Iran, Ezekiel and Ahmadinejad

Iran, Ezekiel and Ahmadinejad
Vol: 93 Issue: 20 Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameni announced yesterday that the election results will stand as posted. Khameni called Ahmadinejad’s re-election a “definitive victory” for the diminutive dictator and that there was no evidence of vote-rigging.

He offered no concession to opposition supporters who are demanding the elections be canceled and held again. Instead, Khameni addressed the country in a rare speech at Friday prayers at Tehran University.

Taking a page out of the standard Depraved Dictator’s Handbook, he blamed Great Britain and Iran’s external enemies for the unrest. Before the rally was half-way through, the crowd was chanting “Death to America” and asking one another, “What are we here for, again?”

After announcing that Ahmadinejad’s election was legal and fair, he told the protesters to go home before he got mad. Opposition leaders who failed to halt the protests, he said, would be responsible for bloodshed and chaos.

Flexing muscles on the streets after the election is not right, he said, before tens of thousands of angry supporters at Tehran University. It means challenging the elections and democracy. If they don t stop, the consequences of the chaos would be their responsibility.

The problem for Iran’s Supreme Leader is that in at least 70 precincts, more votes were cast than there were registered voters. That isn’t a big deal in America — it happens all the time.

Obama got more votes from some precincts in Indiana than there were voters to cast them. And traditionally, Chicago voters are more faithful to vote Democrat after they’re dead than they ever did while they were still alive.

ACORN is soon to get its billion-dollar payoff for stuffing ballot boxes, registering fictitious voters and voter intimidation in favor of Obama and is even scheduled to conduct the 2010 Census under White House supervision.

Unlike complacent American voters who have forgotten the value of their sovereign franchise, Iranian voters get mad when somebody steals their elections. (Even when there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the candidates.)

So they didn’t go home when the Ayatollah told them to, which evidently stunned the mullahs who run the country. The Guardian Council has apparently overturned the Ayatollah. The GRC announced this morning that they are willing to suffer a recount of ten percent of the ballot boxes at random.

What is going on in Iran?


Step into the Wayback Machine to the 1980’s when the Soviet Union and the United States were both undisputed superpowers. The European Union was still on the drawing board.

Israel was suffering under the first intifada and Iran was much too busy fighting Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to do anything else.

But according to Bible prophecy in the last days, there will be but four spheres of power in the last days; revived Rome, the Kings of the South, Kings of the East and Gog-Magog.

There is no mention of a fifth, overarching superpower resembling the United States. So, following the scenario of Bible prophecy, the Soviet Union and United States must decrease, while the European Union must increase.

For decades, most prophecy teachers believed it would take a limited nuclear war between the superpowers to bring about the conditions necessary for Bible prophecy to move forward. Particularly in terms of Ezekiel’s Gog-Magog War.

But in 1990, Saddam Hussein, at the head of the fifth largest military force in the world and armed with the most modern technology the Soviet Union could supply, invaded Kuwait and dared the world to dislodge him.

On January 17th, 1991 the air campaign began against Saddam Hussein’s forces. The world was stunned at how lopsided the war turned out to be. Iraq’s army in 1991 was rated one of the toughest in the world. Not only was Saddam’s military the world’s fifth largest, it was at the time composed of battle-hardened veterans of the 1980-88 war with Iran.

They knew their weapons and they knew how to use them. Despite that, the US cut through Iraq’s Soviet-supplied defenses like a hot knife through butter.

In less than three week’s time, its stealth technology and precision munitions reduced Iraq’s military to rabble. The ground war, the much-ballyhooed ‘Mother of all battles” lasted just 100 hours. The Soviet Union realized it was undone. By the end of that year, it disbanded of its own volition.

The world was in shock as it realized just how powerful the United States actually was. More than just shock. The Gulf War brought with it a sense of revulsion against such a naked display of power that still reverberates today. The transformation of Europe went into high gear.

Almost two decades later, the world’s undisputed superpower is under attack from without and within. Despite its technological advantages, America is not quite the terrifying behemoth it was only twenty years ago. The Soviet Union and the US have decreased, and Europe has increased, precisely as Scripture foretold.

The Gog Magog invasion force does not include the whole Soviet Union, just Russia and some of the Muslim ‘stans. The invasion takes the West by surprise, suggesting that the US is not that engaged.

At the time of the invasion, Israel is dwelling in peace and safety. And Iran [Persia] is a mainstream player in the Gog-Magog invasion force, meaning it must still exist in some viable form.

We’ve watched as God has already taken care of the Gog obstacles; the Berlin Wall came down without a shot being fired. All our speculation about war and mayhem was for nothing.

The European Union seems to have hit its stride; the euro is fast-becoming the principle world currency, eclipsing the dollar. And the adage, ‘he who has the gold makes the rules’ suggests that means Europe is on the fast track to replacing America as the world’s premiere super power.

Israel is not yet dwelling in peace and safety as a land of unwalled villages, but Israel IS building a wall that will unquestionably have to come down as any part of a EU-brokered peace settlement.

And then there is Iran. Iran’s Ahmadinejad seems hell-bent on starting a nuclear war with Israel. A nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel creates all kinds of problems for Ezekiel’s scenario. Ezekiel makes no mention of any cataclysmic war prior to the Gog-Magog invasion.

On the contrary, Israel is wealthy, prosperous, and ostensibly dwelling at peace in the midst of what are today her sworn enemies. Iran is a formidable-enough military power to rate first mention among Gog’s allies. A nuclear strike against either Israel or Iran throws a wrench into Ezekiel’s scenario.

In the 1980’s, how the main players would align themselves was a mystery. That mystery cleared itself up during the 1990’s with the Soviet collapse and the rise of Europe in the wake of the first Gulf war. That war also signaled the beginning of America’s Death of 1000 Cuts.

The victory parades of the 90’s gave way to an America facing trillion-dollar deficits, wars and impending wars with countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Syria and al-Qaeda.

I am not sure how better to illustrate America’s declining state of affairs than to describe it as an Obamanation.

So, what’s the deal with Iran? It’s just this. Something has to happen to prevent Israel from turning Tehran into a giant, radioactive sea of glass, since the Bible makes no allowances for Persia’s destruction prior to the Gog Magog Invasion.

But with Ahmadinejad given another four years in power, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that either Israel or Iran won’t still be functional by the time Ahmadinejad’s term expires.

However, for Ezekiel’s prophecy to move forward, both must, meaning something else must stop Iran’s quest for nukes before Israel is forced to. Like maybe an Iranian regime change?

Stay tuned.

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