Myths and Facts About the SPP

Myths and Facts About the SPP
Vol: 68 Issue: 30 Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Depending upon whom you ask, the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership that envisions an EU-like entity for Mexico, the US and Canada is:

1) a urban legend;

2) an unfounded conspiracy theory;

3) an end-run around US sovereignty.

It is all three, sort of, and at the same time, it is none of the above. Confused? Don’t let THAT bother you. You are SUPPOSED to be confused.

Ever seen a magician perform a feat of prestidigitation? The first thing he does is pull up one of his sleeves. “Nothing up my sleeve,” he says, in order to draw your attention TO his sleeve.

While you are staring at his shirt sleeve, he is using the other hand to do the trick. That’s why you can’t see how he does it.

Testifying before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in January, DOT Undersecretary Jeffrey Shane called reports of a planned NAFTA Superhighway an ‘urban legend’.

But in 2004, Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta told a meeting of NASCO (North America s SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc):

“NAFTA has opened the doors to expanding and flourishing trade across our borders. Since its implementation, total U.S. trade with Mexico has increased almost 200 percent with 70 percent of the U.S./Mexico trade passing through Texas.

“There are, however, some things that we still need to do in the United States to fulfill our obligations under the NAFTA treaty. One of them is to finally open the market between Mexico and the United States for trucking and busing.”

Mineta described the proposed corridor thusly:

“It flows across our nation’s busiest southern border crossing in Laredo; over North America’s busiest commercial crossing, the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit; and through Duluth, and Pembina, North Dakota, and all the places in between.”

For an ‘urban legend’, it sure is specific — again, depending on who you ask.

On the SPP’s website, under the headline, “Myths Vs Facts, it claims:

“The U.S. government is not planning a NAFTA Super Highway. The U.S. government does not have the authority to designate any highway as a NAFTA Super Highway, nor has it sought such authority, nor is it planning to seek such authority. There are private and state level interests planning highway projects which they themselves describe as “NAFTA Corridors,” but these are not Federally-driven initiatives, and they are not a part of the SPP.”

Maybe the feds don’t have the authority, maybe they do. It all depends on how you define “authority.” It certainly isn’t opposing the so-called “private and state-level initiatives”.

If it isn’t opposing it, then one could certainly argue that is is authorizing it. The SPP website also contains this entry:

“Myth: The SPP was an agreement signed by Presidents Bush and his Mexican and Canadian counterparts in Waco, TX, on March 23, 2005.”

“Fact: The SPP is a dialogue to increase security and enhance prosperity among the three countries. The SPP is not an agreement nor is it a treaty. In fact, no agreement was ever signed.”

This particular ‘myth’ DID take place, so the denial only holds water if one redefines the word ‘agreement.’

The truth is, on March 23, 2005, President Bush met at his ranch in Crawford, Texas with Vicente Fox and Paul Martin (then PM of Canada) in what they called a Summit.

The three heads of state then drove to Baylor University in Waco, where they issued a press release announcing their signing of an agreement to form the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).

In March, 2006, Bush, Fox and new Canadian PM, Stephen Harper met in Cancun, Mexico. This time their press release celebrated what they called the first anniversary of the SPP.

But this time, they called the ‘agreement’ a ‘dialogue’. In government circles, employing such a euphemism is called, ‘plausible deniability.’

And, says the SPP Myths and Facts document, it strongly rejects the idea that it is creating a European Union-like structure. It says it is simply a trade and security ‘framework’.

Even the denial is European Union-like. The EU concept was initially sold to the nations of Europe as a trade and security ‘framework’.

At first, the Europlanners said the EU ‘framework’ was designed create an economic structure to allow a combined European economy to compete with the United States and other economic powerhouses.

The SPP “Myths and Facts” worksheet denies any plan to create a North American currency called the “Amero.” (Just like the EU initially denied it had any plans to create the Euro — until it finished selling the idea of the trade and security ‘framework’.

Once that idea was in place, the Europlanners ‘discovered’ that, to make it work, it needed a common currency to provide ‘seamless trade’.

The SPP, while allegedly a private and state-level ‘initiative’, has twenty ‘working groups’ who are:

1) writing policy initiatives for the SPP, covering a wide range of issues including, the manufacture and movement of goods across the borders of the three North American nations:

2) creating a common energy policy and common environmental regulations over the three nations;

3) regulating E-commerce and information communications and technologies;

4) establishing financial services, including loan policy and foreign aid policy;

5) overseeing business facilitation, creating the rules under which businesses will operate in the three nations;

6) establishing food and agriculture policy; and,

7) overseeing transportation and health policy.

Those ‘initiatives’ cannot work without the creation of a unified currency. So, on April 6, 2006, the SPP announced the formation of the Financial Services Working Group.

