Things That Are Different Are Sometimes the Same??

Things That Are Different Are Sometimes the Same??
Vol: 96 Issue: 21 Monday, September 21, 2009

On Sunday, President Obama launched a desperate media blitz of the Sunday talk shows, hoping to gin up some public (or at least some media) support for his failing health care reform platform.

President Obama chose to appear on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Univision to make his case. However, the White House announced that he would not appear on FoxNews, evidently hoping to punish the network.

A White House spokesman said Fox wasn t included because we figured that Fox would rather show Dancing with the Stars .” One wonders about the logic of mocking the very audience Obama is ostensibly trying to reach.

Most of the Sunday hosts were excited about the opportunity, except of course, Fox News Chris Wallace for being excluded.

And maybe Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation on CBS.

“I’m not happy he’s appearing on four other shows — I just don’t like that very much,” Schieffer says. As for the succession of 15-minute tapings at the White House on Friday, Schieffer joked: “It’s kind of like going to Dunkin Donuts: You take a number and they call you when they’re ready.”

The first question posed by the five different anchors of the five different networks flagship news programs of the first post-racial presidency was, Do you think opposition to your health care reform packages is based on your race?

I want you to notice that in every variation of this question, posed by the best and brightest talent the networks had to offer, the assumption was that if there is any racism involved, the racist in the equation is you.

I am making the broad assumption that you don t favor the health care reform plan because it is expensive and ineffective and because the government track record includes Medicare, Medicaid and the Post Office.

If the only reason you oppose the plan is because of the President s skin color then you are probably reading this as second-hand, forwarded from somebody else.

Because if you believe that, you aren t just racist, you are an idiot — and thus doubly unlikely to be a member of our fellowship.

There are far more pressing reasons to fear the health care plan than the president s race, which, incidentally, is an issue that only seems to be of interest to liberals. Every single liberal news broadcaster made race the top issue, as if that were somehow relevant to the question of health insurance.

Perhaps that is why Obama excluded Fox. They probably wouldn’t have fallen for the ploy of substituting race-baiting for facts about his agenda. Especially since Obama was clearly hinting the racists are conservatives who most likely watch FoxNews.

The president himself pretended to bat the issue away when George Stephanopolis raised it on ABC. Are there people who don t like me because of my race? I m sure there are, he said. Are there some people who voted for me only because of my race? There are probably some of those, too.

Question: What racial persuasion is Obama implying he is sure doesn t like him based on his race? Secondarily, what racial persuasion is Obama implying when he says that some people voted for him only because of his race, — probably”?

It seems clear to me that the ones Obama is sure oppose his health care plan on a mindlessly racial level are the white middle-Americans of the guns-and-religion variety.

As to the some people who voted for him strictly based on race . . . well, he got 95% of the African-American vote. And there are few serious and honest observers that would deny his race played a role in capturing the white liberal vote.

The narrative that Obama is building here is that the racial element here belongs to the conservatives that oppose his policies.

But logic dictates that the people whose racial prejudices cost Obama votes had to be liberal Democrats — not conservatives or Republicans who wouldn t have voted for a liberal Democrat in any case.


Candidate Obama promised to transcend the politics of racial divide. He promised to be a healer, a different kind of politician, one that would reach out and bring folks together.

So he goes on five different networks to suggest that race plays a role in conservative opposition to his agenda.

All in the name of swatting down Jimmy Carter s ridiculous charge that you didn t vote for Obama because you are a racist. Or that opposing letting the government dictate your health care options has anything to do with anybody’s skin color.

This is another one of those cognitive dissonance moments. Cognitive dissonance is that sense of confusion that comes from holding simultaneously contradictory views or opinions.

For example, in the real world, conservatives don t vote for liberals because they oppose the liberal agenda in favor of their own.

Everything about logic and common sense, combined with your own experience and knowledge, tells you the following statement is true. People vote in favor of their own perceived best interests.

Jimmy Carter s charge demands pretending that, if Barack Obama were a far-left Marxist liberal who was white, conservatives would vote against their own agendas.

And the next thing you know, the most important question the five best and brightest anchors of the five liberal networks is: Do you think conservatives oppose your agenda based on your race?

Behold, the power of semantics!

The question itself plants the subliminal suggestion that conservatives are racists who have no political principles of their own.

Then Obama s answer cements it. He is sure some oppose him based on his race, just as some probably voted for him based on his race.

Logically, the liberals that voted against him did so because he is black, since they otherwise would vote for a liberal. And the 95% of blacks that voted for him voted for him because he was black, since 14% of African-Americans voted Republican in 2004.

But for a master semanticist like Obama, logic is no barrier. For much of the past nine months, we ve been reeling under the heavy burden that cognitive dissonance places on one s ability to reason.

Reason says that when the government gets involved in business, the result is the Post Office, not Fedex or UPS. Obama says that his health care plan will be more efficient because the government is involved.

Reason says that the reason Medicare and Medicaid are in such a mess is because of government waste. Obama s solution is to give the government more money.

Reason says that when you can t pay your bills, the solution is to reduce spending and look for ways to increase your income. Obama s solution is to increase spending and pay for it by taxing the income increases out of existence.

The constant effort to hold simultaneously contradictory thoughts in one s head is wearisome it has the effect of wearing one down to the point where it is just to difficult to think without it making one s head hurt.

Obama says the Right is ‘divisive’ and so he punishes FoxNews by refusing to appear on its network. Why else? FoxNews draws more viewers, according to Drudge, than the other five networks combined.

Why did he launch the media blitz? To persuade his opponents. Where did he go? To the five liberal networks that ALREADY support him to the point of subservience.

Cognitive dissonance can be painful after months without letup.

The great propagandists of the 20th century all knew that, and they factored it in to their agendas.

After six years of non-stop cognitive dissonance, the most cultured nation in Europe went completely mad and murdered six million Jews. Only two decades of it and the Soviet Union murdered tens of millions more.

Cognitive dissonance demands one accept as a logic statement that things that are different are sometimes the same .

Men and women are equal, it is said. Anything a man can do, a woman can do just as well. But your brain can’t shake the understanding that the statement cannot be true. If anything, women aren’t equal to men. They are superior.

Men can t have babies.

But just saying that men and women are different makes one a sexist, despite the certain factual statement that, if they were the same, biology says the human race would have ended with Adam and Eve.

And equality of the sexes doesn’t apply to Sarah Palin. She is incapable of public office because she is a mother.

Just ask the National Organization of Women that exists to defend women — unless they’ve either been sexually harrassed by a Democrat president or are themselves running for national office as a conservative.

But that s why you are a racist, because you think that way. . . so maybe there s something wrong with you, after all.

Because you didn t know you were a racist until after you found out on TV that otherwise you d have been a liberal Democrat and . . . is this all really happening in America???

Yes. It is.

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