“I Can Still Smell the Sulfur”

“I Can Still Smell the Sulfur”
Vol: 60 Issue: 21 Thursday, September 21, 2006

I’m not certain, but I don’t think that Hugo Chavez is likely to get a Christmas card from the White House this year. (Or a ‘holiday’ greeting card, or whatever it is that the White House will send as it pays homage to the politically correct.)

When ol’ Hugo took his turn at the UN podium, he began by saying, “The devil came here. Right here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of.”

As Chavez made the sign of the cross and clasped his hands in a gesture of prayer, the UN delegates assembled broke into a round of sustained applause.

As Chavez ranted and raved against the United States, his audience, (seated in New York, New York, USA) alternatively chuckled and applauded. But they didn’t walk out. They kept to their seats, spellbound by an anti-American tirade that would have made Castro blush.

Chavez accused the U.S. of planning and financing a failed 2002 coup against him. If the US didn’t, it certainly should have.

Among the highlights of his address before his approving audience of UN delegates was his charge that America tries to impose its vision of democracy militarily in countries such as Iran and Iraq.

He called U.S. consumerism “madness” at a marathon news conference, saying Americans have wasteful habits in using oil and energy.

Really? The other day, I watched a thirty-second Citgo commercial extolling the “mad US consumers” to spend their money at Citgo stations buying Venezuelan gas and various sundries so that Chavez could buy the expensive suit he’ll have to replace after it was sullied by the sulfur smell at the UN podium.

I’d have to concur with Chavez on one point. Any American that does buy their gas from Citgo just might be a mad American consumer. Citgo is a wholly-owned Venezuelan state oil company. All of Citgo’s profits go straight to Hugo Chavez.

After his speech, instead of being arrested as an enemy alien, Chavez spoke to a standing-room only audience of AMERICANS at New York’s Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Harry Belafonte introduced Chavez at the event, while former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark also attended, standing proudly among Chavez’ American supporters as they waved Venezuelan flags and chanted Chavez’s name.

Chavez told the standing room audience of AMERICANS that; “The president of the United States should go before an international tribunal.”

Chavez received a standing ovation from his AMERICAN audience when he said Bush committed genocide during the war in Iraq.

The Venezuelan leader signed autographs as a crowd rushed to him after the speech.

(Gee, I wonder which US political party was most represented at the Cooper Union when Chavez spoke?)

Among other highlights, Chavez warned of what might happen to the US economy if Citgo shut down its gas stations.

“Believe me, if I were to decide tomorrow to stop sending oil to the United States … the price would go up to $150, $200 a barrel.”

I don’t know if Chavez is right or not. If nobody bought Citgo gas, we’d find out.

So would Chavez.


Hugo Chavez is a clown. But he is a dangerous clown. But what makes him dangerous are the American leftist traitors like Harry Belefonte, Ramsey Clarke and those idiots who packed Cooper Hall to wave Venezuelan flags and clamor after Chavez’ autograph.

It is worth noting, at this point, that while Chavez called the President of the United States a ‘devil’, in an interview later with Fox News, he singled out Jesse Jackson for whom he expressed his admiration and appreciation.

It is these same quislings that exhort America to vote for their candidates in November, because they want to ‘restore sanity’ to the American government.

Hugo Chavez’ brand of sanity. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s brand of sanity. (Birds of a feather, as the old saying goes.)

It is also worth noting that if a Venezuelan politician were to express sentiments about Chavez similar to those expressed by Chavez about the President of the United States, he would be shot down like a dog. (And I don’t mean figuratively. I mean literally, as in shot down by a hail of bullets.)

And what is more dangerous than Chavez, or Harry Belefonte, or Jesse Jackson, are the assembled UN delegates who chuckled and applauded as Chavez ranted from the podium about the evil empire of the United States of America.

While Chavez was merely offensive, the spectacle of the assembled delegates of the United Nations applauding the characterization of the President of the United States as the devil is a portent of things to come. And they aren’t good things.

It is important to remember that it isn’t George Bush that the world’s assembled delegates hate. That is what the Blue State quislings like Belefonte or Jackson would like us to believe. But George Bush is just the symbol of America. Chavez would have made the same rant, and the delegates would have applauded just as long if it were Bill Clinton, Al Gore or John Kerry.

It isn’t America’s policies that they hate. It is America. It doesn’t matter that they would line up tomorrow to get visas to move to America if they could. They would still hate America, just like Jeanine Garafalo, Al Franken, Jesse Jackson, Sean Penn, etc., etc. ad nauseum hate America. It isn’t natural. It is spiritual.

They hate America because America has been so supremely blessed by God. When Hugo Chavez wasn’t railing against America, he was railing against Israel. As were the rest of the delegates to the UN, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

America derives its system of government, including its guarantee of individual rights and freedoms that permits America haters to express their hatred for America from an American city at an American podium in an American building from the Creator God.

They hate Israel because Israel’s existence is an in-their-face reminder that the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph, the God Who took on the form of Jesus Christ and paid the penalty for the sins of the world, is still alive and still active in the world.

The REAL devil (not the US president) knows his time is running short. And as long as there is an America or an Israel, God still has a visible presence among the nations of the world. He can’t stand it.

His goal is to use the nations he controls to eradicate any visible reminder that he is not the ruler of this world, but is instead only a usurper whose kingdom is only temporary. That is why his hatred, as expressed by his minions, is so vociferous, so vicious and so unreasoning.

War is coming. A real, hot and bloody global war of which the war on terror is just the opening volley. The Bible calls it the War of Armageddon. It has already started. But the devil can read the Bible as well as we can, and he knows Who wins in the end.

Which is why he is so desperate to discredit it, corrupt it or banish it altogether. To keep it from falling into the hands of his troops.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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