The Last War

The Last War
Vol: 62 Issue: 25 Saturday, November 25, 2006

A brilliantly revealing interview published yesterday by Worldnetdaily gave one an opportunity to literally sit for tea with an Islamic suicide bomber named Ahmed.

Let me begin by congratulating WND’s Aaron Klein for putting his head into the lion’s mouth to get the interview by going to Gaza in the first place.

The final product was as spellbinding as it was bone-chilling. (A link to Klein’s column is at the bottom of the page)

But more that that, it was highly instructive of the true nature of Islam. A belief structure has to be founded in something in order to earn the designation ‘structure’.

To qualify as a ‘religion’ that belief structure must be rooted in certain basic doctrinal principles. Variations in doctrine can exist within that basic framework, but if they stray beyond that framework, it becomes a different religion.

There are certain Christian bedrock doctrines, but many different denominations within Christianity. Those that stray beyond those bedrock doctrines earn the designation of Christian ‘cult’, rather than a Christian denomination. Stay with me, here.

If a Mormon were expounding on the deeper things of Mormonism, mainstream Christianity would immediately distance itself from beliefs like Jesus had several wives or that He was the brother of Lucifer, for example.

The way they would do so would be to point out where such doctrines run counter to the bedrock beliefs of Christianity as outlined by the Bible.

The invisible Islam of peace, love and tranquilizers that we keep hearing about should be doing the same thing regarding radical Islam.

If Islam’s foundational doctrines are really peace and love that have been perverted by the radicals, then radicals like Ahmed wouldn’t be Islamic anymore than Mormons are Christian. Do you follow?

Mormon terrorists wouldn’t be ‘Christian’ terrorists anymore than Mormon polygamists are ‘Christian’ polygamists. There is a distinct and insurmountable doctrinal difference between Mormon and mainstream Christian beliefs regarding polygamy.

There appears to be no such legitimate doctrinal distinction between Islamic terrorists and Islamic non-terrorists. I say ‘legitimate’ because Islamic apologists claim a distinction, but it is a distinction without a difference.

So-called ‘moderate’ Muslims differ from Islamic radicals in methodology, but the Koran imposes the same ultimate doctrinal goal of bringing about global submission to Islam on moderate and radical alike.

In a nutshell, if radical Islam wasn’t essentially mainstream Islam, true Islamics would call it something else.


What made Klein’s interview so chilling was how completely reasonable Ahmed was. Klein pressed him on the whole 72 virgins thing, but the way Ahmed explained it, it almost made sense. It’s a bit lengthy, but insightful.

“Let me explain something to you. The world, the lower one we are in now, it is temporary. Allah examines the loyalty of human beings, asking you in this materialistic world to avoid all that is tempting, all that pleasures you on earth, and to dedicate yourself to Allah.

This doesn’t mean that Allah does not think it is good to take part in these needs of sex, in the pleasure of drinking alcohol, enjoying nature and other stuff. The point is that non-Muslims do those things in this world while ignoring Allah and all moral rules, while Muslims are asked to do a tremendous spiritual effort on earth in order to gain these other (physical) pleasures in the next world.

I don’t know how you Jews see these physical pleasures, especially after the Torah that Allah gave you was falsified, but in our religion all spiritual efforts are asked from us on earth and it is much more difficult. So it is not that all the story is about sex. You do free sex now, I do not.

But you will go to hell after living 50, 60, 70, 80 years, and I will go, I pray that Allah accepts, to heaven and there I will do and will enjoy what you did during these 80 years. The difference is that after these years you will burn in hell forever and I will, after my years in this world of faith, restraint and patience, enjoy Allah’s pleasures forever. “

For that reason, says Ahmed,”I pray that Allah gives me the honor to be dead in an operation. This is the supreme and the noblest way to ascend to Allah. These martyrs have special status in the next world and have bigger chances to watch Allah’s face and enjoy the magnificent pleasures he offers us.”

Ahmed says he has nothing against Jews in particular, other than the Koran says to kill them. And their allies, the Americans.

“We were never taught to hate Jews but to hate the occupation of the Zionists. . .” but, while, “the Jews stole this holy Islamic land and we must fight them, I am looking to receive what waits for me in the next world.”

The way he explains it, it’s really nothing personal. At one point, he tells Klein, “Meanwhile and before I drive you to hell in an operation, enjoy your tea and our hospitality,” laughing as he said it.

As for America, “America is destroying and exploiting the Arabic and the Islamic world as part of a Zionist and Crusader plan. The American Jews, we say, are the godfathers of this Zionist entity in America.”

Ahmed’s view of America and Israel is not outside that of the mainstream Islamic world. All of the international polls show the majority of Muslims consider America and Israel to at war with Islam. Not all of them want to die. But the majority of them share Ahmed’s goal, if not his method.

Most people associate Armageddon with the climactic battle that takes place on the plains of Megiddo at the Second Coming. We get our English translation, “Armageddon” from the words ‘Har’ and ‘Megiddo’.

The final battle is but the last battle in an ongoing war of extermination against Christians and Jews that rages throughout the Tribulation Period.

It is during that war that the antichrist rises to power and seizes control of the reins of global government, but the war itself is already raging when he does.

Plotting the scenario according to the Bible’s timeline, we are already engaged in the early phases of that war. The White House calls it a ‘generational’ war.

The Bible calls it the War of Armageddon. The war that takes the world into the Tribulation.

“For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He who now letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way. And THEN shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:7-8)

Klein’s original column:

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