Saint Shirley and The Dragon. . .

Saint Shirley and The Dragon. . .
Vol: 106 Issue: 22 Thursday, July 22, 2010

A white US government employee was giving a speech to a group of other like-minded white people about how he conquered his deep-seated racial prejudices.

He told his all-white audience of a time when he had a chance to help a black farmer, but since he didn’t like black people:

“while he was taking all that time, trying to show me he was superior to me, what I was trying to decide was just how much help I was going to give him.”

I was struggling with the fact that so many white people have lost their farmland and here I was faced with having to help a black person save their land. So I didn’t give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough … [so he would] go back and report that I did try to help him.

“So I took him to a black lawyer that … had attended some of the training that we had provided, ’cause Chapter 12 bankruptcy had just been enacted for the family farmer. So I figured if I take him to one of them, that his own kind would take care of him.”

THAT was when the white US government employee underwent an epiphany.  Suddenly, it came to him that it wasn’t about black and white, ummm, yes it was, but ummm . . . no, it was about income redistribution.

“That’s when it was revealed to me that, y’all, it’s about poor versus those who have, and not so much about white – it IS about white and black, but it’s not – you know, it opened my eyes, ’cause I took him to one of his own …”

Of course, the white employee was immediately fired.  But then other white people objecting, saying that, although the white guy was still a dyed-in-the-wool racist, he realized he was a racist and the speech was all about how he wished he really wasn’t a racist.  

Well, working with him made me see that it’s really about those who have versus those who don’t. They could be black. They could be white. They could be Hispanic. And it made me realize then that I needed to work to help poor people … God helped me to see that it’s not just about black people – it’s about poor people.”

Well, if this story were true and it were a white person speaking to an all-white group of sending a black farmer to seek help “from one of his own” would it STILL qualify as an “inspiring story of redemption?”   

I like to think so.  But somehow, I doubt it. 

Obviously, the real story isn’t about a white person’s anecdotal story of how he “conquered” racism by deciding to help a black person he was being paid to help – it is about a black USDA official named Shirley Sherrod who made those statements in a speech before a Georgia chapter of the NAACP.

Andrew Breitbart posted the clip from which the above quotes were taken as a push-back against the NAACP’s condemnation of Tea Party supporters as racists.  The NAACP, aware it was the first one to play the race card, reacted immediately by condemning Shirley Sherrod.

The White House also reacted immediately by ordering her fired.   But then somebody played the part of the tape where Sherrod says circumstances caused her to morph from a racist to a socialist and ordered Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to rehire her.

Overnight, she was transformed from just another racist with a racist agenda into Saint Shirley of Sherrod.  And conservative activist Andrew Breitbart was cast in the role of the Dragon for daring to post her comments.

If one Googles “Shirley Sherrod” today, one is bombarded with stories about Sherrod was ‘vindicated’ or how Andrew Breitbart ‘smeared’ Sherrod unjustly.  

I don’t know if Breitbart unjustly smeared Shirley Sherrod – if Sherrod had been a white Republican instead of a black Democrat it would have been an entirely different story.

(When former Dixiecrat-turned Republican Strom Thurmond died, his NYTimes’ obit was headlined, “Former Segregationist Dies at 100” but when former KKK Grand Kleagle-turned-Democrat Robert Byrd died, the Times’ headlined his obit “Robert C. Byrd, Lion of the Senate, Dies at 92.”)

Breitbart made headlines when he offered $100,000.00 to the first person that provided evidence of the alleged racial epithets hurled at several black Congressional representatives that spawned the “Tea Party is Racist” myth.  

(Despite the hundreds of cameras and other recording devices present, Breitbart still has his hundred grand.)

Yesterday, I quoted a one-liner from Dick Morris:  “A racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.”

But since Breitbart posted the videotape of Shirley Sherrod saying things about whites that no white person could say about blacks, it is Breitbart that is the racist.


I know I am not the first one to notice that since the election of America’s first post-racial president, race is all we seem to be talking about.  

The White House has been directly involved in more race-based controversy in the first two years of this administration than any administration since the 1960’s Civil Rights era.  

It was one year ago today that Obama announced that, while admitting he didn’t have all the facts, the white Cambridge police officer that arrested African American Studies Professor Henry Gates “acted stupidly” suggesting that the arrest was racially-motivated.

When it turned out that it was Henry Gates that began shouting racial epithets and that the arresting officer was a locally-famous race-relations instructor, Obama called for his infamous ‘beer summit’ to discuss race relations.

