Special Report: Road Tour 2007

Special Report: Road Tour 2007
Vol: 66 Issue: 31 Saturday, March 31, 2007

A couple of years ago, Gayle and I were making the drive north from North Carolina to our family home southern Ontario. As I’ve mentioned before, I do some of my most productive praying when I am behind the wheel and the white lines are zipping by.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it almost impossible to completely focus my thoughts on prayer. My mind is constantly in motion — it doesn’t take much to distract me. Except when I am driving.

We usually drive in silence; neither of us likes to have the radio on. It is too distracting. We don’t talk much, either. Sometimes, maybe. But usually, we reserve that time to be alone with ourselves and with God.

During one of those long unbroken stretches of road up the Shenendoah Valley, I broke the silence to tell Gayle that I was getting the strangest leading that the Lord wanted me to sell our house and go off on some as-yet undefined mission.

The only thing that sounded more nuts than what I was thinking was when she said she was getting the same leading. After some discussion and prayer, we agreed to ‘put out a fleece’, so to speak, and follow where it led us.

On Good Friday morning, 2006, I saw my nephew, a realtor, banging a ‘for sale’ sign into the front yard across the street. I invited him over, we talked a bit, and when he left, there was a ‘for sale’ sign in my front yard, too.

On Easter Sunday, my nephew asked apologetically if he could bring somebody to see the house? “Sorry about Easter Sunday, but it’s the only day they could make it” — that kind of thing.

They were the only ones to view the house. A week later, they made an offer. A month later, the deal closed.

We bought a used RV and by May, we were living in it in my son-in-law’s paddock on his farm, getting ready to set out for who-knows-where.

We covered a lot of territory in 2006. You can find a brief record in our first Road Tour Journal archives at the Omega Letter. We had no idea what we were doing, apart from following His leading.

The Lord led us to Illinois, to Missouri, out to California, back to Texas, teaching us along the way. Many obstacles were cleared. We learned much about what NOT to do. Along the way, God led us to people who actually knew what we SHOULD be doing, and many of them are now involved in the planning for this year.

Nicole Boedecker, this year’s tour coordinator, (God bless her) just sent me the updated schedule for Road Tour 2007. For details check the Road Tour Discussion Forum in the “Member’s Only” section of the website.

I’ll give you the overview here.

We begin in Houston Texas, May 3rd. Our gathering there will be hosted by OL members Georgia and Ken. The Road Tour will officially kick-off with an informal get-together of OL members, their friends and family at Georgia and Ken’s on the weekend of May 11-13.

Nicole has us in the Houston area until May 21. From May 22-29, we’ll be in the New Braunfels, Texas, area.

Ray Gano of Prophezine (www.prophezine.com) is hosting at his ranch. There will be another gathering of Omega Letter members, friends and family, together with members of Ray Gano’s Prophezine member forums over the Memorial Day weekend.

(We had a similar gathering at Ray’s last year and we had an absolute ball!)

Nicole tells me that Dr. David Regan and his wife (Lion and Lamb Ministries) are also planning to attend. She also wanted me to tell you that because it is Memorial Day, hotels are very expensive ($130.00/day) in New Braunfels, but Ray has plenty of room for anybody who wants to park a camper or pitch a tent on his ranch.

(Several did last year. As I said, we had a ball.)

From May 30-June 11, we’ll be in the Austin/San Antonio area. One of the people God led us to last year was Rabbi (Rev) Ric Worshill, President of the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship.

Ric has arranged for me to participate at the SBMF Annual Meeting in San Antonio the week of June 7th. If the Lord cooperates, they are planning to use a friend’s RV and spend some time camping with us while we are there. Please pray all goes well for them in that regard.

Nic has us in the DFW Metroplex area June 12-21. From there, we head to Sublette, Kansas — June 22-26 to speak at churches there. From June 27-July 2, we’ll be in Wichita where I will be speaking at several Messianic Fellowship congregations.

From July 3-17 we’re in the Kansas City area, and from there, its on to the Omega Letter National Gathering in Hermann, Missouri. It is to be held at OL Members Larry and Lynda Saling’s Bed and Breakfast (Angel’s B&B).

Lynda has procured a number of discounted rooms at other B&B’s in the area, but Nicole emailed me to say that they won’t be able to hold the discounted rates for long. Contact Nicole at roadtour@omegaletter.com for the details about the accommodations, reservation information, etc.

From Hermann, Missouri, we head to northern Illinois for the month of August to spend some time with our dear friends Ric and Gwenn Worshill and Frank and Connie Spaniak.

In September, we begin to drift east again, to Manchester, Ky. Sept 4-10, and Beckely, W. Virginia September 11-18, where I will finally get to spend a little time with OL Founding Member Joe Wynne.

At present, we are back where we started last year — in Mike’s paddock in our RV — for the remainder of this week. We’ll head back to North Carolina next week to close up our rent house and tie up loose ends there.

Then its off to South Carolina to spend a few days tying up any loose ends that may still be untied on my book manuscript before heading west to Houston.

I’ll be filing regular Road Tour Journal entries this year for members who sign up as Road Warriors –starting when we head out toward Houston. In addition, we’re going to add on-the-scene streaming video reports.

(Gayle got a DV video camera for Christmas and has been practicing all winter).

(For more information, including details of where I am speaking and when, be sure and check the Road Tour section of the website — or email Nicole at roadtour@omegaletter.com).

We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in 2007 — not to mention renewing old friendships from last year.

See you soon. Either here, there — or in the air!


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