The World’s Only Supercower

The World’s Only Supercower
Vol: 68 Issue: 24 Thursday, May 24, 2007

By now, you have probably heard all about the new Pew Research poll of American Muslim attitudes, and if you haven’t, you will. Prepare yourself to be amazed — on two counts.

In the first, there is the results of the poll. Several things to note at the outset; the targets of the survey were American Muslims. They weren’t immigrants. They were American citizens — most of them American-born.

They weren’t all Americans of Arab descent. Many of them were African American Muslims or Muslim converts. That said, let’s go to the results.

When asked if suicide bombings in defense of Islam could be justified, one in four American Muslims under the age of thirty said “yes”.

One in four!

Let’s do a little comparison analysis. According to some, one American in ten is gay. But that figure is widely disputed by almost everybody except gay rights activists as being wildly exaggerated.

Most surveys, polls, and other guesstimations suggest the real percentage is somewhere around four percent, give or take a bit. But let’s stay with ten percent, just to keep gay rights activists from picketing my RV.

One in ten Americans is a lot. It is such a lot of folks that they can’t be ignored or marginalized. There are laws passed by Congress that give being gay the status of a protected minority, with special provisions attached that make discriminating against them a federal hate crime.

A church cannot refuse to hire a gay person on the grounds that the Bible calls homosexuality a sin. A landlord cannot refuse to rent to a gay person on the grounds that they don’t want gay people living near their children.

A school cannot refuse to hire a gay teacher on the grounds they may corrupt the morals of the students.

And gays are, at most, ten percent of the US population, and most probably, really less than half of that figure.

Indeed, if one reverses the numbers, it means that at least 90% of Americans are NOT gay. But it can be a crime, under certain circumstances, to say that being gay is not ‘normal’ — despite the definition of ‘normal’ being: “not deviating very much from the average.”

According to the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook estimates, just under one in ten Americans identify themselves as atheists.

That number is significant enough to have had God unceremoniously booted from public schools. It is a significant enough minority to have had the Ten Commandments removed from public view.

Michael Newdow, citing his rights as an American under the Constitution, has argued before the Supreme Court that the words “In God We Trust” printed on US currency is hurtful enough to a significant enough minority of Americans that the words should be stricken from US currency — and he got a hearing by the nation’s highest court.

Evidently, ten percent is a significant enough minority to warrant America’s undivided attention.

But two and one-half times that number is a ‘tiny’ minority, not even worthy of consideration.

Or something.


Now, let’s turn back to the results of the Pew Research Poll on American Muslims. As already noted, one out of every four American Muslims under the age of thirty think suicide bombings in defense of Islam are justified, at least rarely.

The figure is actually 26% — a shade more than one in four. Taking the Muslim population as a whole, rather than just those under thirty, 22% could not say it was unjustified under any circumstances.

Is that a lot?

It would be a lot if we were talking about homosexuals. It would be a lot if we were talking about atheists. Here’s the second amazing fact I promised you. When we are talking about Muslims, well, not so much.

Most liberal news reports about the poll are quick to point out that, if 26% favor suicide bombings, what it REALLY means is that 74% of American Muslims do not.

The Washington Post headlined its story: “Survey: US Muslims Assimilated, Opposed to Extremism”.

Honest. That was the headline. The Post writer, Alan Cooperman, lead his story saying:

“The survey by the Pew Research Center found that 78 percent of U.S. Muslims said the use of suicide bombings against civilian targets to defend Islam is never justified.”

The Dallas Morning News headline read: “Poll: Most Muslim-Americans Reject Suicide Bombings.”

The Detroit News headlined its story, “Most Muslims are Moderate, But. . .”

Taking the poll results apart, what the survey found is that fully thirteen percent of all American Muslims of all ages believe that suicide bombings “can be justified, at least rarely.”

I listened to the talking heads on the various news programs, all of whom called prominent Muslims to task to explain the poll results.

One of the phrases used most often to characterize the pro-jihadists was ‘tiny minority.’ (You say tomato, I say tomahto)

That ‘tiny’ minority was more than the percentage of American gays. It was more than the percentage of American atheists. Include those Muslims under thirty and it is two and one half times as many as either of the other groups.

