It’s the ENERGY CRISIS That Is Man-Made, Not the Weather

It’s the ENERGY CRISIS That Is Man-Made, Not the Weather
Vol: 124 Issue: 28 Saturday, January 28, 2012

There is a battle ongoing north of the border that most Americans aren’t aware of, but whose outcome will affect how Americans live for the next two hundred years.

At issue are the “oil sands” of Alberta.  First, what that is, and then, what it means.  Oil sands, (also known as tar sands) are petroleum deposits containing naturally-occurring mixtures of sand, clay, water and an extremely viscous form of bitumen petroleum.

“The crude bitumen contained in the Canadian oil sands is described by Canadian authorities as “petroleum that exists in the semi-solid or solid phase in natural deposits. Bitumen is a thick, sticky form of crude oil, so heavy and viscous (thick) that it will not flow unless heated or diluted with lighter hydrocarbons. At room temperature, it is much like cold molasses”.

When oil was selling for ten dollars a barrel, it made no economic sense to harvest the oil contained in the oil sands, which costs about $28.00 per barrel to extract.  But at current prices, oil extracted from the oil sands is a bargain.

And Alberta’s oil sands contain a lot of oil — enough oil to supply ALL of North America’s needs for at least the next two hundred years!

Alberta’s oil fields cover an area larger than England, and contain some 85% of the world’s known reserves of bitumen oil.  Consequently, Alberta’s proven oil reserves amount to about 1.75 TRILLION barrels of oil.

What is a ‘proven’ reserve of oil?  According to Wikipedia;

“Proven reserves are those reserves claimed to have a reasonable certainty (normally at least 90% confidence) of being recoverable under existing economic and political conditions, with existing technology. Industry specialists refer to this as P90 (i.e., having a 90% certainty of being produced).”

According to the same Wikipedia source, Canada ranks third in the world as a oil producing country, slightly behind Venezuela and Saudi Arabia and ahead of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, the UAE, Russia, Libya, Nigeria, Kazakstan, Qatar and China.

A footnote to the Wikipedia article says that,

“Although the IEA insists on Canada’s Reserves as being listed as 178 billion barrels, many experts including CEO of Shell Canada, Clive Mather estimate it to actually be 2 Trillion barrels or more, essentially 8 times more than Saudi Arabia.”

The International Energy Agency is an international body charged with finding and developing alternative sources of energy, and so it is in the best interests of the IEA to maintain the fiction that the world is running out of fossil fuels.  

If they acknowledged the actual proven reserve figures, it would also be an acknowledgement that there is no energy ‘crisis’ and an admission that the IEA is another unnecessary layer of bureaucracy we could do without. 

If Canadian reserves are eight times those of Saudi Arabia, then there is no energy ‘crisis’ — except the man-made kind.  So what is the problem with using Canadian oil sands? 

Opponents claim that the extraction process is dirty and increases so-called “greenhouse” gases.  The oil industry denies that, pointing  out that it is cheaper, cleaner and more plentiful than coal.

However, so-called greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide have long-since reached “record-high” levels, which, according to the Al Gore Model, should also mean we’ve experienced record high temperatures.

Indeed, levels of greenhouse gases have risen every year since we began recording them in 1998. And yet, global temperatures have fallen every year since the turn of the 21st century.

“Alarmists theorize the small warming they say is caused by carbon dioxide emissions can trigger higher atmospheric relative humidity and more prevalent upper-level cirrus clouds, which would then bring substantial additional warming. Without that feedback effect, computer models predict little future warming.”

“National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration measurements dating back several decades show there has been no increase in atmospheric relative humidity, even while atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased. Similarly, NASA instruments show there has been no increase in upper-level cirrus clouds in conjunction with the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. The positive feedback loops asserted by global warming alarmists have failed to materialize.”

President Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline that would have carried Canadian oil from the Alberta oilfields to Gulf refineries on the grounds that Canadian oil pollutes the environment with greenhouse gases, and so America remains dependent on Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela and Mexico. 

And about fifty-one percent of all the oil the US imports comes from OPEC states in Africa and the Persian Gulf, with another ten percent coming from Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela, also a member of OPEC.  Most of the OPEC countries are hostile to the United States, making dependence on OPEC a threat to US national security.

Canada, which is a non-OPEC country, could easily replace every barrel of oil the US currently imports from OPEC without breaking a sweat.  It would be cheaper to produce, cheaper to import, cheaper to deliver, and it comes with no strings attached. 

But the White House vetoed it.


Greenhouse gases have already risen to record levels even as the global temperature continues to decline, and they continue to rise without any affect on the global temperature. 

Al Gore knew this all along, since core samples proved that greenhouse gas levels rose some four hundred years AFTER periods of global warming.  But now, you know it too.  

And you’re not alone.

A recent Pew Poll showed out of 22 identifiable challenges facing Americans in 2012, global warming came in dead last.  About a quarter of Americans now believe global warming is a top challenge, down from nearly 40 percent in 2007.  

What does that mean?  It means two things.  The first is that three out of four Americans don’t believe in it.  

The second thing is that the number of Americans that believe in global warming is about the same as the number of Americans that self-identify as liberals. So it isn’t science controlling the debate.  It’s politics.

But all of us pay for this liberal delusion, despite the number of times it has been debunked as a myth. The IPCC rhetoric continues, although none of their predictions have come true.  They forecast ever increasing temperatures, while global temperatures continue to fall.  

While the IPCC is forecasting global warming, actual climatologists are predicting global cooling, with some even predicting a little Ice Age.  Remember when the famous “hockey stick” graph ignored both the Medieval Warming Period and the little Ice Age that followed?

The myth of global warming is an indispensible tool in the hands of the liberal elite.  The fact that it is provably wrong is irrelevant, since the liberals control the media and the media controls everything we see, hear and learn.

The rejection of the Keystone Pipeline does not hurt Canada — surplus oil does not go begging.  The Chinese are lining up to buy as much oil-sands oil as Canada can produce. 

It isn’t Canada’s preference — Canadians would prefer to sell their oil to the US because a strong, energy-independent US is as much in Canada’s interests as it is in America’s.  

It isn’t about energy independence.  It is all about keeping Americans off-balance politically.  Its purpose is to breed fear and guilt.  Enough guilt to want to change it, and enough fear to justify giving up essential freedoms and incurring massive expenses in order to do so.

Which is exactly what the Lord predicted would be the political climate of the last days. 

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” (Luke 21:25-26)

Isn’t it interesting?  Because that is where the signs are.  In the sun.  And in the moon.  And in the stars.  But where are the liberals focusing all their attention?  On the sea and the waves roaring.

What is the response?  The distress of nations.  With perplexity.  Men’s hearts failing them for fear.  We can pretend to do something about the sea.  We can’t do anything to “fix” the sun.

Climate change is real, but not in the sense that we’re responsible, or that we can change it.  It used to be called, “weather.”  But it would be hard to make a case that America doesn’t need a plentiful, affordable energy supply from a friendly neighboring country, because of the weather.

Wouldn’t it?

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