The Mystery of Iniquity

The Mystery of Iniquity
Vol: 117 Issue: 18 Saturday, June 18, 2011

“Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”  – Jesus Christ, Matthew 24:12

During his World Apology Tour, Obama visited Mexico on April 16, 2009 (when Operation Fast and Furious was just getting started.  More on that later). While there, he blamed America for Mexican drug violence;

“This war is being waged with guns purchased not here but in the United States . . . more than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that lay in our shared border.”

Obama joins many other U.S. and Mexican officials — from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Mexican ambassador to the U.S. — who have cited versions of the 90 percent figure in arguing for greater U.S. intervention. For his part, Obama has pledged to commit more money and resources to stem the flow of guns south of the border.

Understand this story in terms of time and context. 

The time is four months into the Obama administration —  when Obama was still fending off charges he was “born in a manger” and anybody that questioned his policy agenda was a racist.

The context is one in which Obama issued talking points to his cabinet members to cite that 90% statistic at every opportunity, especially when discussing gun control restrictions and ways around the Second Amendment.

In its 2009 article, Politifact notes that the ATF strongly supported the statistic that suggested lax US gun control laws were responsible for Mexico’s bloodbath:

“ATF officials challenge the suggestion that Mexico only sends them guns they suspect are from the United States. In fact, the ATF found about a quarter of the 90 percent were made in other countries and then taken illegally from the United States into Mexico.”  

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held hearings this past week on “Operation Gunwalker” also known as “Operation Fast and Furious” and “Operation Gunrunner.”

At least, it did the best it could with what it had – the White House is still blocking access to key documents, according to committee chairman Darrel Issa [R-Ca]. 

After months of being stonewalled by Attorney General Eric Holder, in March, Issa’s committee issued a subpoena demanding Holder surrender documents related to the ATF’s “Operation Fast and Furious.”

Holder ordered the DoJ not to comply, citing its own pending criminal investigations, prompting Rep. Issa to write Holder directly to clarify any misconceptions:

“Let me be clear: we are not conducting a concurrent investigation with the Department of Justice, but rather an independent investigation of the Department of Justice – specifically, of allegations that the reckless and inappropriate decisions of Department officials have created a serious public safety hazard.”

That certainly seemed clear enough to me.  But it wasn’t clear enough for Eric Holder, who ordered ATF Director Melson to sit tight.  That is pretty much where it sits right now. Stonewalled in Congress.

Meanwhile on Monday, a trio of Senate Democrats, led by Senator Dianne Feinstein, cited this same 90% figure while calling for tougher firearms laws. 

“Congress has been virtually moribund while powerful Mexican drug trafficking organizations continue to gain unfettered access to military-style firearms coming from the United States,” Feinstein complained.

Feinstein, together with Chuck Schumer of New York and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, are calling for the reinstatement of an assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 and “better enforcement” of a ban on the import of military-style weapons.

“This report confirms what many of us already know to be true. … It is still too easy for Mexican drug lords to get their hands on deadly military-grade weapons within our borders,” Schumer said. “We need to redouble our efforts to keep violent firearms out of the hands of these traffickers.”

Noted CNN in its editorial background coverage of the story:

Mexico has been critical of what it sees as lax U.S. efforts at blocking guns from ending up in the wrong hands.

“It is clear that the availability of high-powered guns in the United States for Mexican criminals is hurting bilateral security,” Mexican National Security spokesman Alejandro Poire told CNN in February. “We would hope to see an overwhelming response from the United States government to prevent these guns from getting into Mexico.”

In a 2010 speech to the U.S. Congress, Mexican President Felipe Calderon called for action similar to what the U.S. senators propose.

“If you don’t regulate the sale of arms in the right way, nothing guarantees that the criminals won’t have access to these,” Calderon said. “There are more than 7,000 gun stores along the border with Mexico where anyone can buy. I ask Congress to help us and understand how important it is to have strong laws to avoid arming the criminals.”

It would seem (to me) that the best way to accomplish that would be for the ATF to stop selling guns to them.


It seems that over roughly a three year period, ATF agents have been pressuring US gun dealers, mostly along the Arizona-Mexico border, to sell thousands of semi-automatic weapons to ‘straw buyers,’ in this case, Mexican nationals. 

