The Shadow Government

The Shadow Government
Vol: 98 Issue: 23 Monday, November 23, 2009

A few months ago, my friend Andre Van Heerden surprised me with a phone call.  Andre and I are old friends from the “This Week In Bible Prophecy” days.

Andre went on to become the producer of the “Left Behind” movie series, in addition to a number of other Christian-themed movie productions.

Andre asked me to participate as a commentator for a new project he was working on based on a book written by Grant Jeffrey called, “The Shadow Government.” 

Grant is also an old friend with whom I worked closely for years when I worked on the television program, “This Week in Bible Prophecy”. 

I first worked with Andre Van Heerden on that same program, so as far as I was concerned, this was something of a reunion.  I was not just willing to participate, I was tickled to have the opportunity.  

As an extra bonus, Cloud Ten Productions’ studio is only a short drive from home, so I was able to shoot my little segment without even having to leave the area.   

So I dug out my “TV suit”,  slicked down my cowlick and made the thirty-mile drive to St Catharines. 

I worked with the same group when we were in television production, I’d never been to an actual movie studio before. So it was quite an experience.

Most of the staff were new (to me) but they were evidently briefed beforehand because they all seemed to know me.  Before I was all the way in the door there was somebody headed to the Green Room to get me a cup of coffee.  

Then Andre came around the corner and took my hand in greeting. When Andre and I first met, he was fresh out of school and had been hired as an assistant writer.   That was about fifteen years ago.  

Oddly,  he STILL  looks like a kid fresh out of school.  But everybody looks like that to me.  All my life, the target demographic for all advertising has been people my age. 

When I was 25, so were most of the commercial actors who were encouraging me to by acne medicine and Mustang convertibles. 

When I was 35,  so were most of the commercial actors wanting me to buy minivans and razor blades.  When I was forty-five,  so were most of the actors wanting to sell me extra life insurance and luxury cars. 

Today, when I turn on the TV, the majority of commercial actors are STILL my age, only now they are trying to sell me Cialis, Viagra, anti-acids, and retirement homes in Florida.

The effect, I notice, is that the only people who actually seem to age are other Baby Boomers.   If you don’t know what brand “tastes good like a cigarette should” or have never “wondered where the yellow went” after brushing with Pepsodent,  then you remain ageless. 

Andre still looks twenty years old to me, despite having produced a number of major motion pictures.  I was flattered when he introduced me to the film crew as “his old boss”  — we only worked together for a very short time before everybody noticed Andre had way too much potential to be anybody’s assistant.

If Andre learned anything from me,  it was what not to do.  I soon went on to work with Hal Lindsey and Andre took over my old job.   Fifteen years later, I am doing more or less the same thing now that I was doing then. 

Things hadn’t seem to change much for Andre, either.When I got to the studio, Andre sat me down and asked me a bunch of questions and filmed my answers — that was just what I used to do fifteen years ago. 

I didn’t find out until several days later that in actuality, Andre is now the CEO of Cloud Ten Productions. 

Anyway, the idea is to get the interviewee to start talking and then “roll in” pertinent sound bytes from the conversation into the final product.

The Shadow Government project that I was invited to participate in was, as I said earlier, based on Grant Jeffrey’s new book by the same name.  But since I hadn’t yet read the book, I was working cold.  

The last time I did that, it was for a National Geographic’ special, “Doomsday: The Book of the Revelation”  that pitted ‘scholars’ against ‘believers’.  

Those  “scholars” chosen to comment  on the last book of the Christian New Testament included two Jews and a Jesuit.   The “believers” were myself, Tommy Ice and the dean of an evangelical Christian seminary.

Guess which group was included for comic relief?

I promised myself then that  I wouldn’t do any more of those kinds of interviews unless I knew for certain what the project’s agenda was.   But since this was Grant Jeffrey’s book and Andre Van Heerden’s movie,  I wasn’t too worried.


When the final edits were done,  Andre sent me an advance copy.   It was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be. 

Back in 1995 (and coincidentally, with roll-in interviews with Grant Jeffrey and production assistance from Andre Van Heerden),  I wrote and presented a three-part series called “If You’re Not Paranoid, Its Because You are Not Paying Attention” for “This Week In Bible Prophecy”. 

I was very proud of it.  After watching “The Shadow Government”  I realized why I am still just a writer and Andre is a big time movie producer in charge of a big time movie studio.

The final result is one of the most terrifyingly accurate representations of the dangers posed by the Shadow Government — now in the final stages of construction  — that I have ever seen.   I held a small private screening of the film for a few of my unsaved friends to get their reaction. 

I now have fewer unsaved friends. Those on the fence are not sitting there quite as smugly, either.

The Shadow Government is both a story and a documentary.   The story revolves around the character of John Wilson, an ordinary sort of fellow with an ordinary sort of job and ordinary friends.   But John Wilson and his wife are both Christians.

As the plot unfolds, one sees with terrifying clarity how easy it would be for the government to build a case against you as a potential terrorist based entirely on your Christian beliefs and the paper trail of data left behind by all of us.

The movie is periodically interupted by, to quote their advertising blurb,  “leading researchers, authors and minds like Grant Jeffery, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Edward G Griffen, Daniel Estulin, Gary Kah, Chuck Missler, Joan Veon, Brad O’Leary and many others . . .”  (‘many others’ — that’s my credit).

I wasn’t even in the trailer, at first.  (Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble . . . that’s probably why He makes me keep practicing humility until I get it right)

All kidding aside,  I believe that this is one Christian docu-drama you will want to see. It is a powerful witnessing tool, particularly since everything it discusses is ripped directly from today’s headlines.

The Patriot Act, cell phones, credit cards, EFTs, the terror war, the open season on Christianity,  political correctness, global warming — these are all issues tackled in this film.

They have a special  “Friends of Jack Kinsella” page created at the “Shadow Government” website where you can order the video directly from the producers.   (I’m in that trailer, I think)

In any case, the Shadow Government would be a must see for OL readers even if I wasn’t in the movie — which I am, and in a more prominent role than my credits suggest.

So my ego demands you see it,  even if my sweet and humble nature abhors the suggestion you see it just because of me. You should see it just because of you

And because of all your unsaved loved ones that think you are a paranoid looney-tune.  Show this movie to them and even if they still think you are looney-tune, they won’t think you’re paranoid anymore.

And while I’m on the subject of the commercialization of me, if you haven’t ordered the three part prophecy panel series from Jan Markell,  you’re missing some of the best prophecy discussion ever assembled on one DVD.  

Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating — a bit.   It is the best prophecy panel that I’ve ever been part of that was ever assembled on DVD.  And, since it appears that its “All About Me” day at the OL,  Jan is adding my book, “The Eternal Generation” to her website store, as well. 

But enough about me.  This is about Bible prophecy and the last days.  Order the Shadow Government and the three-part Prophecy Panel and invite your fence-sitting friends to a group screening.  And watch as those fence rails start getting uncomfortable. 

They might even decide to jump off.

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