According to its own news release, the Financial Group will focus on enhancing processes for addressing banking, securities, and insurance issues.”

The Bank of Canada functions as Canada’s Federal Reserve. It’s governor is the Canadian equivalent to the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board.

Last week, Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs to prepare itself for the introduction of a ‘euro-style’ currency.

Dodge was addressing the sudden rise in the value of the Canadian dollar against the US, which Dodge noted makes Canadian products a lot less competitive — a reasonable-enough sounding argument.

And in October of last year, El Universal, a Mexican newspaper published in Spanish, reported then-president-elect Calderon of Mexico and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shared a vision of a future North America united under a common currency.

That report raised the ire of “the Canadian,” a liberal newspaper that supports preserving Canadian sovereignty. It expressed surprise at Duceppe s support of what the paper characterized as the amero. (Amero? What Amero?)

The paper commented, Mr. Duceppe and other elites of the so-called Qu bec sovereignty movement view selling-out to U.S. based neo-cons to be much more commercially profitable than forming a new Qu bec nation.

The paper commented, Mr. Duceppe and other elites of the so-called Qu bec sovereignty movement view selling-out to U.S. based neo-cons to be much more commercially profitable than forming a new Qu bec nation.

And CNBC reported last November that the amero is the proposed new currency for the North American Community, which is being developed right now between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.


The SPP is the embodiment of the old rhetorical question: How to you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.

It will take years before everything is in place. (It took the European Union several years to overcome opposition to the Euro.)

Official denials notwithstanding, the SPP is not a myth. The official denials, however, are.

It is not an unfounded conspiracy theory. It is an open conspiracy fact.

It is not an ‘end run’ around US sovereignty. It is a frontal assault upon it.

The US dollar has almost run its course. The dollar is not backed by gold or silver — there is about $48 billion worth of US gold reserves, but the national debt is approaching ten trillion.

Once again, let’s illustrate the difference between million, billion and trillion using something we can understand — time.

A million seconds equals about twelve days. A billion seconds is thirty-two years. And a TRILLION seconds is thirty-two THOUSAND years.

The dollar is backed, not by the US government reserves, but by the property and future earnings of the United States and its people. (In other words, YOUR property and YOUR future earnings.)

The problem is, we’ve just about exceeded our collateral. We’ve mortgaged the national house up to our national shingles. We need more house. And a new mortgage to finance it.

The Canadian industry ranks first in the global production of zinc, uranium, nickel and potash; second in sulphur, asbestos, aluminium and cadmium; third in copper and platinum group metals; fourth in gold; and fifth in lead.

Mexico is equally rich in similar natural resources, not to mention both countries have vast untapped oil reserves.

An ‘Amero’ would be backed by the combined national and natural resources of all three nations as a single, unified financial guarantor.

Of course, nothing is for nothing. The price of the Security and Prosperity Partnership is the sovereignty of the United States of America.

But the cost of NOT doing it is equally frightening.

If you wonder what an economic meltdown of the United States would look like, one need only look back two years to what New Orleans became when Katrina destroyed that city’s security and prosperity infrastructure.

Murders, thefts, looting, assaults, rapes, an exodus of police and firefighters, the imposition of martial law and National Guardsmen on every street corner.

The SPP sounds like a good idea, in theory. And the cost of not implementing it is too terrifying to contemplate.

Bible prophecy forecasts four spheres of global power in the last days; the Kings of the East, the Kings of the South, the Gog-Magog Alliance and the revived Roman Empire of the antichrist.

Of the four, the most powerful is that of revived Rome. The SPP is modeled after the EU’s revived Rome, and of the four, the EU is North America’s only natural ally.

There is no fifth sphere of power in Bible prophecy resembling America, which can only lead to one of three conclusions.

Option 1 — America’s destruction; Option 2 — an alliance with Rome, or, Option 3 — the Rapture.

Without the SPP, the first option is the most likely. With the SPP, the second option becomes a viable possibility.

The third option, the Rapture, would force either the implementation of Option two, or would force Option one.

Proverbs 14:12 and Proverbs 16:25 tell us: “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

The SPP is a perfect example. That said, I am neither an advocate for the SPP or against it. . .

I don’t like either Option 1 or Option 2. My preference is Option 3. Unfortunately, my will isn’t supreme here.

My job isn’t to advocate AGAINST the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, but rather, to report on the Big Picture as it unfolds, and to sound the warning that time is running out.

If that sounds like a fatalistic perspective, it is because the Bible says this world has a fatal, spiritual disease.

The signs are all around us, and they are increasing in both frequency and intensity, exactly as the Bible predicted for the last days.

So, consider yourself warned. The Lord is coming back. And He may be coming sooner than we think.

“And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” (Romans 13:11)


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