Special Report: Giving Thanks

Special Report: Giving Thanks
Vol: 62 Issue: 23 Thursday, November 23, 2006

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for. And you are at the top of my list. Forgive me if I get a bit mushy.

There isn’t much that gives me more joy than to spend a little time in our member’s forums, bathing myself in the love and light projected by your postings and prayers for one another.

When it all gets to be too much to bear, I need only visit the forums to restore my sense of equilibrium. It is in our forums that I seek refuge from the cares of this world. And I’ve never been disappointed.

For each of you, and the counsel you provide, I am grateful beyond measure. And I pray our God will continue to bless me with your friendship until He comes for us all at the Rapture.

I have other reasons to be thankful on this Thanksgiving Day, 2006, not the least of which is the fact that my God and my Creator stepped out of space and time and entered this world to live the life God expects of me, and to pay the penalty due for my failure to meet that standard.

I am grateful that God judges me according to His Son’s righteousness and not according to my own.

I am grateful for the opportunities God gave me this year to meet many of you in person. I am grateful for the sense of eager anticipation I have for meeting the rest of you in the coming year. Or the year after that.

I am grateful beyond measure for the testimonies we’ve received from folks who have used the Omega Letter to lead people to Christ. That means that we are fulfilling our mission.

And I am humbly grateful for those testimonies I’ve received this year from people that have credited stumbling onto a publicly posted Omega Letter for filling in that missing bit of information that prompted them to seek Christ directly.

Those testimonies are, to me, like a warm hug from the Holy Spirit. Since our mission is to equip you for your own one-on-one evangelism effort, leading someone directly to Christ via the Omega Letter is a special and unexpected bonus.

I am thankful that the Lord could use someone like me. Apart from the personal sense of spiritual accomplishment, it also validates our ministry approach. It confirms to me the truth that, if He can use me, He can use anybody.

I am grateful that God gave me this particular ministry.

I have much to be grateful for in the natural, as well. America remains free.

And although it doesn’t get said much by anybody here in the States, I am particularly grateful for John Howard and the people of Australia.

(I regret that Americans tend to take Australia for granted. There’s nobody I’d rather have watching our backs.)

Speaking of watching our backs, I was grateful to read of the six imams that were booted off a US Airways plane the other day.

The imams and the useful idiots among us immediately began complaining about discrimination — and it might have given us another black eye — until the facts came out.

Turns out that the loudest complainer had ties to Hamas, the Holy Land Foundation and Osama bin-Laden. (Thank You, Lord.)

I am grateful that America still produces the kind of people that make up our armed forces. I live near a Marine base, and I marvel each time I meet one of these quiet heroes, cut from the same cloth as their grandfathers of the Greatest Generation.

(If you look closely, you can sometimes see the steel hidden beneath that velvet cloth. It almost makes me pity the enemy.)

I am grateful for answered prayer. For my own, and for each of you who have posted praise reports in the prayer forums.

I am grateful that the Lord has given me a ‘bully pulpit’ from which I can testify that each of you are a direct answer to my own prayers. Many of you over the past year have unknowingly provided direct answers to my specific prayers.

I am grateful for your unstinting support, spiritual, moral and financial, while we floundered through our first road tour effort. We learned much we will apply to the next tour.

And while on the subject, I am grateful for the OL’s Nicole Boedecker, who is taking on the task of supervising and coordinating next year’s tour effort for us. (We will discuss that together in greater detail in the coming week once the holidays are behind us).

Despite the threats all around us and the dark clouds gathering on the horizon, there is still much to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving. And may Our God continue to bless each of you in the coming year as you have blessed me.

And may we never forget our blessings. Or forget to be grateful for them.

Until He comes.

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Christian, father, husband, veteran, pilot, and sinner saved by grace. I am a firm believer in, and follower of Jesus Christ. I am Pre-Trib, Dispensational, and Non-Denominational (but I lean Southern Baptist).

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