State of the Obamanation

State of the Obamanation
Vol: 100 Issue: 27 Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As America prepares for this year’s State of the Union address, it is a very different country than the one Obama addressed one year ago.  All the President’s handlers say this is his chance to “reconnect” with the middle-class.

From his war on the banks, to his health-care reform that could cost taxpayers for generations, president Obama’s policies have sent a strong message that Washington really doesn’t care about the middle-class.

Since the Massachusetts election, the Obama administration now claims it wants to change all that, while at the same time, denying the problem belongs to his administration.

 Worried about changing the health-care system as we are about getting by week to week,” Schumer said.

Obama is expected to use his State of the Union address to move closer to the middle, according to Schumer.

“I think he’s pivoting, pivoting into dealing with middle-class woes with jobs and the economy,” Liberal Democrat Senator Charles Schumer told reporters about the upcoming speech.

It is more likely that the speech will be about Obama’s woes.  About how the economic downturn, the uptick in terrorist activity, his plummeting popularity, and his failure to pass any meaningful legislation in his first year were all the fault of someone else.

Obama recently gave a speech about jobs and the economy in Ohio. The only thing about that speech that was memorable was that Obama referred to himself 132 times in that single speech.

He also appeared on ABC with Diane Sawyer to complain that he really is not getting a fair shake.

Obama has an interesting take on the Massachusetts election. It is partly George Bush’s fault, because people are “frustrated and angry over the past eight years” rather than during his administration so far.

According to all polls, two policy items that come in dead last our healthcare and green energy.  So that’s what Obama intends to lead off with — energy and healthcare. 

The speech is split up into three specific categories that the administration calls “rescue, rebuild, and restore.” But Obama isn’t talking about America.  He is talking about his own administration. 

According to the state of the union, as Obama sees it, were it not for him the country would now be in the throes of the devastating depression.

As a wise man once said, “when your neighbor loses his job, it is a recession. When you lose yours, it’s a depression.” Evidently Obama has never met that wise man.  

Whether or not we are in a depression or recession it seems odd that Obama would take credit for it. Obama inherited the recession from the Pelosi/Reid congressional policy.

The Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007.The recession began in the fall of 2007.

In January 2009, Obama promised the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%. It is now over 10% and rising.

One example of the stimulus that Obama is unlikely to bring up would be the 200 jobs created installing smart electric meters.The 200 meter installation jobs are temporary. Once the meters are installed, the jobs are gone. 

The 176 meter reading jobs that the smart meters will eliminate are permanent jobs that are gone forever.

Obama is also going to claim credit for restoring American leadership in the world. The world was not impressed enough to give Obama the Olympic Games. It was not impressed enough to hand him a success at Copenhagen.  

Despite his worldwide apology tour Al Qaeda still doesn’t love us. The hand extended to Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was barely recovered with all fingers intact.  All the bowing and scraping before the King of Mecca and the Emperor of Japan only served to underline the administration’s foreign policy incompetence.

en the Islamic world got a chuckle from Obama’s claim that ‘America is one world’s largest Islamic countries — even as Americans groaned when he denied America is a Christian country.

The State of the Union has never been worse.  


Given the circumstances of the past year, why does Obama administration persist in pushing ahead with such an unpopular and unsuccessful agenda?

One clue can be found in his reaction to the collapsing health care reform bill.   Obama dismissed public opinion on the topic, saying, “I know what happens once we get this done. The American people will suddenly learn that this bill does things they like.”

In other words, ‘who cares what they think?  I know best’!

It reminds me of that great line in the Wizard of Oz movie in which Toto pulls back the curtain revealing the mechanisms of power;  “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!  I am the great and powerful Oz.” 

(Good dog, Toto!)

Other policy initiatives that are at odds with the majority include the federal takeover of private banking and business, the unimaginably out-of-control federal spending, and ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ — whatever that means. 

It isn’t as if the public should be surprised.  Obama revealed his true colors with his “God, guns and antipathy” assessment of
Middle America to the San Franscisco elite during the campaign.  

But evidently, his comments were SO over-the-top that Middle America couldn’t believe he really meant it. 

Noted the brilliant Victor Davis Hanson:

Like Plato’s all-knowing elite, Obama seems to feel that those he deems less informed will “suddenly” learn to appreciate his benevolent guidance once these laws are pushed through.

Liberal columnist Thomas Frank once promoted similar assumptions in his book “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” Frank argued that clueless American voters can’t quite figure out what their own self-interests are.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, another Obama supporter, also reflected the philosopher-king thinking in a recent column praising China’s “reasonably enlightened” dictatorship. Unlike the messiness of American democracy, he argued, a few smart strongmen in China can ram through the necessary policies “to move a society forward in the 21st century.”

If nothing else, there is the comfort of knowing that Barack Hussein Obama is probably not the antichrist — the Bible doesn’t indicate that the antichrist is a complete idiot.   

But that small comfort is nullified by the realization that he was elected by an electorate that wouldn’t have cared if he had been.  The entire 2008 campaign was centered around Obama the Messiah who will lead America back into the Promised Land.

The Apostle Paul’s ministry was to the Gentiles rather than to the Jews. Although himself a former Pharisee, he was chosen as the ‘Apostle to the Gentiles’.  

Since the Church Age concludes before the start of the Tribulation, Paul says little about the Tribulation itself, but he wrote extensively about the events of the final hours of the Church Age leading up to it. 

His description of the moral state of the Church in the last days is a letter-perfect description of American society in the 21st century.

Paul begins by setting the timeframe: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

For America, times have NEVER been more perilous. 

America’s social fabric is coming apart at the seams before our very eyes: “men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy . .”

That pretty much covers the top stories in a typical morning newspaper:

“Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. . .”

Parents killing kids, teachers raping students, American politicians telling the world America can’t be trusted, Christ’s banishment from ‘Christ’mas, the politics of personal destruction replacing the politics of ideas, etc.

Paul’s outline couldn’t be MORE descriptive of 21st century America. Could it? 

Why America is so clearly envisioned by Paul in the final hours of the Church Age, but so completely absent from the Tribulation record is a subject of considerable debate. 

Bible critics argue that America isn’t in the record because America didn’t exist when the Bible was written. In that view, America’s absence is evidence the Bible is really a book written by men and not inspired by an all-knowing God.

2nd Timothy 3:1-5 mirrors 21st century America so precisely that it demolishes that argument without further comment.  America may not appear during the Tribulation Period, but America is as perfect a fit for the last days of the Church Age as it is for the description Jesus gave of the Church of Laodicea. 

The war on terror could account for America’s absence from the record during the Tribulation Period.  So could another three years of Barack Obama.  

But the most probable reason for America’s absence during the Tribulation Period is still the Rapture. That America is still primarily a Christian nation is evidenced by the voter backlash against the Obama policy agenda. 

In point of fact, I believe that America does appear in Bible prophecy — but not during the Tribulation. America’s last appearance on the world scene, according to Bible prophecy,  comes just before it. 

Ask yourself this: What would happen to America standing in the world if suddenly, millions of Americans suddenly vanished without a trace?   (Besides restoring Obama’s favorability ratings, I mean.) 

I won’t be here to find out.  But I can make an educated guess.  

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” (Revelation 18:23)

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