None of the People, None of the Time

None of the People, None of the Time
Vol: 100 Issue: 28 Thursday, January 28, 2010

It was Abraham Lincoln that said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time”.

Most US politicians understand that equation to be true.The current administration seems to believe that fooling itself is sufficient.

The president’s State of the Union speech struck a tone somewhere between whiny and defiant, peppered as it was with excuses, misdirected blame, and serial lies.

There was a time, and not too long ago, when saying such a thing as that about a State of the Union speech would sound like partisan rhetoric.

But one doesn’t have to be a partisan to hear the whine, to see through the excuses, and to identify the lies; one merely had to be conscious.  There was something in the speech to disappoint everybody — irrespective of their politics. 

The first lie had to do with spending cuts. What the president promised as ‘spending cuts’ was almost laughably transparent. Congress approved, and signed, across the board increases for all departments on average by ten percent — before promising this week to cut them by 1% this week.

What he really did was lock in last week’s spending increases while disguishing them as this week’s spending ‘cuts’. 

The five largest elements in the US budget are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense and interest on the national debt. He can’t cut Social Security without losing the entire middle class. He can’t cut Medicaid or Medicare without losing the senior vote. 

He can talk about posting cuts in all three, but he’ll never get both sides of Congress to commit political suicide on his behalf. 

That leaves defense. But he just increased US troop strength in Afghanistan by an additional 10,000 troops. Those troops, together with those on the ground, need a constant supply of weapons and war matériel, necessitating increases, not cuts.

Neither can he cut homeland security, the FBI or the CIA in the midst of a war and especially with the Christmas Day bomber still in the headlines. 

He can’t cut education, he just promised to increase it. Congressional liberals won’t allow him to cut welfare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, or unearned tax credits for the poor.  

He swore he would not raise taxes on the middle class.  

There is no way that the Congress would vote themselves out of office during an election year.  They backed him on the cap-and-trade plan, even after he said it meant “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.” 

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to him. (audio)

And it should seem fairly obvious to even the most socially liberal that it is impossible to reduce the interest charges on the national debt while increasing the national debt.

In his speech, he took credit for keeping a campaign promise to get the US out of Iraq next year. But he actually did nothing except allow the Bush timetable for withdrawal, already signed before he assumed office, go forward.

The most amazing thing to me were the promises that he claimed that he had kept already. He actually claimed to have presided over the most transparent government process in history! Not only that, he also took credit for ridding his administration of lobbyists.

“To close that credibility gap we must take action on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue and the outsized influence of lobbyists; do our work openly; and to give our people the government they deserve. That’s what I came to Washington to do. That’s why — for the first time in history — my administration posts are White House visitors online. And that’s why we’ve excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs or seats on several boards and commissions.”

William Lynn was a lobbyist for Raytheon, one of the world’s largest defense contractors. Obama appointed him as deputy secretary of defense. Okay, so maybe William Lynn is the only man in America qualified to hold that job. We’ll say that, just for the sake of argument.

Now what about Eric Holder?  Does ‘Global Crossings’ sound familiar? Global Crossings is a bankrupt telecommunications firm that made former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe millions of dollars during the Clinton administration, when Eric holder was deputy attorney general.

Holder joined Global Crossings after he left the Clinton administration as a lobbyist.

Tom Vilsack was a registered lobbyist with the national education Association until he was nominated by Obama to be secretary of agriculture.

William Corr was a lobbyist for an anti-tobacco firm until he was nominated Deputy Health and Human Services Secretary.

David Hayes was a lobbyist for San Diego gas and electric before being named Deputy Interior Secretary.

Mark Patterson is Chief of Staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner . Before that
, he was a lobbyist for Goldman Sachs.

The list goes on; Ron Klain, Mona Sutphen, Melody Barnes, Cecilia Munoz, Michael Stautmanis. . . I think you get the point.

For all his talk about spending and budget cuts and fiscal responsibility, the CBO says that Obama’s first two years will see the two largest deficits since World War II.

“Last year’s deficit was the largest as a share of GDP since the of World War II, and the deficit expected for 2010 will be the second-largest,” said the CBO.

“The Congressional Budget Office projects that if current laws and policies remain unchanged, the federal budget would show a deficit of $1.35 trillion for the fiscal year 2010,” said the CBO report.”

At 9.2% of GDP that deficit would be slightly smaller than the shortfall of 9.9% of GDP posted in 2009.

“The CBO also said the federal budget in 2009 in terms of sheer dollar amount was the largest in history.”

Indeed it equals the sum total of budget deficits of all previous administrations in US history combined. Obama’s “path toward fiscal discipline” is therefore paved with annual deficits approaching $1 trillion.

“The budget deficit surged to 1.4 trillion in 2009 largest shortfall on record in dollar terms and nearly $1 trillion greater than the deficit recorded the previous year,” said the CBO.

Were Obama to paraphrase Lincoln, the quote would be, “you only have to fool enough of the people long enough to get elected. . .  Then, for the next four years, bluff.”


