Waxing Worse and Worse

Waxing Worse and Worse
Vol: 109 Issue: 27 Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harry Reid began his political career in 1970 when he was elected lieutenant governor until 1974.  In 1977 Reid served as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission.   While on the board, a Vegas thug named Jack Gordon offered Reid a paltry $12,000 bribe.

Reid, sensing a political opportunity, contacted the FBI and arranged to have the transaction recorded.  At the prearranged time, as the cameras rolled and the FBI stormed in, Reid pretended to lose his temper and made a move to choke Gordon, uttering the immortal line: “You SOB, you tried to bribe me!” 

That won Harry two terms in the US House of Representatives.  In 1987, Reid ran for the Senate and never looked back.  Reid was the son of a minor from Searchlight, Nevada. 

When he ran for public office the first time, he was lower middle class.  After forty years of ‘public service’ Harry Reid is now worth an estimated $4,600,000,00.  Reid has been on the government payroll for forty-three years.  

In order to build up $4.6 over forty-three years, he would have to have socked away about $107,000.00 per year out of his government salary.   How could he do that?

According to Mark Noonan, writing in Nevada News and Views, he probably couldn’t have – but yet he did:

It’s just not credible that Reid has done this just out of his government salary. The man has raised 5 kids, through college. His various government salaries were enough to live on but how, with all the expenses, did Reid build up so much money? What did he do? How did he do it?

How does a man who’s “product” is legislation make so much money that he can build up more than four and a half million dollars of net worth?

By 2001 Reid was a Las Vegas living legend, having been named to the Nevada Gaming Hall of Fame.   By 2006, Harry Reid presided as Senate Majority leader over a bullet-proof Democratic majority.  In 2007 Harry Reid famously announced “the war is lost.”

Harry doesn’t mind losing a war, but there appears to be nothing he won’t do to keep his cozy Senate seat.   One of his campaign tricks is right out of the old New York Tammany Hall playbook.  

Everybody who votes for Harry Reid gets free food and a nice gift certificate supplied by one of the unions.   Nevada law (NRS 293.700) provides that,

“A person who bribes, offers to bribe, or use and other corrupt means, directly or indirectly, to influence any elector in giving his or her vote or to deter the elector from giving it is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.”

Nevada’s Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller says that there is nothing illegal in offering hamburgers and Starbuck’s gift certificates in exchange for votes.  

“It’s hard to buy an election with a hamburger,” Reid ‘joked’ on Tuesday. Maybe buying an election with a hamburger is hard, but it isn’t stopping him from trying.  And if he can’t buy the election, there is always the option of stealing it. 

In Nevada, maintenance of the state’s voting machines is under contract with the Service Employees International Union – or SEIU.   The head of the SEIU is Obama buddy Andy Stern. 

So when voting machines were sent to Las Vegas and Clark County, some voters complained because Harry Reid’s name was already checked off on the ballot.   Election officials say it wasn’t voter fraud – the problem is with ‘elderly’ voters. 

In my old stomping grounds of North Carolina, one voter who voted a straight Republican party ticket found his ballot marked all Democrats.  He cleared the screen and tried again with the same result.

Then he asked for and received help from election staff.

“They pushed it twice and the same thing happened,” Laughinghouse said. “That was four times in a row. The fifth time they pushed it and the Republicans came up and I voted.”

Other voters in Craven County reported similar problems.  In Havelock, just outside Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, 400 people voted, but the machines reported only 250 ballots cast.  Anybody want to bet which party’s votes survived?

This isn’t unusual there.  In 2006, Carteret County officials lost 4,600 — primarily military and likely Republican — ballots (including Gayle’s).  The Democrat candidate won.

In Chicago, a ‘glitch’ in the vote-by-mail system threatens to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters. The majority of those affected live outside the heavily-Democrat Chicago area.

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania resident voters say they have evidence linking Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy’s campaign to a scheme to flood the county voter registration office with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots.

The petition is the latest in a series of alarms county and state Republicans have sounded over an influx of questionable absentee ballot applications.

Last week, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler said his office would investigate allegations of fraud leveled against state and county Democrat officials.

Voter Registration Director Deena Dean said her staff had rejected more than 600 defective absentee ballot applications as of Friday.

In Arizona, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the state law that requires voters to show proof of citizenship in order to vote.

The split decision by a three-judge panel determined that the requirement to show proof of citizenship — passed by voters in 2004 — is not consistent with the National Voter Registration Act.

The majority noted that Congress was well aware of the problem of voter fraud when it passed the voter act, and built in sufficient protections, including applying perjury penalties to applicants who lie about their eligibilty.

The court determined Arizona’s polling place photo identification requirement, however, is a minimal burden and does not violate the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment.  However, proving you are legally entitled to vote evidently does.