We touched on Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s pathological racism yesterday in our discussion of how the media conspired to conceal Obama’s racist background during the election campaign. 

Then there is the case of the New Black Panther Party members that were charged with voter intimidation for standing outside a Philadelphia polling station brandishing nightsticks and hurling racial epithets at white voters.

The DoJ inexplicably moved for a dismissal of the charges after the defendants had pleaded guilty!  The DoJ prosecutor turned whistle-blower after the dismissal, saying the decision to dismiss came from Attorney General Eric Holder together with a directive that the DoJ doesn’t prosecute blacks for racist crimes against whites.

The revelation of the mainstream media conspiracy to conceal Obama’s racist past was conveniently buried by the mainstream media’s effort to turn Shirley Sherrod from a racist in her own right into a victim of a racist Tea Party smear by making her seem to be a racist by playing a video of her admission she was a racist.   

Two days ago, Shirley Sherrod was a black lady telling a race-based group about how she discriminated against a white guy because she didn’t like whites. 

Today, she is a victim of white racists who tried to ‘smear’ her as a racist because she admitted discriminating against a white guy because she didn’t like whites.

Only one of the accounts I read mentioned that Sherrod had won a $13 million discrimination suit against the USDA only days before being hired to the USDA job last year.  It seems somewhat odd for the government to hire a sixty-one year old to a high leadership post — who had just successfully clipped them for thirteen million bucks.

I am not trying to ‘smear’ Shirley Sherrod based on race. I’m not trying to ‘smear’ her at all.   I didn’t bring up race.  The first one to bring it up was Shirley Sherrod.  The next one to bring it up was the NAACP.  The next one to bring it up was the Obama administration and finally, the Obama media.

I’m simply talking about what they are talking about.  Which brings us around to the point, which is that race relations in the United States have been set back decades — in just the past two years.  

Reuters published what it called an “analysis” of the situation, saying “race has been an issue his [Obama’s] administration just can’t seem to avoid.”   Sort of makes it sound like constant focus on racism has been pushed on Obama, rather than the other way around, doesn’t it?

To the mainstream media, the fact that Obama is black is the cause of all the racial tensions.  Not that Obama is the racist – that doesn’t fit the propaganda narrative.  All the tension is because he is black and whites resent him for it.

“Experts say that’s inevitable given Obama’s position as the first non-white U.S. president. Obama’s father was Kenyan and his mother a white American.”

To call that assessment an example of ‘willful ignorance’ would be charitable – it is more correctly an example of overt propaganda.  The black population accounts for just 13% of the electorate, but Barack Obama beat John McCain by a comparative landslide. 

He couldn’t have done that without a majority of white voters.  He couldn’t have even gotten the nomination without a majority of white voters.

The only reason that race is an issue in America is because Barack Obama continues to keep the pot boiling. I am not a racist.  I am uncomfortable even discussing it because I know that it will earn me the title because of my contention that racism is racism, even when the racists are black.

But the truth is color-blind.  When somebody admits that they discriminate according to skin color, that is racism.   Shirley Sherrod admitted that she used to discriminate according to skin color, but that her worldview shifted toward favoring discrimination according to economic status.

So she used to be a racist who discriminated based on skin color. Before she became a Marxist who cheerfully discriminates against the ‘haves’ in favor of the ‘have-nots’.  (Maybe her new job will be Tom Vilsack’s old job?) 

We’re living in strange days. 

It is hard to keep up with the truth when it is only one of a wide range of choices available. 

Unemployment continues to rise, so the administration brags about creating 125,000 jobs a month — and nobody asks where.   The deficit has more than tripled since Obama took office, but the high deficits remain all George Bush’s fault.

The Republicans are responsible for tanking the economy, even though when the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, the economy was humming along nicely.

When a black government official discriminates against a white farmer, it is understandable because it is just payback, but if a white journalist shows her admitting it, then it is a racially-motivated smear.

The revival of racial politics in America is because white America resents a black president, even though the majority of white America voted for him – primarily because he is black.

The administration’s economic policies are working (honest!) and the successful conclusion to the Iraq War was Obama’s greatest achievement.

Conversely, the war in Afghanistan is a failure because George Bush took his eye off the ball to topple Saddam (giving Obama his ‘greatest achievement’).

The oil spill in the Gulf was BP’s fault, the half-hearted effort at cleanup was BP’s fault, but when BP finally capped it, it was because Obama kicked the right a**.  

So, who are you going to believe?  The Obama administration?  Or your lying eyes?  The choices are yours, but if you know what is good for you, you’ll keep those lying eyes shut. 

Along with your mouth. 

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