Heat Wave!!

Heat Wave!!
Vol: 118 Issue: 20 Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Temperatures across the country are in the high nineties and low 100’s – the temperature in my back yard, in the shade, and 200 yards from the shores of Lake Erie hit 107 yesterday.  It’s not supposed to get that warm up here.

Dangerous levels of heat and humidity has scorched at least fourteen states from Montana to Boston where heat index values topped 131 degrees on Sunday.  On Monday, more than 40 states recorded temperatures in the nineties or higher.

This morning, they’re forecasting 100 degrees in Chicago.  I read somewhere that Lubbock, Texas has broken standing records for high temps every day for a month straight.  The heat wave has already claimed thirteen American lives.

The heat wave doesn’t stop at the border, either.  Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees are being recorded near the Arctic Circle in Edmonton to Nova Scotia.  Record heat caused brownouts in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The record heat has the UN’s global warming czar, Rajendra Pachauri feeling confident.  Pachuri, whose organization shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007, announced a special, new and improved International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, due out this November.

Pachuri met with France’s environment minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, ahead of a scheduled five day IPCC conference in Brest, France.  Citing the 2007 IPCC report, Pachuri said that climate change “is very clear”.

“We have enough evidence, enough scientific findings which should convince people that action has to be taken. Based on observation, we know that there will be more floods, more drought, more heat waves and more extreme precipitation events. These things are happening.”

So, if we don’t act now, there will be more floods, drought, heat waves and extreme rain.  Does that mean that if we do act now, there won’t be?

The warmest temperature in the history of the United States was in Death Valley. But not this year, or last year, or even the last decade.  It was in 1913.   The warmest temperature ever recorded in Russia was in 1922.

In 1909 Professor Robert W. Wood of John Hopkins University conducted a greenhouse gas experiment that demonstrated that greenhouse gases cannot cause global warming.  Is it not interesting that not a single global warming scientist ever replicated Wood’s experiment to actually see if he was right?

A Professor Mahle of Monterrey, Mexico recently did.   He faithfully re-created Wood’s experiment. His peer-reviewed results showed that Wood was right.  

When it comes to greenhouse gases and global warming, Wood proved that you can’t get there from here a hundred years ago.  Mahle confirmed it.  Global warming, or climate change, or whatever, isn’t caused by carbon dioxide or nitrogen. 

Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out.  Trees ‘breathe in’ the carbon dioxide and ‘breathe out’ oxygen. And nitrogen is necessary for the growth of all living things.

Don’t take my word for it.  Ask Colorado State University emeritus atmospheric science professor William Gray and University of Virginia professor emeritus Fred Singer.

Professor Singer, speaking at a symposium at Colorado State, called fear of global warming “a psychosis” because global warming is natural and harmless.  He said a doubling of carbon dioxide would increase agricultural yields ‘tremendously’:

“If carbon dioxide becomes too low, plants will stop operating, then animals will die and we will die, too,” he said. “We depend on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in order to survive.”

Singer said nature, not humans, rules the climate because rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are harmful neither to humans nor the planet.”

“Stop worrying, don’t worry,” Singer said. “Nothing you do will have any effect on the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.  Even if it did have an effect, it won’t affect the planet

Professor Gray said rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have only positive implications for humans.

“A lot of people agree with what Fred has said, but the majority of people don’t because of the brainwashing of the mainstream media and TV and the intellectuals and so on. . . They want to run this under the U.N.”

That’s what Al Gore is pushing for.  That’s what the Kyoto Protocol was aimed at.  That is why the UN is involved and it is why they won’t let it die. 

In December 2007, the UN climate conference in Bali, urged the adoption of a global carbon tax that would represent “a global burden sharing system, fair, with solidarity, and legally binding to all nations.”

“Finally someone will pay for these [climate related] costs,” Othmar Schwank, a global tax advocate, said at the 2007 UN conference after a panel titled “A Global CO2 Tax.”

Schwank noted that wealthy nations like the U.S. would bear the biggest burden based on the “polluters pay principle.”  The U.S. and other wealthy nations need to “contribute significantly more to this global fund,” Schwank explained.  He also added, “It is very essential to tax coal.”

As Nobel laureate Al Gore says about anthropomorphic climate change, “this is settled science” – citing the Nobel prize-winning 2007 IPCC report  as his final authority.  This might be a good place to recall that Al Gore and the IPCC shared the Nobel Prize for peace — not science. 

That prize is reserved for real science.


Depending upon whom one asks the question, mankind has been on this planet for somewhere between six thousand and six million years.

The six million year figure is the extreme end of the evolutionist’s estimates, where the six thousand year period is the time frame generally accepted by creationists.

Allow yourself to dwell, for a minute, on just how long six thousand years really is.  Not in abstract, cosmic terms, but rather, in terms of human society.

It was only six hundred years ago that conventional wisdom said the earth was flat.  Mankind had been on the earth for more than five thousand five hundred years before we learned otherwise.

America, the greatest nation the world has ever known, is only two-hundred and thirty-five years old.  It was just one hundred and fifty-one years ago that Americans were willing to kill each other over the right to own other human beings as property.

Only sixty-five years ago, human beings were being shoveled into ovens in their millions or shot down into mass graves at the hands of citizens of the oldest and most cultured civilizations in Europe.

Even at six thousand years, man has been here a long, long time, when you think about it.

Let’s revisit the fact we’ve been on this planet for six thousand years.  Or even, for the sake of argument, some indeterminite period of millions of years, which makes it even more amazing.

Whichever time frame fits your comfort zone, it is nonetheless this generation that is alleged to have used it all up and begun the process of planetary doom.

And, according to global warming proponents, all this damage took place – not gradually over a period of six thousand years, or six million or whatever, but within a single generation!

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” (Luke 21:25-26)

Of all the hundreds of prophecies in the Bible dealing with the generation that will witness the return of the Messiah, I find this to be the single most amazing in all respects.

The specificity is unassailable. 

This generation is consumed by signs in the sun, moon and stars.  From the Mayan calendar’s 2012 Doomsday Scenario to a collision with Planet Nibiru to the threat posed by solar storms, it seems that everybody sees some kind of cosmic Doomsday coming.

There are a lot more people in the West that can identify their astrological sign than there are that can articulate their religious convictions.  

Here upon the earth, the doomsday scenarios are beginning to pile up – distressing and perplexing whole nations. Why else would entire countries dedicate billions of dollars in resources to scanning outer space for incoming asteroids? 

Or try to lower nature’s thermostat, shortening the growing season by limiting production of CO2 and nitrogen — the building blocks of life?  

Note the Lord’s comment about “the sea and the waves roaring” – what’s up with that?   What has that to do with signs in the sun, moon and stars? 

Answer: Nothing, really, apart from being a clue that only one generation would recognize. 

But to the intended generation, the seemingly gratuituous reference to “the sea and the waves roaring” has everything to do with the reasons that entire nations are succumbing to fear (distress) and confusion (perplexity) about the signs in the sun, moon and stars.  

Think about that! (If it doesn’t make your head hurt — it does mine).

Entire nations – scared witless at what they believe is coming upon the earth as the powers of heaven are shaken.  Out of all the generations in all the world — and over all of the last twenty centuries, only one generation qualifies.

“So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.” (Luke 21:25-26)

As for the heat wave, global warming happens every year about this time.  Sometimes, it gets warmer than others, but before it was called global warming, it was called ‘summer.’  

We used to look forward to it because it’s nicer than winter.  Now it collectively scares us half to death.

Is that normal?

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