Don t Call Me Intolerant — Or I ll Kill You!

Don t Call Me Intolerant — Or I ll Kill You!
Vol: 103 Issue: 23 Friday, April 23, 2010

There was a time when I used to watch “The Daily Show” – back when President Bush was in office.   Sure, they were unreasonably hard on the president, but the jokes were funny.  

It was my way of getting a sense of what is passing for thought within liberal circles without having to go through the inevitable breathing exercises to get my blood pressure back down.

I used to think that Jon Stewart was one of those rare individuals that could see past the rhetoric and get right to the irony – that’s the essence of comedy.  

Like when the four white guys from SEIU jumped a black guy at an Obama rally called him the ‘N’ word and beat him up for selling American flag lapel pins at a US presidential election because anyone opposed to Obama is a racist.

What about a collage of the president and all of his minions taking turns calling the Tea Party racist, homophobic, violent and dangerous extremists juxtaposed with actual footage from a rally showing the Tea Party grannies, moms, families and kids?  

It wouldn’t take much of a comedian to find the ironic humor of the whole thing.   But it turns out that Jon Stewart’s sense of humor only goes one way. 

Instead, what Stewart finds humorous is the alleged intolerance of the Tea Partiers because they object to paying for benefits they will never receive. 

It seems that one half of the country has gotten tired of paying the freight for the other half of the country, and Jon Stewart finds that ‘intolerant’ but finds nothing intolerant about calling his fellow citizens dirty names like ‘tea-bagger’.

“Architecture may be my favorite thing about religion,” says Stewart, speaking of a Swiss legislative decision to ban minarets.    

Stewart did a routine criticizing Swiss intolerance that went viral on liberal websites using such tags as ‘bigotry’ ‘hatred’ ‘intolerance’ ‘Islam’ ‘Muslim’  and ‘religion.’

Stewart also makes a big show out of how intolerant Fox News is. One wonders who he forces to watch all that bigotry and hatred to provide those excerpts.

Here is a typical example from one website that claims progressivism owes a debt to Jon Stewart for an attack the show made against Glenn Beck.

“As far as I can tell, a culture of intolerance is building in the far reaches of the American Right, and a hectoring style of argumentation is fast becoming the norm in conservative media circles – both profoundly threatening to the quality of our democracy.”

“If, day after day, you live wholly immersed in the world of conservative talk radio and Fox News, your vision of the world is bound to become not only seriously impaired, but also over-dramatized and under-populated.”

What is the best way, according to the liberals, to deal with the intolerance of the Right and the threat it poses to ‘democracy’?  

They need to be silenced. For the good of the country, in the name of democracy and tolerance.   It is one thing to be tolerant.  It is another thing to tolerate the intolerance of others for being so intolerant that they can’t see things their way.

“Does it matter? I think it does. It matters because such an impoverished world vision does not invite mutual tolerance and the celebration of diversity. It does not invite careful research and calm reflection.”

“It does not invite an understanding of complexity and balance.  Yet it is precisely at moments of economic difficulty and political change, of the kind we are experiencing now, that mutual tolerance, calm reflection and an understanding of complexity are most vital.”

The angry, tolerance-impoverished Right ought to take a lesson from the tolerant Left about “mutual tolerance and celebration of diversity” and either join them or shut up.  

Another liberal website championing tolerance and diversity put it this way: (warning: vulgarity alert)

“Conservatives should just shut the F*** up. All they are is a bunch of bull******* obstructionists . . . .”

Exactly!   They should be more like the tolerant Left.


The Left is tolerant of those who mock Christianity.  It is tolerant of those who mock traditional values.  It is tolerant of those who mock traditional families. It is tolerant of those who mock anything on the ‘approved’ list of intolerant institutions.

Like the Church, the conservative political right, Fox News, and all things American. They are ALL intolerant — and therefore fair game for the tolerant Left who just won’t tolerate their intolerance anymore.

Even the deeply depraved adult cartoon series “South Park” is suddenly too intolerant, it seems.  When “South Park” mocks Christianity or Jesus or Christian denominations, it is great fun.  It is a “celebration” of American freedoms, tolerance and respect for diversity.

After all, not everybody believes that Jesus is the Son of God and therefore worthy of reverence and respect.   So why should the tolerant Left tolerate Christian beliefs? 

Answer:  Obviously, they shouldn’t.  Christianity claims that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that is intolerant. 

Non-Christians shouldn’t have to tolerate that.  Christianity reflects no understanding of the complexity and balance of America’s ‘diversity’. 

(Does it bother anybody else that the dictionary defines ‘diversity’ as the opposite of ‘unity’?  Try this on for size:  “The Diverse States of America”).

Last week, South Park, whose disclaimer at the beginning warns that the program is so “tasteless and offensive that it shouldn’t be watched by anybody”; broadcast a program so intolerant that even Comedy Central found it necessary to bleep out portions.

In case you missed it (and I’m sure you probably did) the 200th episode mocked the one ‘celebrity’ it had so far ignored – Mohammed.

The program finally screwed up the courage to mock the Islamic riots that had followed the Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed a few years back — by disguising their image of Mohammed in a bear suit.

A US-based website (now shut down) didn’t get the joke.  Instead, it warned series producers Trey Parker and  Matt Stone they could end up like Theo Van Gogh (the Dutch filmmaker who was murdered by Muslim extremists after depicting Muhammad on his show).

The website also posted the address of the show’s production office, (which scared the pants off network executives).

Unsurprisingly, while next show followed the same storyline, this time it aired with a bit of a difference. 

Comedy Central bleeped every instance where Mohammed was mentioned.  The Mohammed character disguised in a bear suit the week behind was now covered by a large block labeled ‘censored’.

While Jesus is just another word — ‘Mohammed’ is a name that dare not be spoken by infidels. Not out of respect for Mohammed.  Out of fear of being murdered by adherents to the religion of tolerance, peace and love.

Comedy Central confirmed it was a network decision to bleep out Mohammed and block his image. The Muhammad content is also not available on the South Park Studios website.

A message on the site states: “We do not have network approval to stream our original version of the show. We will bring you a version of [episode] 201 as soon as we can.” 

Here are a couple of examples of previous storylines that DID have network ‘approval’.

When South Park took on the Passion of the Christ, there is a scene in which one character prays to Mel Gibson, thanking him for “proving the Jews killed Jesus.”

In a “Christmas” program, Satan sings about Christmas time in hell. Santa and Jesus perform a duet.

But the mere mention of Mohammed was bleeped out by the courageous folks at Comedy Central. Why?  Because they are too tolerant to tolerate such intolerance.  

(That – plus there is the whole Theo Van Gogh thing.)

It is a lot safer to keep up the assault on the intolerant grannies at the Tea Parties who want sick people to die quietly without health insurance.

And a whole lot more tolerant.  Mean ol’ grannies!

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