The ‘New’ McCarthyism

The ‘New’ McCarthyism
Vol: 114 Issue: 29 Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of the best (and most fun) reference works I ever owned was called “The People’s Almanac” written by David Wallace and Irving Wallenchinsky.  It was actually a series of three books, published in 1975, 1978 and 1981. 

“The People’s Almanac” was like a bound version of the internet — before there was an internet.  It had great features. 

One feature listed the best epitaphs in America.  I can still remember the one I liked best – from a tombstone in Waynesville NC. (I’m working from memory, here.)

“Come, blooming youth as you pass by;
And on these lines do cast an eye;
As you are now, so once was I;
As I am now, so you will be;
Prepare yourself to follow me”

It’s a pretty cool epitaph, made even cooler by the scrawled addition from some anonymous punster;

“To follow you I am not content . . . How do I know which way you went?

Another favorite is from a tombstone in Cripple Creek, Colo – (I visited this one) “Here lies a man named Zeke – Second Fastest Draw in Cripple Creek”.

Another from Tombstone, reads:  “Here lies Lester Moore, Four Slugs From a .44 – No Less, No More.” 

But my favorite is over the grave of this unhappy woman:

She lived with her husband for fifty years, and died in the confident hope of a better life”

Another of my favorite sections in this wonderfully entertaining reference series was the section entitled, “People Who Became Words.”

Among the contenders were people like Robert Bork – who gave us the phrase “to be borked” – or “to be ambushed by one’s colleagues” or American legend Jim Bowie, who gave us the Bowie Knife, or Rev. Archibald Spooner, whose sermons gave us the term, spoonerism.

“Spoonerism” describes a verbal blunder involving the switching of the initial sounds of a pair of words.  A couple of spoonerisms as examples: “drain bamage” “joking smacket” “teepy slime” or the famous West Bestern hotel chain.

Listed among the “People Who Became Words” was Wisconsin Republican Senator Joseph A. McCarthy.  Senator McCarthy is sort of unique in this category, in that his was the only name I could find that became something of a swear word.

To hurl an accusation of “McCarthyism” at a politician is just about the worst possible thing you can say about him.  

“McCarthyism” defined means: the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.”

Joseph McCarthy is one of the most lampooned, maligned and criticized politicians of the 20th century.  McCarthyism became a word in 1950 after he opened an investigative committee nicknamed HUAC, for House Un-American Activities Committee.

McCarthy is remembered for heading up what was called a “witch hunt” – looking for Communists in government, the media and entertainment.  The fact that he found plenty of them is largely ignored.

To the average American, Joe McCarthy was a hero. But he was hated beyond measure by the media and the American Left.  McCarthy wasn’t hated because he smeared innocent people.  He was hated because he identified the guilty.

A few examples of McCarthy’s “victim” and the positions they held within the US government during the height of the Cold War.

  • Mary Jane Keeney, a United Nations employee, and her husband Philip Keeney, who worked in the Office of Strategic Services;
  • Lauchlin Currie, a special assistant to President Roosevelt;
  • Virginius Frank Coe, Director of Division of Monetary Research, U.S. Treasury; Technical Secretary at the Bretton Woods Conference; International Monetary Fund
  • William Ludwig Ullman, delegate to the United Nations Charter Conference and Bretton Woods Conference;
  • Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Chief Planning Technician, Procurement Division, United States Department of the Treasury (and head of the Silvermaster network of spies);
  • Harold Glasser, U.S. Treasury Representative to the Allied High Commission in Italy;
  • Four staff members of the LaFollette Civil Liberties Committee, a Senate subcommittee on labor rights chaired by former Senator Robert La Follette, Jr., whom McCarthy defeated for election in 1946;
  • Allan Rosenberg, Chief of the Economic Institution Staff, Foreign Economic Administration; Counsel to the National Labor Relations Board; argued cases before the United States Supreme Court.

None of these names mean much now, but they were the cream of the Marxist intelligentsia in America during the 1950’s.  And they were all Communist sympathizers.

Of the 110 names that McCarthy gave the Tydings Committee to be investigated, 62 of them were employed by the State Department at the time of the hearings.

The committee cleared everyone on McCarthy’s list, but within a year the State Department started proceedings against 49 of the 62. And by the end of 1954, 81 of 110 names on McCarthy’s list had left the government either by dismissal or resignation.