If ten percent of Americans can influence the legal and social conventions of an entire nation, then what significance should one attach to 26% of any demographic that support jihad?

How many potential suicide bombers does it take to be a ‘significant’ minority? If you are among the victims of just one, it is pretty significant. However, if you are a liberal who hasn’t been the victim of a suicide bomber, 26% is a ‘tiny’ minority.

(Which brings to mind the old joke that, “a liberal is just a conservative who has never been mugged,” — but I digress.)

Some other findings were equally not disturbing to the liberal mainstream. About 29 percent of those surveyed had either favorable views about al Qaeda or did not express an opinion. That is just under a third (one in three) so it is only a ‘tiny’ minority’ as well.

A third of those polled believe the invasion of Afghanistan to take out al Qaeda training camps after 9/11 was wrong. In addition, only 40 percent of all American Muslims believe Arab men carried about the 9/11 attacks. (Meaning that 60% do not.)

What is the issue here is NOT that one in four American Muslims under thirty are potential suicide bombers — although it should be. What is the real issue is the spin being put on it the American mainstream press; that spin being that the majority of Muslims oppose suicide bombings.

See? The majority of Muslims really ARE moderate. (Or maybe, the majority of Muslims don’t want to blow themselves up? Is not wanting to commit suicide the same as being peaceful moderates?)

The REAL story is reflected by the headline carried by the Wyoming News: “Some US Muslims Say Suicide Attacks OK.”

Why is it that the mainstream is trying to minimize what is a terrifying statistic? I think the best answer is because it is such a terrifying statistic, they are terrified to say it out loud.

Do you remember what happened in Europe when European newspapers dared to publish cartoons depicting Mohammed as a suicide bomber? Of course you do. Muslims rose up in anger, rioting, burning, looting and pillaging.

Do you remember seeing the cartoons themselves? Probably not. In their coverage, virtually every mainstream news organization in America either refused to show the offending cartoons, or pixelated them for fear of a Muslim backlash.

The same newspapers had no compunction about graphically depicting Christ on a cross immersed in a jar of urine — indeed, they defended Robert Maplethorpe’s 1st Amendment right to create his work of ‘art’ and proudly displayed it on their front pages.

Do you remember the ACLU’s protest when George Bush pronounced Islam a ‘religion of peace and love’ or when Bush said that Allah was God? Me neither.

What I DO remember was the ACLU’s outrage when candidate Bush admitted that the historical personage he admired most was Jesus Christ.

It is worth noting at this point (again) that the CIA World Factbook estimates that some 87% of Americans self-identify themselves as Christians — evidently an INsignificant majority.

(Up is down, black is white, and the March Hare has invited us all over for tea. “Will you have one lump? Or two?”)

The public outcry was so great that Bush shut up about Jesus Christ altogether. (I don’t recall the Name ‘Jesus’ escaping his lips in public since. Do you?)

The survey results are being minimized by a thoroughly “dhimmitized” media. The actual truth is this:

There are those among us, our neighbors, co-workers, our children’s teachers, our doctors (one US Muslim doctor was recently convicted of giving medical aid to al-Qaeda) cabdrivers, truck drivers, who would cheerfully kill themselves in order to kill you, your children and your whole family, if they felt it was in the best interests of Islam.

But the mainstream (mainly liberal) media doesn’t want to tell you that. Instead, they’d prefer you to believe that American Muslims are happier in America than they are in, say, Great Britain. (“US Muslims More Assimilated that British” says one California headline).

In February, 2002, Osama bin Laden gave an interview to al-Jazeera in which he sneered: “We experienced the Americans through our brothers who went into combat against them in Somalia, for example. We found they had no power worthy of mention. There was a huge aura over America–the United States–that terrified people even before they entered combat.”

No wonder al-Qaeda believes America is a nation of easily-defeated cowards. He read it in our newspapers.

Or, as James Taranto dubbed us in his WSJ’s ‘Best of the Web’ “The World’s Only Supercower.”

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