There was some discussion in the forum yesterday concerning the United States in Bible prophecy, her Christian character and the basis upon which we assume America plays a leading role in the last days.  

These are good questions, even without the inference that we used the “charlatan tricks of those who interpret Nostradamus” to make “far reaching assumptions” in our analysis.  

Among the far-reaching assumptions questioned in the forum is the conclusion that America’s existence was anticipated and that it has a role to play in Bible prophecy.  That is not an assumption.  

It is a conclusion based on the principle that Bible prophecy is Divinely-inspired by an all-knowing God and principally addressed to the generation to whom it would be most relevant.  

That conclusion is warranted by the evidence pointing to ours as that relevant generation.

If that is an unwarranted assumption, then there seems little reason for this generation to be any more interested in Bible prophecy than previous generations. 

And it calls into question the purpose for the multiplicity of prophecies and prophetic signs that are relevant only to the last generation.  

World-wide fear of climate change, incoming asteroids, killer sunspots, instant communications, an electronic economy, a developing global government, a religious-based war between civilizations, with attending famines, pestilences, earthquakes, natural disasters . . .

The conclusion is also warranted by history.  Israel was restored in 1948 according to Bible prophecy. One can debate whether the fig tree is really Israel, but that’s a rabbit trail into irrelevancy.  

Israel restoration was accompanied or followed by all the signs forecast by Bible prophecy.  

The Benelux Treaty that began the revival of the old Roman Empire was signed that year.  The World Council of Churches was created that year in Amsterdam. 

The UN’s “Global Constitution”, the UN Declaration of Human Rights that sets the stage for global government was signed in 1948, which was the year the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Treaty set the stage for the global economy overseen by the World Trade Organization. 

It was in 1948 that the seeds of jihad were planted in Palestine.  The history of wars, natural disasters, earthquakes and the emergence of new pandemic disease from 1948 to the present shows an across-the-board increase in both frequency and intensity. 

One can debate all the relevant causes, like better telescopes or more sensitive equipment or better communications, ad nauseum — but those are rabbit trails.  

If I tell you today that next Friday at 4:15 pm a tornado will touch down in your yard and destroy your house, which is more relevant?  

That I told you in advance what would happen, where and when?  

Or what causes tornadoes to form?  

Bible prophecy forecast all these things to take place in a single generation, somewhere in time, and that the clock would start ticking with the restoration of Israel.  

Jesus said ‘this generation would not pass til all be fulfilled’.  

To assume He was telling the truth is not that far reaching, and that is the basis for the assumption that God anticipated the existence of the USA.  This generation is overshadowed by America.

Since the USA is currently the world’s leading superpower, but not one of the four regional powers named by Scripture, its omission is far more relevant than the omission of Micronesia, (which I’ve no doubt God also anticipated.)

That leads to the logical conclusion that something happens to the world’s only superpower that renders it irrelevant during the Tribulation.  

As to the far-reaching assumption that America is the world’s most Christian nation, that is a conclusion based on the same principle that identifies Israel as the world’s most Jewish country.  

Only a fraction of Israel’s citizens are religious orthodox Jews who would even remotely be recognized as Jews by the Pharisees of the Temple Era.   But it would be ridiculous to debate Israel’s Jewishness based upon the orthodoxy of its modern practitioners. 

Modern Israel is founded on the recognition of the God of the Bible as the source of their authority to exist as a nation. America’s authority to exist is founded on the same principles of God-given rights.  

Arguing that the Founders did not understand the Creator of the Declaration of Independence as the God of the Bible is another rabbit trail.  America was founded by Christians along Christian principles and was intended to govern a Christian population.

To argue otherwise is to turn history upside down. 

To argue that there is, in these last days, another nation whose cultural history, background, Constitution and temperament is more universally linked to Christianity is another rabbit trail — unless one is prepared to name another God thought would be more obvious to the generation to whom the prophecy was addressed

2nd Timothy 3:1-7 is  clearly addressed to believers in the last days of the Church Age.  But it assigns a unique set of values that are uniquely identifiable as representing the prevailing worldview of the world’s most representative Christian nation.  

These are far reaching assumptions only under the following circumstances:  

1) Bible prophecy is not any more relevant to this generation than it is to any previous generation.

 2) God didn’t anticipate America’s existence in the last days, since He made no mention of the nation whose Christian heritage was responsible for its ascension to the world’s most prosperous and powerful nation. 

Bible prophecy was not written in a vacuum.  

Bible prophecy was not intended to be understood devoid of context.   It is either relevant to this generation, or it is not. 

If it is relevant to this generation, then it follows that there is no other representative Christian society matching America’s social or political impact on the world that more mirrors 2nd Timothy 3 than America.

Why didn’t God name it by name?  Because it was only addressed to the generation to whom it would be relevant.  They don’t have any problem picking out the world’s most ‘Christian’ country.  

It’s the country that stands alone in support of the world’s most Jewish country against a world united against them both. 

The assumption isn’t that far reaching, after all. 

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