Thanks to Joe McCarthy, the State Department and other sensitive federal agencies dismissed nearly 4,000 employees in 1953 and 1954, although many of them shifted to non-sensitive departments.

Summarizing the 1952 testimony of former Soviet courier Elizabeth Bentley, who had identified 37 Soviet agents within the U.S. government, the subcommittee also said that “to her knowledge there were four Soviet espionage rings operating within our government and that only two of these have been exposed.”

In October 1953, a Soviet defector named Colonel Ismail Ege estimated that a minimum of 20 spy networks were operating within the United States in 1941-42, when he was chief of the Fourth Section of Soviet General Staff Intelligence.

Joe McCarthy was the first American politician to take on the American Left directly. Although he was right about the extent of Communist infiltration into the United States government, when the Left-controlled media was done with him, he left office a broken man.

McCarthy was censured by the Democrat-controlled Senate by a vote of 67-22 in which the Democrats voted unanimously.

Joe McCarthy died a broken man at age forty-eight of hepatitis at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

The Venona Project was a long-running secret code-breaking operation run jointly by the US and British governments. Venona was not publicly disclosed until 1995 and its disclosure was fought tooth and nail by liberal Democrats who knew what it would reveal.

Venona specifically references at least 349 people in the United States—including citizens, immigrants, and permanent residents—who may have cooperated in various ways with Soviet intelligence agencies.

It is generally believed that McCarthy had no access to VENONA intelligence, but VENONA supports the view that the individuals investigated by McCarthy’s HUAC were indeed Soviet agents.

Joe McCarthy was right. 

So if history establishes that Joe McCarthy was right and that he probably saved America from being overtaken from within by Communist fifth-columnists, then why is “McCarthyism” still the greatest insult that can be heaped upon a political agenda?

Because they have too much invested in the fake narrative – to admit they were wrong now would be to admit they had been duped.  That is the same reason that nobody in the mainstream dares to question anything about Obama’s nativity and dances around the issue of his incompetence.

To the mainstream, Obama isn’t an incompetent bumbler, he is an unfortunate victim of the American racists that elected him!

(According to the 2010 Census, only 12.2% of Americans are black, but Obama got more than fifty percent of the vote; black, white, brown, red and pink.)

But if Obama’s critics aren’t racists, or anti-something, then the spotlight shifts from his critics to the target of their criticism.  That would never do. 

Because that exposes the mainstream liberal media for the useful idiots that they are. 


Last week, Representative Peter King held the first Congressional hearing investigating the incidences of homegrown terrorism in America.  Here’s how the reliably liberal New York Times described it.

“Attacked by critics as a revival of McCarthyism, and lauded by supporters as a courageous stand against political correctness, the hearing — four hours of sometimes emotional testimony — revealed a deep partisan split in lawmakers’ approach to terror investigations and their views on the role of mosques in America.

Republicans drilled down with questions about whether Muslims cooperate with law enforcement, and singled out a Washington-based advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, casting it as an ally of terrorists.

The New York Times doesn’t say why King cast CAIR as “an ally of terrorists” —  but the reason is because it is an ally of terrorists! 

The Times did tear a strip off Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Decency, portraying him as the “Republican star witness” that “rankled fellow Muslims.” 

Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat from Illinois, wants to hold hearings to examine claims of anti-Islamic bias – particularly by Rep. King.  But his star witness, Farhana Khera, is connected to the legal firm, “Muslim Advocates” which has links with Hamas and CAIR.

“Our Constitution protects the free exercise of religion for all Americans,” Durbin said in a release announcing the hearing. “During the course of our history, many religions have faced intolerance. It is important for our generation to renew our founding charter’s commitment to religious diversity and to protect the liberties guaranteed by our Bill of Rights.”

What if the religion to be freely exercised openly demands, as a condition of membership, the overthrow of the United States government and its replacement with Sharia?  That’s ok.

What if the religion to be freely exercised was Christianity

What if it opposes gay marriage?  That’s not ok, is it?  What if it opposes abortion?  That’s not ok, is it?  What if it claims exclusivity?

What if it claims that membership in a particular religion is the only way to heaven?  That’s not ok, is it?  Of course not!  Freedom of religion does NOT allow for such intolerant, discriminatory practices!

That kind of bigotry has no place in America.  Does it?   


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