The World’s “Obsession” with Israel

The World’s “Obsession” with Israel
Vol: 92 Issue: 1 Friday, May 1, 2009

Israel’s Ambassador Gabriela Shalev summed up the Durban II Conference on Racism when she said that it highlighted what amounts to a global “obsession” with Israel.

In talking points released to The Jerusalem Post before the event, Shalev described the “Durban II” Geneva conference as a “farce” that had been hijacked by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad delivered a speech in which he accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians and described Zionism as racism. He was interrupted by clown-wigged protesters.

Delegates from 23 European countries and St. Kitts and Nevis left the conference room, while a number of other delegates who remained behind applauded the Iranian president as he spoke.

Israel, along with Canada, the US and a handful of other Western nations, boycotted the gathering.

Shalev, who has spoken in the past of dancing with her father in the streets of Tel Aviv as a young girl after the UN voted to establish the State of Israel, said Israel would continue to boycott UN events that “seek to attack Israel, the West, and the principles of freedom and human rights.”

While the rest of the world is obsessed with Israel, reports in the World Tribune suggest that Obama is getting bored with it.

The Israeli Arutz Sheva News service reports that Israeli intelligence services believe that “Obama and his senior advisors wish to incrementally diminish U.S. strategic cooperation with Israel.

The World Tribune report quoted an Israeli source familiar with the intelligence assessment who said that “Obama wants to make friends with our worst enemies and [those who were] until now the worst enemies of the United States. Under this policy, the source added, we are more than irrelevant. We have become an obstacle.

The report claimed that the Obama administration had been rejecting Israel s intelligence opinions on Iran and Syria while advancing the Obama plan to reconcile with the two states. (Both states remain on the US State Department list of terror-sponsoring states. At least for the time being).

The Israeli intelligence document reportedly predicted that Obama would maintain his policy of appeasing Iran and Syria through 2010. It determined that Obama is convinced that appeasing Iran and Syria would make a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan possible.

“Obama will want to show Iran, Syria and radical Muslims that the United States could pressure Israel on a strategic level,” the source said. “The pressure has already begun and will intensify throughout the next year or two.”

At the same time, the intelligence officials estimated that Obama would restrict U.S. arms exports to Israel in an effort to deny it systems that it could use in a raid on Iran or Syria.

For his part, Syria’s Bashar Assad didn’t take long to discover and exploit Obama’s Achilles’ Heel. Obama believes that everything America has done in terms of foreign policy (until electing him president) has been wrong, hurtful, unkind or just plain rude.

So, during a visit to Vienna, Assad called on Obama to “fix the mistakes made by the Bush administration” if he wanted to avoid a crisis in the Middle East “within the next year”. (Interestingly, Jordan’s King Abdullah warned last week that Israel had less than 18 months to work out a peace deal or face another pan-Arab war.)

Assad also called on the U.S. to rapidly withdraw its troops from Iraq. This, he claimed, would resolve “50 per cent of the problem,” the Austrian news agency APA reported.

Obama could then leave the other 50 percent of the problem — Israel — for the Arabs to take care of.


“Obsession” — it means “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on the mind.” The existence of the State of Israel is a perfect example of a global “obsession.”

In the Sudan, the Islamist government continues to conduct its decade-long genocide operation against Sudanese blacks and Christians. The world body has done nothing of substance to either prevent the continuation of the genocide or to substantially aid its victims.

In Islamist countries, expressing certain thoughts or ideas relative to Islam is a crime. Failure to believe in Islam is criminalized in many Islamic states. Conversion from Islam can earn one the death penalty.

Simply being a Jew in certain Islamic states is a capital offense.

When we were crossing into the Palestinian Authority to visit Bethlehem last month, there was a sign saying “No Jews Beyond the Point”.

Just imagine the global outcry at a sign in, say, Johannesburg, proclaiming, “No blacks beyond this point.” Or a similar sign posted somewhere in America. One cannot even imagine a sign inside Israel stating, “No Arabs beyond this point.”

