The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness?

The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness?
Vol: 100 Issue: 30 Saturday, January 30, 2010

President Obama took a long chance on Friday engaging in a face-to-face showdown with Republican lawmakers. It was great political theater.

That Obama agreed to address his opponents and take their questions live on cable television seemed to show he finally realizes he’s in political trouble.  But he still hasn’t figured out why. 

The Q&A session came two days after his State of the Union speech, which was itself a master disaster. It was as if the moment the cameras were turned on,  reality beat a hasty retreat.

He accused the Republicans of portraying his health care reform effort as a “Bolshevik plot” and telling their constituents he is “doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s going to destroy America.”

Then, he says the Republicans, (it’s hard to write this without laughing) “I am not an ideologue.” He really said t
hat! When his audience of Republicans expressed their disbelief, he protested, “I’m not.”

I looked up ideologue in the dictionary: ideologue, noun. “An adherent of an ideology, especially one who was uncompromising and dogmatic.”

Well, I’m glad he cleared that up! Up until he explained it, I would have bet that he was. After all, everything that he does reflects an uncompromising ideological bend.

But in Obama’s world, anyone who disagrees with him is an ideologue. He attacked the Republicans to their faces for trying to obstruct him on everything from economic stimulus to healthcare.

But not because the Republicans were doing what was best for the country, he said. Instead he suggested their motive was to score points with voters come election time.

“These are serious times and what’s required of all of us is to do what’s right for our country, even if it’s not best for our politics,” Obama said.

In other words,”I’m not an ideologue, but all the rest of you are.”

He slammed Republican opposition to the $787 billion economic stimulus plan passed by Democrats without Republican input.

Even in front of the Republican audience who knew better, Obama couldn’t resist blaming George Bush, reminding them of the high joblessness and hu
ge budget deficit he had inherited from George Bush.

That was pure theater. Ordinary Americans might not understand, but the Congress understands that it is lawmakers and not the president who have the biggest impact on the economy. 

Obama inherited the budget deficits from the Democrat Congress that passed them and the high unemployment from the Democrat social programs that collapsed the mortgage industry. 

So the GOP lawmakers applauded politely engage in respectful hearing, but they weren’t buying the rhetoric.

Georgia Congressman Tom Price asked Obama how Republicans should handle being charged with offering “no ideas and no solutions” by Obama. Obama had an answer for that –” I don’t think I said that,” he shot back.

Yes, he did. Many, many times. But what does that have to do with it?

Obama appealed to the Republicans to ‘find common ground’ and to show Americans that they can move beyond the partisan rancor that he promised to end.

All that would be well and good, except the only way to do that would be for the Republicans to all suddenly become socialists.  

Otherwise, there IS no ‘common ground.’


What makes this meeting worthy of discussion is just how bizarre a spectacle it was. It was an open demonstration of how irrelevant Obama believes the truth to be. And how stupid he thinks the average American is. 

It was as if he were addressing a group of people from another planet who had no  concept of reality as it stood, primarily I believe, because he has no concept of reality as it stands.

But what is most astonishing to me is the way that it was all received by the public and among the pundits. We have been so conditioned over the past year that the bizarre has become normal and therefore unremarkable.

What could be more bizarre than Obama claiming his administration to be the most transparent in history? (Well, maybe his claim that he isn’t an ideologue?) 

His claim that the Republicans are only obstructing his socialist agenda to gain political points is outright stupid.  That was what all lawmakers are sent to Congress to do — represent those that sent them.

If they didn’t represent their districts, then the voters would replace them with someone that did.  Obama is counting on voter ignorance to see his agenda through.  

For the conditioning process doth already work, only he who knows better will continue to restrain, unless he be taken out of the way.

It’s not really about Obama or his politics. Not really.  What it is about is the process.

I want you to see it in context.  Obama has proved himself to be a serial liar — he lies in every speech. When Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “you lie” during Obama’s joint session of Congress, the Left was scandalized. 

Some immediately called for Wilson’s impeachment.  Entire newspaper columns and news programs were dedicated to uncovering dirt on Joe Wilson.  

There was quite a hubbub about Joe Wilson — but almost nothing said about the lie Obama was telling when Wilson called him on it.

Everybody already knew it was a lie; but that didn’t really matter so much because we’ve already been conditioned to expect Obama to lie.  

What was new was for somebody to say so out loud.  During the State of the Union speech, he lied about a recent Supreme Court decision and literally insulted the entire Court while they sat politely before him. 

Except for Justice Samuel Alito, who shook his head and mouthed, “That’s not true.”

Again, notice the public reaction. Nobody investigated the lie itself — it was unnecessary.  The decision said one thing,  Obama said it said something else that it did not say. 

But all the attention fell on Justice Samuel Alito for his ‘shocking breach’ of protocol.

Nobody was shocked that Obama was lying to the American people about the Court  — had not Alito reacted, there would have been no story to report.

I don’t believe that Obama is the antichrist, but I do believe the antichrist is alive today and waiting in the wings for his turn.   

Everything about the antichrist is a counterfeit of Christianity.  Jesus is one Member of the Holy Trinity.   Satan has an unholy trinity of his own, the antichrist, false prophet and the Dragon. 

Before Jesus began His public ministry, there came first the voice of one crying in the wilderness:

“For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.” (Matthew 3:3)

The antichrist will also benefit from efforts to prepare the way for the start of his counterfeit public ‘ministry’. 

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:3)

While I don’t think Obama is smart enough to be the antichrist, he is charismatic enough to serve as his forerunner, the one who prepares the path for the coming Dark Lord. 

Indeed, he’s perfect for the job. 

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