The Children of Ammon

The Children of Ammon
Vol: 111 Issue: 22 Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In October King Abdullah of Jordan predicted that without some kind of settlement between Israel and the Palestinians, “there would be war before the end of the year [2010].”

There are just a handful of days left in this year. There has been no agreement between the two sides; if anything, positions are hardening.   

Attacks against Israel from Gaza are escalating.  A Qassam missile launched Tuesday came dangerously close to a kibbutz nursery near Ashkelon.

On Saturday, an American tourist was murdered by two Arabs while she walked in the Jerusalem hills.  The attack was rumored to be a botched Hamas kidnapping effort. 

When one intended victim, a British tourist named Kaye Wilson, managed to escape, they murdered the American, Christine Luken and fled back across the border. 

“The incidents of the past several days are part of an escalation of terrorist attacks emanating from Gaza that target Israeli civilians, towns and military personnel,” Israel’s UN ambassador, Meron Reuben, said in  a letter of protest to the UN made public this morning

The letter is addressed to the US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, who holds the current chair of the Security Council, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

It says three rockets and 18 mortars have been fired into parts of southern Israel from Hamas-ruled Gaza since December 19.

“The Security Council, the secretary general and the international community must send a clear and resolute message that these attacks are unacceptable,” Israel said in the letter signed by Reuben and evidently ignored by the UN.

The PA’s chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, told the Jerusalem Post that the Palestinian Authority fears that ‘Israel is planning a new offensive’ against Gaza.  Hamas has launched three rockets and eighteen mortars at Israel in the past few days.

The Washington Post reported a couple of weeks ago on Syria’s active involvement in Lebanon, its open arming of Hezbollah, its interference in Lebanese politics and its alliance with Iran.

“Syria’s fresh interference in Lebanon and its increasingly sophisticated weapons shipments to Hezbollah have alarmed American officials and prompted Israel’s military to consider a strike against a Syrian weapons depot that supplies the Lebanese militia group, U.S. and Israeli officials say.”

Finally, Debka is reporting that King Abdullah of Jordan has ordered his government to wind down any remaining cooperative military ventures with Israel.   Debka notes that Abdullah is under pressure from both Turkey and Syria.  Historically, that’s a bad sign for Israel.

Jordan has a history of being a moderate insofar as Israel is concerned — until some kind of Arab alliance develops that looks like it has a chance of defeating Israel.  Jordan then takes a look around at its surroundings and suddenly goes all native again.   Noted Debka’s report:

In 1958, Abdullah’s father King Hussein opted to join the United Arab Republic federation established by Egypt’s pan-Arabist Gemal Abdul Nasser for fear that if he stayed out, the other two which topple him by subversion, then carve his realm up between them.  It took Hussein a year to realize his error and return to shelter under Israel’s military and intelligence shield. The UAR broke up three years later with Syria’s defection.
In 1967, the king of Jordan again jumped on the Egyptian-Syrian bandwagon racing toward the combined offensive against Israel later known as the Six-Day War – the time it took for Israel to vanquish the three Arab armies.
Syria, despite its political and economic weakness, is still a key player thanks to its strong strategic bond with Iran and its military proxy, the Lebanese Hizballah. Once the leading Middle East power, Egypt is being edged out of this role by Tehran, Damascus and their new ally, Tayyep Erdogan’s pro-Muslim Turkey.
When he looks around him, Jordan’s Abdullah sees Iran’s rising influence over the kingdom’s eastern neighbor Iraq, with America preparing to abandon ship next year. According to the latest information, not a single American soldier may be left there, a sign that the United States is on its way out of the entire Middle East, primarily because of the weakness of its president, Barack Obama.
Across his western border, the Jordanian king sees Israel standing by idly as Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas tighten their military noose. It can therefore no longer be relied on as a strategic partner.
To the north, he sees Syria, Turkey and Hizballah-Lebanon bolstering the pro-Iranian axis in the Middle East.
Abdullah has therefore decided that to save his throne and kingdom, he had better jump aboard the winning side and ditch his former partner.

Not exactly like the last rat to leave a sinking ship.   But something like that.


The Bible forecasts two great alliances that will come against Israel in the last days in two ultimately unsuccessful attempts at her annihilation.

One is the Gog Magog alliance under Russia and Persia predicted by Ezekiel. This alliance is primarily political and includes most of the nations of the old Persian Empire.  The Gog Magog invasion is motivated primarily by political and economic considerations, rather than ethnic or religious ones.

The second is an alliance of Arab states, including Syria, Egypt, Gaza, Lebanon and parts of Iraq as predicted in Zephaniah Psalms 83, Obadiah and Isaiah 17.  This alliance is as distinctly different from the Gog Magog alliance as it can be.  

Politics has little to do with this alliance. Economics are even less relevant.  That is why they are all still Third World countries instead of enjoying the same First World standards of living enjoyed by Israel. 

This alliance is held together by white-hot ethnic and religious hatred so intense that it consumes all other considerations. Maintaining this anti-Israel alliance has cost its participants dearly but there is seemingly no price too high.   Children of Lot

Just as Iran and Turkey have been realigning themselves to take their appointed positions in Ezekiel’s alliance, Jordan is positioning itself for its role in the Psalms 83 alliance.  

Another difference between the two alliances is their Divinely appointed purposes.   Ezekiel’s alliance is defeated upon the mountains of Israel;

“Thus will I magnify Myself, and sanctify Myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 38:23)

The participants in the Gog Magog alliance are secondary to the purpose, which in this case, is demonstrating the power of God to the nations.   

But the participants in the Psalms 83 war are the purpose.  They aren’t being gathered to reveal God to the nations, they are being gathered for Divine retribution for their crimes against His Chosen people.  

Ammon and Moab were sons of Lot through his incestuous relationship with his daughters (Genesis 19:37-38) following the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.   The Ammonites and Moabites are both referred to throughout Scripture as the “children of Lot.”

Jordan is the land of Ammon and Moab – Jordan’s capital is Amman, named for the son of Lot.   

For decades, Turkey was on the wrong side of the Bible’s outline for the last days.  As a NATO member and strong US and EU ally,  Turkey was the only majority-Muslim state to have treaty ties with Israel. But God said Turkey would side against Israel.

In 1977 Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel that was expected to open up floodgates of cooperation between Israel and the Arab world.  But God said that Egypt would side against Israel in the last days. 

Jordan has been cultivating a reputation for moderation for decades and is only the second Arab state to sign a peace treaty with Israel.  Of all the Arab states of the Middle East, Jordan has the most to lose and the least to gain by Israels’ annihilation. 

But God said that Ammon and Moab would join the alliance against Israel in the last days. Egypt’s Gaza Strip and Jordan’s West Bank are now gateways of aggression into Israel. 

Both are moving precisely into position as predicted.

God said that in the last days, Turkey and Iran would side with Russia and not the West. Until 1978, Iran was an important ally of both Israel and the US.  Turkey remained an important ally until only this past year. 

I’ve been waiting for Jordan to jump ship and side with Syria.  Historically, it has been the last domino to fall.  King Abdullah predicted war by year’s end. 

That’s about nine days from now.

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