Special Member’s Report: Road Tour ’06

Special Member’s Report: Road Tour ’06
Vol: 60 Issue: 26 Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It’s been awhile since I’ve briefed the general OL membership on the progress of our road tour across the country. It has been somewhat different that I expected it to be, but learning experiences generally are. And this has been quite the learning experience.

The very first thing I’ve learned is that I was right in thinking I didn’t know very much about how to organize one very effectively. But there is no substitute for experience — we’ve learned quite a bit along the way.

For new members, a bit of background. We’ve been publishing the Omega Letter for almost five years, now. The Omega Letter’s mission is somewhat unique in that it isn’t aimed at presenting the Gospel to the lost. At least, not directly.

Most Christian websites work under the operational principle that a lost person will stumble upon their URL, read an inspirational message and respond to the altar call at the end. This is a good and noble goal, but, to my mind, not the most effective one.

Most Christian websites attract Christians, and then preach to the choir, so to speak. The most effective form of evangelism takes place one-on-one, in unplanned circumstances, between a Christian and somebody that they come in contact with in day-to-day living.

Every Christian is an evangelist, whether he knows it or not. The Great Commission was given to us all. So the Omega Letter is dedicated to providing Christians with the tools and information useful to those one-on-one daily encounters.

We believe this generation is unique in that it is this generation to whom Bible prophecy for the last days is directed. What was to previous generations a hodge-podge of heads and horns and beasts is to this generation as clear as the nightly news. Because it was to this generation that it was addressed.

The prophet Daniel understood nothing of the vision he was given, and said as much to the angel that revealed the vision to him.

“And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.” (Daniel 12:8-9)

Those words are no longer sealed. Our mission is to connect the dots, comparing the events predicted to befall the last generation to the news of the day, together with tackling some of the harder questions that come up and answering them through the Scriptures.

We’ve worked at that, daily, for almost five years now. Earlier this year, I was impressed by the Lord that it wasn’t enough to write about these things from the comfort of my attic office, but to go out and get in the trenches with everybody else.

This spring, we sold our home and possessions, bought a used RV, and have been doing that as the Lord gave us the opportunity. We’ve covered the country from New York to California so far, and are halfway back across the country on the trip back.

We met with OL members at a gathering in Branson, baptized believers in Illinois, preached in Arizona and California, and so far, have met with individual OL members in New York, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Arizona and California.

(I even put in an appearance opposite Hal on the Hal Lindsey Report while we were staying out there.) We’ve endured electric shocks, two trips to the hospital, a minor traffic accident, a couple of falls, glitches too numerous to mention, and I am happy to report that the Lord has seen us through it all.

I’ve been chronicling our journey as it happened, sending out periodic Road Tour Journal entries to those who’ve helped us along the way as the Spirit moved them. And through it all, I’ve been able to get out your Omega Letter every day, with very few exceptions.

You’ve all been great, enduring the occasional interuptions as they came without complaint. And I am so grateful.

This week, we are in New Braunfels, Texas, where we will attend another gathering of OL members, before continuing the circuit back to the East Coast.

Our eventual destination is North Carolina, where we will ‘hole up’ for the winter months in a rented apartment and I will spend some time with my publisher, Steve Spillman, and try and get out a couple of books I’ve been promising him for the last six months. (God bless him, Steve has been very patient with me.)

As I noted, this trip has been a learning experience for me. I’ve learned I am not very organized. By the time we resume the tour next spring, I will be. In the meanwhile, we’ll stay in the trenches, teaching and preaching in the Carolinas, and apply what we’ve learned to organizing for the resumption of our road tour next spring.

The road tour isn’t over yet. We’ve still some 1600 miles to go and many new opportunities to spread the Message along the way. We’ll be in the New Braunfels area for the rest of this week.

(There is information on the Omega Letter Member’s gathering this weekend posted in both the Member’s forum and the Road Tour Forum.)

From there, we’ll keep heading east along the I-40 corridor, planning to arrive on the North Carolina coast sometime in mid-October.

This is only the beginning. But it has been a good beginning. And we’ll keep on keepin’ on, for as long as the Lord wills and there are still people out there to meet. And of course, we’ll keep on publishing your Omega Letter every morning.

Until He comes.

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