The Spin Never Stops Anywhere

The Spin Never Stops Anywhere
Vol: 84 Issue: 27 Saturday, September 27, 2008

It is a truism of American politics that “an informed voter is a voter whose vote doesn’t count any more than does the vote of a complete idiot.”

One could pretty much tell which candidate was going after which voting demographic during last night’s debate. It’s pretty clear that Obama is counting on the latter group to get him to the White House.

That’s probably why the Obama campaign insisted on having the debate on a Friday night — traditionally the second least-watched TV night of the week after Saturday.

If Obama bombed, then Obama’s target demographic would never know it. And it gives the Obama team a whole weekend to spin reality before the beginning of Monday’s news cycle.

Meanwhile, if Obama had scored any major points against McCain, the liberal spin machine would have the whole weekend to spin it to look like Obama cleaned McCain’s clock.

It is, however, pretty clear that Obama had no intention whatever of trying to win over the informed voter demographic. Just scare them to death before election day, thereby capturing another major demographic. (No voter votes as consistently Democrat as a dead one.)

I was fascinated to watch as Barack Obama blew off one constituency after another, alienating the military, fiscal conservatives, women, traditional families and pretty much everyone except those who fall into his apparent target demographic, (being the voters whose votes count just as much as informed votes do.)

McCain didn’t really have to portray Obama as naive on foreign policy. Obama did that all by himself. In response to Obama’s statement that it might become necessary to send U.S. troops across the Pakistani border to pursue terrorists, McCain scoffed; “you don’t say that out loud. If you have to do things, you do things.”

“So let me get this right, we sit down with Ahmadinejad and he says ‘we’re going to wipe Israel off the face of the earth’ and we say, ‘no you’re not!’ Oh please,” McCain said of Obama’s offer to meet Iran’s maddest mullah without preconditions.

Obama had some memorable lines in the debate — its doubtful the mainstream media will focus in on the one that impacted me the most, though. I’ll be curious to see.

At one point, McCain told a story about a bracelet he wore. He was given it by the mother of a fallen US soldier who asked him to ensure her son’s death was not in vain. It wasn’t a new story — McCain’s been wearing the bracelet for years and has told the story many times.

But here is the way McCain told it in the debate, verbatim from the transcript.

And I’ll tell you, I had a town hall meeting in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and a woman stood up and she said, “Senator McCain, I want you to do me the honor of wearing a bracelet with my son’s name on it.”

He was 22 years old and he was killed in combat outside of Baghdad, Matthew Stanley, before Christmas last year. This was last August, a year ago. And I said, “I will — I will wear his bracelet with honor.”

And this was August, a year ago. And then she said, “But, Senator McCain, I want you to do everything — promise me one thing, that you’ll do everything in your power to make sure that my son’s death was not in vain.”

“I’ve got a bracelet, too,” Obama said as I cringed in my seat. Obama then proceeded in an effort to out-do McCain’s bracelet story with one of his own.

In Obama’s story, the mother wasn’t concerned with whether or not her son died in vain in a lost cause. All she cared about, Obama said while I continued to cringe uncomfortably in my seat, was, well, let’s take that verbatim as well.

“I’ve got a bracelet, too, from Sergeant – (Obama looks down to read the serviceman’s name) from the mother of Sergeant Ryan David Jopeck, given me in Green Bay. She asked me, can you please make sure another mother is not going through what I’m going through.

I thought it was over, but no. Obama had more to say on the subject.

“No U.S. soldier ever dies in vain because they’re carrying out the missions of their commander in chief. And we honor all the service that they’ve provided.”

Read that sentence again with me and read what it says about the man who uttered it.

It tells me that Barack Obama thinks those sacrifices are made for their Commander in Chief. And that the goals are irrelevant to those asked to make that sacrifice.

It says he sees them as another form of political currency, to be spent or held in reserve as needed, rather than the currency of last resort to purchase what must be had and cannot be purchased at any other cost.

You know, like Sergeant Whatsisname.

It made me feel kind of, umm, angry. Y’know?

Note on Israel-Only Tour:

I’ve received some firm numbers regarding dates and costs for the Israel-only portion of the upcoming tour March 21-March 29, 2009.

The land package portion runs $2,200 (that’s for all the ground expenses, hotels, meals, transportation etc.)

The airfare is estimated at $1,400 (from JFK).

But we are working on arranging departures from other major airports like Houston, Atlanta, LAX, DFW, etc., so you’ll be able to fly out from the closest domestic airport, so airfare may be a bit lower or higher, depending.

So altogether, the total cost of the package will be approximately $3600 per person based on double occupancy.

If you don’t want to share a room, there is a single room supplemental fee of $500.00. In the event of an ‘odd man out’ situation the supplemental fee is waived. And if you can’t share a room, (say a lady from Georgia and a guy from Nebraska) then the supplemental fee is waived.

I’ll be posting the new itinerary on the website over the weekend, including links with more information about what we’ll see at some of our stopovers.

Assuming the Lord tarries and we’re still here by then. If not, we’ll talk about it in the air on the way up. Maranatha!

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