Vol: 69 Issue: 26 Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Terror has gone legit. Not that the terrorists have undergone a conversion from barbarians to civilized human beings, but that civilized human beings have surrendered to the fact that terror is a workable political ideology.

The Hamas takeover of Gaza and the world’s astonishingly subdued reaction to the birth of the world’s first truly terrorist state pretty much guarantees the eventual survival of “Hamastan.”

Hamas was birthed by the Palestinian Authority, a terrorist state wannabe that never quite got off the ground, not because it didn’t have all the support that it needed, but because it wasn’t quite terroristic enough to suit the population that it represented.

It’s parent organization, the PLO, was founded by the world’s foremost authority on terrorism, the late and unlamented murderer, Yasser Arafat.

Under his supervision, the PLO became a state within a state in Jordan, then Lebanon, then Tunisia, going through a number of transformations in the process, emerging out the other end as the Palestinian Authority.

At the time of Arafat’s death, the Palestinian Authority was on the verge of statehood in its own right, and certainly would already have become a state, had that truly been Arafat’s goal.

But despite Arafat’s skill at public relations, his seeming transformation to statesman and peacemaker, all he ever was was a terrorist, and that was all he ever wanted to be.

Arafat’s PLO failed to achieve statehood because Arafat’s goal was not Palestinian statehood, but the obliteration of the existing state of Israel. When offered statehood beside Israel in 1999, he turned it down cold. He knew that peace would end his reign of terror.

Arafat’s greatest enemy wasn’t Israel. His greatest enemy was peace.

Had he been successful in his plan to replace the Israeli state with a Palestinian state, it is likely he would have formed a new terrorist group to fight against the Palestinian state that took its place.

He died before he could do so personally, but Hamas stepped up to the plate and filled the void for him.

Arafat was a jihadist, and he lived for the jihad. It wasn’t until the world legitimized him and his tactics that his leadership began to falter. He knew how to govern by the sword; he had no interest in governing by the pen.

Arafat’s legacy was not the Palestinian Authority or the legitimizing of Fatah. Arafat’s legacy was Hamas. If it were possible for him to see the chaos being visited on Fatah by Hamas from his perch in hell, there is no doubt he would be immensely satisfied.

The reality is that Fatah is done. Fatah signed its death warrant after Arafat’s death when it tried to live up to Arafat’s public professions by abrogating his private aspirations.

When Mahmoud Abbas appeared willing to actually live up to the promises of peace made by Arafat, his people promptly elected Hamas to represent them. What happened? Abbas earned the label of ‘moderate’.

In a truly Islamic society, such a label is the kiss of death.


Here in the West, being labeled a ‘moderate’ is believed to be an honorific. A ‘moderate’ is someone who is willing to compromise his beliefs in order to achieve a greater public good. In a democracy, a ‘moderate’ is one who can find a balance between the extremists on both sides of a question and come up with a solution that both sides can live with.

In Islam, there aren’t two extremes. There is only one. Arafat understood that. Benjamin Netanyahu understands that. Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush do not.

They all believe that there MUST be a moderate majority within Islam, even if they’ve failed to find a single example to support that contention.

To an Islamist, the label ‘moderate’ is understood to mean ‘apostate’. Because to an Islamist, that is what a moderate is. Mohammed didn’t compromise. He dissembled until he was strong enough to attack.

The only example of Mohammed appearing to compromise was the Quriyash Treaty, or the “Hudaybiyah”. Mohammed decided that Mecca should be the headquarters for his new religion after he and his followers were run out of Medina by the Christians and Jews who rejected his new ‘revelation.’

However, Mecca was controlled by the Quriyash, a powerful tribe of Arab pagans who had entered into an alliance with Jews and Christians who also made their home in Mecca. Mohammed, whose forces were too weak to take the city by force, sent an emissary to negotiate a ten-year non-aggression treaty with them.

Mohammed didn’t negotiate or sign the treaty himself because he had no intention of keeping it. The deal gave him time to strengthen and consolidate his forces. When he was strong enough, he attacked the city, slaughtered its inhabitants, and declared Mecca Islam’s holiest city.

When it became obvious that Abbas intended to live up to Arafat’s version of the Quriyash Treaty (which is how Arafat himself described the Oslo Agreement in Arabic at a rally in a Palestinian ‘refugee’ camp in 1994), he lost his credibility with Islamist Hamas.

To an Islamist, a moderate is an ‘apostate’ because recognizing the right of Israel (or any non-Islamic nation) to exist is a violation of Islam’s most basic principle. Islam divides the world into dar al-Islam (the Zone of Islam) and dar al-harb (the Zone of War).

It is every Muslim’s duty to do battle with dar al-harb until it becomes part of dar al-Islam. Any serious agreement to live side-by-side is apostasy.

That is why there cannot be peace between Israel and Islam. For Islam to recognize Israel’s right to exist is a denial of pure Islam. Just as any compromise that would surrender Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to Islam is a denial of the Bible.

For either side to prevail, the other side must deny its God.

Moreover, Islam can never recognize America’s right to exist as a Christian nation. America is part of dar al-harb. It is every observant Muslim’s duty to give up his life, if necessary, in the struggle to bring America into dar al-Islam.

Those Muslims who do want to live in peace with America, or IN America, are apostates, not moderates. They are as much in the Islamic cross-hairs as Christians, Jews or any other non-Muslims.

Islam’s “moderate majority” is a Western fantasy that the so-called ‘moderate’ Islamics are willing to allow to blossom for the same reason Mohammed was willing to let the Quriyash believe the ‘Hudaybiyah’ peace was serious.

Noted Tom Rose in this week’s “Weekly Standard”:

Washington’s decision to bail out Fatah in the hopes Fatah will defeat Hamas presupposes that Fatah is made up of Islamic apostates. After 45 years of ground work preparing for Hamas’ takeover by radicalizing Palestinian society through blood-curdling terrorism, mind-boggling corruption, and world-class inefficiency, the U.S. and Israeli governments have announced their gratitude to Fatah with a billion dollar emergency aid package.

Worse than being just another advertisement for diplomatic incompetence, this feeble response to the Hamas takeover will achieve the opposite of what we claim to want. Force- feeding life back into the PLO will not weaken Hamas; it will strengthen it by giving the PLO another chance to demonstrate its fraudulent duplicity. Palestinian society cannot be transformed by reviving the group responsible for its degradation. How does one fight terrorism by rewarding those who invented it?

How, indeed?

“And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” (Zechariah 12:3)

The Battle for Jerusalem is joined. The whole world is gathering itself against it, and against Israeli control of it, hoping that doing so will put an end to the spiraling conflict.

But it is far more than a battle for control of a city. It is a battle for control of the Western world.

This is not a war against Islamic terror. It is the war prophesied by Scripture as the last war of human civilization. It is ostensibly over the city of Jerusalem.

But it will reach its ultimate conclusion on the plains of Israel, in the valley of Megiddo. In Hebrew, it is called ‘Har Megiddo.’

In the English Bible, it is called the Valley of Armageddon.

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