How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Vol: 65 Issue: 21 Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This morning, I ran across a column by a leftist pundit by the name Maralyn Lois Polak in WorldNetDaily.

The column, entitled, “The True Meaning Behind W’s Moles” was a nasty, offensive and incredibly disrespectful screed that, given the fact it was published at all, MUST have a following among the citizens of these United States.

My anger was kindled by Polack’s nastiness. President Bush had a couple of moles removed from his forehead. Polak used the president’s medical problem as a springboard for her attack, equating the removal of skin lesions from the President of the United States with Britney Spears’ latest stunt in which she shaved her head.

In the first place, why would anybody care if Britney Spears shaved her head? The only conceivable reason I can imagine would be out of concern that the poor girl might be traveling down the same doomed path more recently trod by the late Anna Nicole Smith.

No person with a heart would wish such a sad life and lamentable death on anyone. By all accounts, Anna Nicole Smith died without Christ, and without hope of eternity.

The ongoing debacle that has turned her death into an even more bizarre spectacle than her life had been is tragedy compounded.

Spears, at the tender age of 23 (or so) is not so much a spectacle for amusement as she is a walking billboard for what is wrong with America’s cultural decline.

Not to mention an object lesson that proves the old adage that ‘money can’t buy happiness’.

But I digress. . .


Having equated the President of the United States with America’s poster child for dysfunctionality, Polak launches into her attack on George Bush’s medical problems as if he were some kind of unfeeling cartoon character.

The doctors removed the moles out of concern that they could become cancerous. I would no more make light of skin cancer than I would a fatal drug overdose.

In addition to being President of the United States, George Bush is a brother, a son, a father, and a husband, just like anybody else. No doubt Polack has relatives, as well. THIS is funny?

Polak, evidently found it all very humorous. She begins by suggesting that Bush is lying about the procedure, then goes on to suggest what really happened.

“Naturally I’m thinking in pictures here about myriad deeper meanings of DUH-Be-Ya’s Presidential Moles, because that’s how my mind works:

* A pair of actual live furry moles being gingerly dissuaded from camping out on Bush-WAH’s forehead like a misplaced coonskin cap, before they can wreak the extensive damage they are known for, famously tunneling in and out of small confined spaces.

*Doctors wiping off two very persistent, very sticky, very suggestive, and very incriminating spots of that muy-spicy Mexican chocolate sauce that usually adorns chickens, as in mole poblano.

* Two White House counter-spies getting surgically detached from the Bushling’s forehead, where they were monitoring and then attempting to jam the copious flow of lies-presented-as-truth to and from his cranium.

* Dermatologists divesting the Bushling of yet more small pigmented skin lesions that continue to recur as potentially lethal fallout from his youthful suntanned playboy/oil-dude days.”

If these are examples of how Polak’s mind ‘works’ perhaps that is a secret she should have kept to herself.

“DUH-Be-Yah” Bush-WAH”, “the Bushling” and later, “Georgie-Boy” — these are terms suitable to describe the President of the United States?

Are these the same United States in which Polak claims citizenship?

If Polak is a role model for American thinking, no wonder hopelessly dysfunctional people like Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears are the new role models for American youth!

If Polak’s sense of humor being tickled by the prospect of anybody (including someone she clearly despises) facing the potential of skin cancer is worthy of publication, then sadness is the ‘new happy’ and the potential for slow painful death is the ‘new comedy’ in American society.

And unabashed, vitriolic hatred is the ‘new patriotism’.

Perilous times? You bet.

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