(It is illegal for US gun dealers to sell guns to non-citizen resident aliens or to foreign nationals.)

Here is a background summary:

On December 14, 2010, a special unit of the U.S. Border Patrol came across a group of heavily armed suspects near Rio Rico, Arizona. The Border Patrol team identified themselves as law enforcement officers, at which point the armed men opened fire.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed during the battle. One of the suspects was captured, and two semiautomatic rifles recovered at the scene were identified as being part of an ongoing ATF sting operation.

On Tuesday, Rep Darrell Issa’s committee released a fifty-one page pdf report based on testimony from ATF field agents. To this point, the ATF continues to stonewall, as does both the Department of Justice and the White House.

The report’s findings, if true, are shocking beyond belief.  Among them:

  • ATF agents instructed U.S. gun dealers to proceed with questionable and illegal sales of firearms to suspected gunrunners.
  • The ATF allowed or even assisted in those guns crossing the U.S. border into Mexico to “boost the numbers” of American civilian market firearms seized in Mexico and thereby provide the justification for more firearm restrictions on American citizens and more power and money for ATF.
  • They intentionally kept Mexican authorities in the dark about the operation.
  • At least one agent was cautioned that if he didn’t stop complaining about the dangerous nature of the operation, he would find himself out of a job, and lucky to be working in a prison.
  • Senior ATF personnel including Acting Director Ken Melson, and senior Department of Justice officials at least up to an assistant attorney general, were well aware of and supported the operation.
  • Department of Justice officials hid behind semantics to lie and deny that they allowed guns to be walked across the border.
  • The more than 2,000 weapons that the Obama Justice Department allowed to be delivered to Mexican narco-terrorist cartels are thought to have been used in the shooting of an estimated 150 Mexican law enforcement officers and soldiers battling the cartels.
  • The US Justice Department has therefore KNOWINGLY supplied enough weaponry to equip ten infantry companies or two full battalions of violent drug dealers.

There has been an ongoing war between the Obama administration and the NRA, Congress and Constitutionalists over the intended scope of the Second Amendment. 

Having lost a critical battle in the Supreme Court, the administration shifted its attention from the Supreme Court to the Court of Public Opinion, where it has a better chance of stacking the deck.

The Issa panel makes it clear that Operation Fast and Furious was well-known at the highest levels of the ATF and DoJ, and it is therefore inconceivable that it wasn’t supported by Eric Holder.  It wasn’t an ongoing ATF legacy operation — it didn’t begin until after Obama took office. 

The White House has clearly been using Operation Fast and Furious to support its efforts in swaying the Court of Public Opinion its way. The fact that the effort has cost hundreds of lives is only now coming to light. 

At the same time that Issa’s committee is investigating what Obama knew and when he knew it, the whole Congress is considering what to do about the illegal wars that Obama has started in Libya and Yemen.

Three years into Obama’s administration, if it has a single, recurring theme, it is that of lawlessness.

From ACORN’s involvement in his election to the crooked GM deals to the Obamacare waivers exempting Obama’s cronies to the uncounted billions that magically vanished from TARP on the way to the bank, everything about Obama is crooked.

He lies so much that it only makes headlines when he gets caught in a “truthhood” — like when he admitted the shovel-ready jobs he used to sell TARP was a lie.

“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He who now letteth [katecho: withhold, restrain] will let, until He be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming:” (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8)

The word translated ‘iniquity’ by the KJV translators is anomia which means “lawlessness.”  Paul calls it a “mystery” (musterion)  — a Divine secret being revealed for the first time. 

The “secret” isn’t lawlessness – the secret is that the Restrainer of lawlessness will be taken out of the way before that “Wicked” (anomos: Lawless One) can be revealed.  

In the coming days, watch as the two sides rise to do verbal combat over whether or not selling guns to drug lords in order to influence US public opinion is legal – for there WILL be debate. 

Why? The katecho is still restraining unrestricted anomia until it is time for the anomos to be revealed. For now. 

Meanwhile, as this story heats up (and it will) observe its defenders.  Note their arguments and don’t lose sight of what they are actually defending.

It really is a mystery at work.

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