The Other Big ‘O

The Other Big ‘O
Vol: 100 Issue: 25 Monday, January 25, 2010

It has been some time since we’ve heard from Osama bin Laden.  As it turned out, electing a guy whose middle name is “Hussein” who was “raised among Muslims and has Muslim members among my own family” didn’t make Osama stop hating America.

A pity.  It obviously seemed like a good idea when the second ‘O’ had it.  What a shame the first ‘O’ didn’t buy it.  

Osama evidently wasn’t mollified by Obama’s Cairo speech.  Announcing America wasn’t a Christian country and claiming America as one of the world’s largest Muslim countries didn’t seem to impress him much either. 

Osama could look up the CIA Factbook on the internet and find America’s population is 87% Christian and 0.7% Muslim.  (Maybe he thought Obama was making fun of him?)

Whatever the reason, Osama released a new audiotape aimed claiming the Christmas Day bombing attack
over Detroit was an official al-Qaeda enterprise. The one-minute message was explicit in its threat of new attacks.

Like the airline plot, bin Laden said they would come in response to America’s support for Israel.”God willing, our raids on you will continue as long as your support for the Israelis continues,” bin Laden said in the recording, which was released to the Al-Jazeera news channel.”

The message delivered to you through the plane of the heroic warrior Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a confirmation of the previous messages sent by the heroes of the Sept. 11,” he said of the Nigerian suspect in the Dec. 25 botched attack.

“If our messages had been able to reach you through words we wouldn’t have been delivering them through planes.”

Directing his statements at President Barack Obama – “from Osama to Obama,” he said – bin Laden added: “America will never dream of security unless we will have it in reality in Palestine.”

The message, which White House officials said could not immediately be authenticated, raised again the question of how much of a link exists between al-Qaida’s top leadership along the Afghan-Pakistani border and the handful of loosely affiliated groups operating in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and Iraq.

The al-Qaida leader, who was last heard from in September, seemed intent on showing he remains more than an ideological figurehead, as most analysts have suggested he has become during the terror network’s evolution into decentralized offshoots. 

On Friday, Britain raised its terror threat alert to the second-highest level, one of several recent steps the country has taken to increase vigilance after the Christmas Day bombing attempt. 

The online edition of Britain’s The Sunday Times reported that the heightened alert was prompted in part by an Islamic terrorist plot to hijack an Indian passenger jet and crash it into a British city.


US counter-terrorism officials and the White House are saying that they don’t believe Osama had anything to do with the Christmas Day attack and that he is simply taking credit for it to boost his own stock.

“He’s trying to continue to appear relevant” by talking up the attempted attack by an affiliate, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, told reporters.

Were it not for the administration’s penchant for dismissing the existence of organized Islamic terror (Obama called Abdulmutallab “an isolated extremist, for example), that claim might have a bit more credibility.

I recall thinking to myself shortly after the attacks that the Obama administration would deny al-Qaeda involvement even if Osama bin Laden claimed personal credit. Well, he has.  And they did. 

The problem with the continuing existence of al-Qaeda for the Obama administration is that they ran largely on an anti-war platform that blamed George Bush for making al-Qaeda mad. Everything about the war on terror was because the country under George Bush probably deserved it.   Gitmo Bay was a ‘recruiting tool’ for new terrorists.  

So was the war against al-Qaeda in Iraq — if Bush hadn’t invaded Afghanistan, al-Qaeda would have simply evaporated instead of flocking to Iraq to fight the US. If only we could offer an extended hand to terror they would unclench their fist in return.  We promised to close down Gitmo.  

We promised to treat terrorists like American criminals instead of prisoners of war. Since taking office, the Obama administration has systematically attempted to quietly meet most of Osama’s main complaints while trying not to look like appeasers. 

And it sort of worked — instead of threatening to kill us over Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo or for electing George Bush,  Osama now demands Obama abandon Israel.  

Given the administration’s war record so far,  there is little doubt that Jerusalem is preparing itself for when the US administration delivers the Left Boot of Fellowship as part of its effort to rehabilitate America’s image in the Islamic world ruined by George W. Bush.

“And before Him shall be gathered all nations: and He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And He shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.” (Matthew 25:32)

These nations will be divided in accordance with how each treated the Jews. (Matthew 25:40) At one time, I had no doubt that America would be numbered among the sheep.  I still think so.  

But I am not as certain as I once was. 

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