Ready Reasons Apologetics Warehouse.”

Pete Garcia is a military officer and helicopter pilot, as well as a gifted writer and Bible teacher.  Pete’s professional background gives his writing a crisp, no-nonsense style and his unique perspective makes his columns among the ones most often shared around the net.  Pete writes an exclusive “must-read” column for the Omega Letter every week.  You can access Pete’s bio here.

Ed DeShields is our economic and financial guru.  Ed is Founder and President of HYCA Development Services, a home ownership mortgage company, as well as an investor and major player in the alternative mortgage industry. Ed’s close-to-the-source financial insights are an invaluable asset, in addition to being some of the finest reading on the internet. 

Alf Cengia hails originally from Australia, where he began contributing to the Omega Letter. Alf has since moved to the States, but continues to bring a unique, “Down Under” perspective to his columns. Alf explains in his bio that he came to Christ by reading Hal Lindsey’s “Late, Great, Planet Earth”. 

“For some reason the 911 attacks deeply impacted upon me even as an Australian. I had felt God calling me for some time but didn’t know how to respond and the attacks worked as a catalyst. I remembered Hal Lindsey and was prompted to Google his name to see whether he was still around. That eventually led me to the Omega Letter and I haven’t looked back.”

We’re glad that he didn’t.  Alf is one of our most faithful writers. I look forward to Alf’s weekly insights.

Rebecca Droeger works for DiscipleData, a faith-based non-profit, and in her spare time, writes an exclusive OL column, usually on topics related to faith and family.  Like Alf (and yours truly) Becky came to Christ after reading Hal Lindsey’s Late, Great, Planet Earth.   Becky joined the OL in 2007 and shares her columns as the Lord grants her insight.  You can read Becky’s bio here.

J.L. Robb is the OL’s newest regular, exclusive columnist.  Jerry also credits Hal Lindsey’s “Late, Great, Planet Earth” for his salvation.  Indeed, Jerry came to faith the way I did — he tried to prove Hal’s facts wrong and came away convinced the Bible was true and the Lord is coming back. 

Jerry is a published author currently working on a series of books about “how The End might happen based on Bible prophecy rather than Hollywood conjecture.”  I am currently reading his first novel, “The End — The Book”. 

It is a real page-turner.  You can learn more about the book here and read Jerry’s bio here.  And if you want to buy a copy of “The End” you can do that here.

As we move forward along the timeline, let me say this.  Don’t be afraid of what is to come.  Everybody you meet will be afraid.  You know what they don’t — you are uniquely positioned to offer both comfort and hope. 

We must be prepared and “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” (1 Peter 3:15) “. . .for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” (Revelation 12:12)

That is the purpose of your Omega Letter.  To journal the events that lead to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in this generation, both as a warning and as a cause for hope.

What appears to be chaos is really evidence of a Divine Order.  The events that are conspiring together to bring the world to the brink of annihilation are not taking place at random, but as part of a pre-ordained plan of God.

For those of us who trust God instead of our own understanding, it means that everything will turn out ok in the end, no matter how terrifying things look at the moment.

We don’t know how, we don’t know when, but we don’t really NEED to know.  We only need to know that He does.  Bible prophecy confirms that everything is going according to plan.

Because we “KNOW that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Trust God.  Have fellowship with one another.  Know that we’re witnesses to the greatest Divine undertaking since the First Advent.  And not just witnesses.

We’re participants!  Maranatha!  

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