The Most Diabolical Election in History

The Most Diabolical Election in History
Vol: 85 Issue: 30 Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is it about Election ’08 that pretty much the whole world has unanimously declared to be the most important in US history? Why is this election more important than, say, Election ’40?

It isn’t simply because America’s security is imperiled or that America is engaged in a global war on terror.

In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was running for an unprecedented third term. One might argue that was the most important US election by far. The US was in danger of being dragged into what was then called “The European War”.

Both candidates were running on a promise to keep America neutral. But given the state of global affairs on the eve of the Second World War, the winner of Election ’40 held America’s continuing existence in his hands against a threat far more tangible than al-Qaeda’s terror network.

Election ’08 will make US history. Either Sarah Palin will be America’s first female VP or Barack Obama will be its first black president. But in 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was running for an unprecedented third term. There were no term limits on the presidency at the time.

But until the Roosevelt presidency, no US president had ever served longer than eight years. Insofar as history-making elections are concerned, Election ’40 forced the passage of a Constitutional amendment.

After Roosevelt’s death, the 22nd limited a president to two terms in office in one lifetime.

The economy, as history-making is it may be, is in nowhere nearly the condition it was when voters were considering their options during Election ’40. Americans in 1940 KNEW what a bad economy looked like.

Most Election ’08 voters think a ‘bad economy’ is 6% unemployment and 3% inflation. (At least those under fifty do)

But everybody that can get his face on a TV talking heads show repeats at least once per appearance that “Election ’08 is the most important in our history.”

On tonight’s Hal Lindsey Report, Hal talks about the interest the US elections has generated over at the UN, where the Washington Post found 80% of UN staffers and diplomats in an ‘informal poll’ were hoping — and in at least one case, ‘praying’ for an Obama victory.

“Obama supporters hail from Russia, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Indonesia and elsewhere. One American employee here seemed puzzled that he was being asked whether Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was even a consideration. “Obama was and is unstoppable,” the official said. “Please, God, let him win,” he added.

Many U.N. rank and file are less circumspect, saying they see in Obama’s multicultural background — a Kenyan father, an Indonesian stepfather and a mother and grandparents from Kansas — a reflection of themselves. “We do not consider him an African American,” said Congo’s U.N. ambassador, Atoki Ileka. “We consider him an African.”

One U.N. official threw a party over the summer and asked guests to place stickers of either an elephant or a donkey on the front door to show their political preference. At the end of the night, the door was covered with about 30 donkeys and two elephants.

“We found out that one of the Republicans was an American and the other couldn’t vote,” according to a U.N. official who attended. “So we convinced the American to vote for Obama.”


One notes that the ‘Obama Nation’ sees Election ’08 as more important than America itself. Or at least the sanctity of the American sovereign franchise, since it was the first thing sacrificed to the god of power by the Obamanation.

ACORN’s activities are all over the news — even the mainstream media can’t suppress the voter fraud ongoing across the US. And even the best spin doctors can’t disguise the fact that ACORN is working exclusively for Barack Obama.

ACORN’s (and Obama’s) strategy is as frightening as it is desperate. The plan from the beginning was to so corrupt the electoral process that a close election would be so contested it would make Election 2000 look like a model of orderly democratic electoral process.

In a close election, no matter who wins, nobody will know for sure. If Election ’08 wins the title of “Most Something“, it will be the “Most Diabolical Election in US History”.

Think of just how diabolical a plan this actually is.

If McCain wins, Obama’s agitators will continue the “he’s not my president” theme that deprived America of an effective presidential administration for the past eight years.

Say what you will about Bush’s mistakes in office, no honest observer could deny he’s been forced to govern for the past two terms with one electoral hand tied behind his back since he took office. Who knows what might have been accomplished?

Should McCain win, ACORN has assured another four years of a ‘Bush presidency’ to strengthen Obama’s hand in 2012 — even if it means depriving America of effective government for another four years.

Obama’s forces have so corrupted the polling processes that anything less than an Obama landslide will give weight to the inevitable charges that somehow, McCain’s forces ‘stole the election’ — which will all but guarantee that Election ’08’s contribution to history is that 2008 will be the last time America can brag of its traditional peaceful transfer of power.

If McCain wins, it will be ugly. And I still believe that he probably will, despite the polls, and for two reasons. The first reason is ACORN.

Polls assimilate new voter registration and registered party affiliation into their data. That is the difference between ‘likely’ voters and what is called a ‘straw poll’. ‘Likely’ voters have favored Obama by significantly higher margins than do straw polls of voters in general.

But since among the ‘likely voters’ registered as Obama supporters are Mickey Mouse, the Dallas Cowboys, Goofy Dawg, and some of them have registered dozens of times, the fact they favor Obama by five points isn’t necessarily an Obama asset.

There are lots and lots of fraudulent voters who will vote for Obama — Mississippi has almost a thousand registered voters who either haven’t cast a ballot since 1965 or are older than 105 today. But not nearly as many voters are there are registered frauds who will never cast a ballot.

Another gift from ACORN is the predicted record turnout of young voters and Hispanic voters for Obama. ACORN registered lots and lots of them, but based on early voting samples, they aren’t turning out in any greater numbers than they ever did.

An analysis of early voting in Nevada so far found that, of the 25% statewide who’ve already voted, only 20% of Hispanics, 14% of voters under thirty and 15% of voters who didn’t vote in the last three elections showed up to vote so far.

The second reason I think Obama will lose is based in my reading of Bible prophecy for the last days. I don’t think rest of the world is quite ready for Obama — yet.

The European Union isn’t quite strong enough, the US isn’t quite weak enough, the economy isn’t quite deep enough in the tank for the creation of a global central bank or for the transfer of financial dominance to pass to Europe.

It’s very close, but not quite ready.

The world has not polarized enough yet. America isn’t isolated enough yet.

That’s hardly a ringing endorsement of John McCain — all these shortfalls will likely be corrected during his watch. But my sense is that Obama’s time is not quite yet.

I went against the conventional wisdom on the economy, based on my understanding of where we are along the Scriptural timeline. My belief is still that this isn’t the Big One — it’s coming, but this is premature.

But I could be wrong. We could be closer to the Tribulation than I think.

The same applies to Election ’08. I don’t think Obama will win because I believe 2nd Peter 3:9 is still in operational phase;

“The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

I believe the fields are still white with the harvest and while the time is soon, it is not quite yet. I don’t think the whole company of saints has been called out yet.

At the same time, I’m not a prophet. I’m just a guy with a Bible. I could be wrong — and if I am, it’s me that is wrong, not the Bible.

So I’ll be monitoring Election Night with unusual interest this year. If Obama wins, then it’s time for me to re-evaluate that timeline.

Because we’re LOTS closer than I thought.

You’re All Invited to the Omega Letter Election Night Party!

On Election Night, join me in our chat rooms for an Election Night party. You don’t need any extra software to join the chat — you just need to be logged in as an OL member.

Frank will post a link to the chat room on the main page to help you navigate your way there.

We’ll watch and discuss the returns together as they come in, together with your shared insights about what it all means.

Party starts at 7:00 EST, Election night, November 4th, 2008.

I’ll bring the pizza and pretzels.

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