And Andrew Breitbart has a video clip of a top union official discussing voter fraud that will make your blood boil.

And finally, President Obama has been stumping the country with some of the most disrespectful  statements ever uttered by a sitting President about his own constituency.   Those xenophobic, gun and Bible clinging rednecks of yesteryear are still out there.

Only now, instead of having antipathy against folks that are not like them, they are just scared.   Indeed, Americans are so “scared” they’re not thinking straight about the upcoming elections.

Obama, speaking at several rallies and fundraisers as part of his final get-out-the-vote stretch, said Republican candidates are “playing on fear” and hinted that unsophisticated voters are “falling” for it.

He said Americans have every reason to be worried, but lamented that “facts” aren’t doing his party any good this year. 

“People out there are still hurting very badly, and they are still scared. And so part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now, and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared.” 

The president touched again on this theme Sunday night at an Ohio rally, where he warned about the influence of “special interests that would profit from the other side’s agenda.” 

“They’re fighting back. The Empire is striking back,” Obama said to laughter. 

At the same rally, where he was joined by first lady Michelle Obama, he described the election as “a contest between our deepest hopes and our deepest fears.” 

“And the other side is playing on fear,” he said. “That’s what they do.”  (Sure. Class warfare — that is a tactic for the other side.)

Obama said in a whistle stop the day before  that voters can respond to their “trauma” by either “looking backwards” or looking “forward.” 

Fear and trauma.  This is probably not the best time to trot out those themes.   And that last thing he should be encouraging voters to ‘look backwards.’

If one looks backwards, one sees the unemployment rate almost double since Obama came to office.  If one looks backward, one sees the national debt having doubled under Obama. 

If one looks backward, one sees the national deficit triple under Obama.

If one looks backward further than that, one sees low inflation, double-digit economic growth, low unemployment and high productivity.

If one looks forward, the national debt under Obama is expected to continue to rise.  The national deficit will get bigger as Obama tries to spend his way out of poverty.  

The Fed is considering introducing inflation as a way of kick-starting the economy and stopping the dollar’s international free-fall.

Fear?  You bet’cha!


We’re in pretty big trouble.  Actually, we’re in really big trouble.   One might even call the times in which we find ourselves ‘perilous.’  That’s how the Bible characterizes them.

“This know also that in the last days, perilous times shall come,” Paul writes in his 2nd Letter to Timothy.

But look at what Paul says is responsible for the perilous times of the last days.   Pride (gay and otherwise) boastfulness, covetousness (class warfare) blasphemers without natural affection, false accusers,  traitors, heady and high-minded. 

Paul calls them ‘fierce’ despisers of those that are good.  We’ve been chronicling the general meltdown of American values since we went on line in October 2001.   A year later, we revisited our mission and our goals.

The Omega Letter will, by God’s grace, be a year old in a couple of weeks. We have a complete archive of our emailed briefings at the website. The now-substantial database contains the last 351 member briefings.  (That was then. Our database as of today includes 2,962 daily briefs.)

That’s a day-by-day chronicle of the significant prophetic events of the past year — in detail. The entire database is available to Omega Letter members. It’s worth a look.

Reading through them, Paul’s words take on increasing resonance. “This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come.”

As Christians, we really have nothing to fear. Who fears heaven? The social meltdown going on all around us that is responsible for the unprecedented peril of our times is clearly part of God’s overall plan.

Christians trust God.

Since He is in charge, and since He provided us a clear blueprint of the last days so we could KNOW He remains in charge, ‘perilous times’ for the world at large are spiritually comforting times to those of us who are in the world, but not of it.

That is why Bible prophecy is so important FOR the last days. Because it provides that comfort — Jesus said that, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

Knowing the Plan in advance, then watching it unfold before our eyes, we can SEE the tribulation that is coming upon the world.

Instead of being terrified, Christians are cheering on each new evidence of the Lord’s soon return.

Your emails to me are not filled with terror and dread, but rather filled with eager anticipation of what might be coming next, as terrible as it might appear to be.

Christians know how it all turns out in the end. We recognize the signs of the times as concrete proof our faith is not in vain.

What terrifies the world empowers the Christian. “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18)

The whole purpose of the Omega Letter is to help equip you to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15)

We share an important mission — all of us — in these last days. “The harvest is plenteous,” said the Lord, “but the laborers are few.” The enemy knows he hasn’t much time left, and he is making the most of it.

We should be, too.

Eight years later, if there were anything to add, it would be to note that the times are even more perilous today than they were then.   And back then, we wondered if things could get any worse.

Paul said they would.  “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived,” he told Timothy. 

Barack Obama, Timothy Geithner, Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. . . 

I think that Paul guy just might be a prophet!  

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