The world supports the Palestinian’s right to exclude Jews from its claimed ‘homeland’ but goes ballistic at Israel’s effort to exclude terrorists from theirs. There is no place where Arabs cannot go in Israel based on either their race or their religion.

Restrictions are based on citizenship, just like they are in every other country. An Arab-Israeli citizen has the same rights as a Jewish-Israeli citizen.

Despite this, there are entire UN supported organizations that exist for no other purpose but Israel. The UN Human Rights Commission has over 3,000 delegates and representatives from forty-seven states.

No state, no matter how bad its human rights record, is barred from membership. No state, that is, except Israel. The council voted in June 2006 to make a review of possible human rights abuses by Israel a permanent feature of every council session.

The Council s special rapporteur on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is its only expert mandate with no year of expiry.

Israel is the only country to earn ‘condemnation’ by the HRC — even the Sudan earned only its ‘grave concern’ but the HRC issued fifteen specific condemnations of Israel in under two years.

The Durban World Council on Racism focused exclusively on Israel with such venom and hatred that even eight years later, most civilized countries boycotted the UN’s second conference in Geneva. Those that didn’t boycott the conference walked out in the midst of the Conference’s keynote speech calling for Israel’s destruction.

One cannot imagine such things could be possible, even as we witness them take place. An entire nation hated above all other nations, to the degree that the United Nations, an organization dedicated to peace, can stand idly by while being used to demonize an entire race of people based entirely on their ethnic and religious identity!

And nobody finds that particularly troublesome. President Barack Obama doesn’t think it sufficient reason not to negotiate with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Or to work out a deal with Syria.

The Islamic obsession with Israel’s destruction is viewed with some kind of detached sense of tolerance. We pay lip service to how much we abhor it, etc., etc., but with a shrug of the shoulders in acknowledgment that “that is what they do.”

On the other hand, Israel is held to a standard that not even the United States could meet. Suppose that Mexican separatists started lobbing rockets into civilian markets and schools in US border states. How long do you think we’d listen to UN demands for ‘tolerance’?

The global hatred of Israel is astonishing and inexplicable in any natural sense. Israel is hands-down the most Westernized and free democracy in the Middle East. It is the most productive state in the Middle East.

Most of Europe’s citrus imports come from Israel, the land Ezekiel described as “which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.’ (38:8)

The Jews of Israel consist of native-born citizens of almost every country in the world, including the United States of America. They have more in common with the West than any other state in the Middle East.

By contrast, the Islamic Middle East hates the West with a religious fervor. Everything about us is an offense to the Religion of Perpetual Anger.

The only people they hate worse than the Jews are the Americans, the Europeans and each other.

Them we court like pimply teenagers looking for a prom date — witness Barack Hussein Obama’s subservient bow to the King of Mecca. Israel, a country as cosmopolitan as the UN itself, is decried as a racist oppressor of human rights.

The world cannot help but hate Israel — because it hates Israel’s God. Israel claims its right to exist was granted by the Creator God. Since Israel exists and the world cannot dislodge it, Israel stands as a reminder to the god of this world that his time is limited. It is a reminder to a world in denial that God keeps His promises.

There isn’t a person on earth that can articulate why they oppose Israel without somehow framing it in religious terms because it is the focal point of a supernatural conflict.

Everything about Israel stands in opposition to the natural.

It is universally hated without cause, based on the claims of a people for which there is cause a’plenty, and persecuted by an organization that exists for the express purpose of preventing persecution.

“Obsession” is an excellent word. “Irrational” would also seem to fit, but to those that are obsessed with Israel’s existence, it isn’t irrational at all.

They can’t explain why, but to them, it isn’t irrational at all. It’s how they serve their god. They don’t know who he is, but they have to serve him. It is an obsession.

But it’s not irrational.

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