Like a Lamb Trusting the Wolf Pack

Like a Lamb Trusting the Wolf Pack
Vol: 126 Issue: 21 Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After it signed peace accords with Israel, Egypt became the largest recipient of U.S. aid in the Middle East, with payments since 1975 totalling some twenty-eight billion dollars. When one considers that a million seconds equals twelve days and a billion seconds equals nearly thirty-two years, $28 billion is a lot of money, even over three decades.

Over the years, the United States has supplied Egypt with US-built F-4 jet aircraft, F-16 jet fighters, armored personnel carriers, Apache helicopters, antiaircraft missile batteries, and aerial surveillance aircraft.

In January, 2011 as long-time US ally Hosni Mubarak struggled to put down the resurging Muslim Brotherhood during so-called “Arab Spring” the White House called for Mubarak to step down and for the Congress to cut off foreign aid to his government.

Before Congress could act, Mubarak was forced to step down and was handed over to his long-time enemies in the Muslim Brotherhood.  With Mubarak out of office and the Muslim Brotherhood clearly ascending to power, Congress did block foreign aid until it was clear who would take over the reins of power in Egypt.

Congress requires the Secretary of State to certify the new government in Egypt before aid can be resumed, but in a nod to the administration, authorizes the Secretary of State to waive the certification requirements on the grounds of national security.

Mubarak’s troubles with the Muslim Brotherhood, parent organization of Hamas, stem primarily from his refusal to cancel the peace treaty signed by his predecessor, Anwar al Sadat, with Israel.  Sadat was assassinated by his own troops shortly after signing the treaty.

Mubarak succeeded Sadat in 1981 and ruled Egypt for the next thirty years.  During that time, Mubarak kept the peace with Israel and the US kept the foreign aid flowing into Egypt.  Mubarak, now 81 and hospitalized, is being “tried” for abuse of power. 

He is occasionally wheeled in on a gurney, IV attached and attendants standing by, to hear testimony against him.  Chief among the grievances leveled against him was his refusal to allow anything to jeopardize the peace treaty with Egypt. 

Mubarak is accused of selling Egypt out to the US by keeping the treaty with Israel.  As soon as the Mubarak government fell, attacks on Israeli targets across the Egyptian border resumed.  Gas pipelines were sabotaged.

The last time I visited Israel, the Dead Sea resort area was bristling with armed IDF military troops as news of a cross-border attack from Egypt on the resort city of Eilat was being made public. 

The thirty-three year peace with Egypt, while a cold peace, was still peace.  The attacks sent shockwaves throughout Israel. . . .

On Monday, Egypt’s parliament, now dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, voted unanimously to expel Israel’s ambassador to Egypt and end gas sales to Israel as a first step on the path to abrogating the Camp David Accords.  The text of the resolution approved by the Egyptian parliament says in part,

“Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity, which we consider to be the number one enemy of Egypt and the Arab nation.”

The Obama administration responded to this egregious violation of the Camp David agreement by instructing the Secretary of State to issue the necessary “national security” waiver to resume US aid to Egypt!


On its own, the lower house of Egypt’s parliament doesn’t have the power to enforce its declaration, and so it doesn’t have the force of a formal declaration of war.  But it does clear the way for an informal resumption of cross-border hostilities.

The declaration also complicates Israel’s already almost untenable security situation where Iran is concerned.  The Iranians jumped at the chance to issue their unqualified support for the declaration.

According to the Tehran Times, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said:

“When people in independent countries take over the helm of affairs, they do not tolerate the crimes of the Zionist regime, and the move by the Egyptian parliament was a natural response The move by the Egyptian parliament is considered logical… and we hope that all regional countries will achieve a good degree of independence to end invasions of the occupying Zionist regime  . . “

Until just the past few months, Egypt was a conundrum in much the same way that Turkey had been — also until just recently.  According to the Bible, Turkey is an ally of Iran during the Gog-Magog War.  But Turkey is a NATO member and, although 99% Muslim, an officially secular state with strong military ties with Israel.

All that changed with the seemingly minor event in which Israel intercepted a Turkish-flagged ship bound for Gaza in violation of Israel’s blockade.  Turkey abruptly began seeking to expand its relations with Iran and Russia while cutting all ties with Israel.

Egypt is listed among the members of the Obadiah/Psalms83/Isaiah17 anti-Israel alliance.  But for the past thirty-three years or so, Egypt has been one of only two Arab states to sign peace treaties with Israel.

The other Arab country with a treaty with Israel is Jordan.  Jordan is also named as one of the Psalms 83 allies.  Now that Egypt has gotten away with breaking its treaty without repercussions, there is little reason for Jordan’s King Abdullah to risk his throne in keeping Jordan’s peace deal with his Zionist enemies.

The Bible predicts one last, great war between the Arab world and Israel – after which the descendants of Esau are no longer an issue of consequence insofar as Israel and Bible prophecy are concerned.

As Isaiah put it when speaking of the burden of Damascus, “Behold, at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not.”

We’ve examined who the players are in this last, great Arab effort to destroy Israel in previous briefs; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria . . . pretty much everywhere the Bible predicts that Israel will find enemies in the last days.

According to the Bible, Israel in the last days is pictured as being in a state of constant war until such time as ‘a prince of the people that destroyed Jerusalem’ confirms a covenant with ‘the many’ after which time Israel is depicted as a land of unwalled villages, living in a period of false peace and safety.

There is no guarantee possible — or even imaginable –that could ensure to Israel’s satisfaction that it is safe enough to qualify as a land of unwalled villages.  Except the one offered by Isaiah 17:14

“Behold, at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not.”

Something happens to change the theme from that of constant war with her Arab neighbors to that of becoming a land of unwalled villages.

But with the entire Arab Middle East rapidly morphing into a Muslim Brotherhood caliphate, even if the details aren’t clear, the direction events are leading us is.

What this demonstrates is the continuing trend of events conforming the nations into the exact configuration the Bible forecast would exist in the last days of the Church Age leading up to the Rapture.

We know Hamas wants to provoke a war.  We know that all the nations named in the Psalms 83 War are growing increasingly warlike in their rhetoric regarding Israel.  We know that President Obama is no friend of the Jews.   

The resumption of foreign aid to Egypt, using a waiver to defy the will of Congress, in the face of crushing deficits, when Egypt’s parliamentary declaration provides all the justification needed, is an obvious and deliberate sell-out of Israel to the Arab world.

One of the hallmarks of the last days, apart from the very existence of Israel, is the fact that at the end, she stands utterly and completely alone.  She has no friends, according to Ezekiel, Isaiah and Zechariah.

The Bible says that at that point, when Israel has nowhere else to turn, that God will deliver Israel from her enemies.

“Thus will I magnify Myself, and sanctify Myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 38:23)

Compare Bible prophecy with Israel’s current diplomatic situation.  Egypt is one of Israel’s two Arab peace partners and the Obama administration is Israel’s chief ally.  Like a lamb turning to a wolf pack for protection.

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

And it just keeps on . . . tick. . . tick . . .tick

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