Not Our War?

Not Our War?
Vol: 58 Issue: 24 Monday, July 24, 2006

Not Our War?

As Israel continues to press deep into Lebanon in its quest to root out and destroy Hezbollah, the half-hearted calls for an ‘immediate ceasefire’ from the majority of world governments — including the Arab world — has left Kofi Annan standing virtually alone in his contention that ‘both sides are to blame’.

There are few world leaders — apart from Annan and a few other lunatics like Mahmoud Amadinejad — willing to say with a straight face that there is some moral equivalency between Hezbollah’s taking of Israeli hostages with Israel’s dropping of leaflets warning civilians to flee an impending attack against Hezbollah positions inside Lebanon.

While there are allegedly mounting civilian casualties among the Lebanese population, even the very term ‘civilian’ is a misnomer in this conflict.

To the global antisemite, any living fighter is a member of Hezbollah, but any dead one can be transformed into a ‘civilian’, since Hezbollah fighters integrate themselves into civilian neighborhoods and wear no uniforms or carry Hezbollah ID cards.

Especially when one considers that the civilian casualty figures are being supplied mainly by Hezbollah itself.

Israel has been dropping leaflets for weeks. In addition, an Israeli radio station that normally broadcasts to southern Lebanon has also been warning residents of 13 villages, for days, to flee north by Saturday afternoon. The villages form a corridor about 4 miles wide and 11 miles deep.

In any other theater of combat in any other war involving any other nation, those who refused to flee would no longer qualify as ‘civilians’.

But international hatred of all things Israeli run so deeply that the Lebanese Hezbollah supporters are ‘innocent victims’ while Israeli civilians killed by indiscriminate rocket attacks are simply “Israelis killed by Hezbollah or Hamas missiles.”

While there is a great deal of sympathy for the Lebanese population, the phrase, ‘innocent Lebanese victims’ is less a description than it is propaganda. As in the Palestinian Authority situation, Hezbollah is part of Lebanon’s freely-elected government. Those who voted for Hezbollah are hardly ‘innocent victims’ of Israeli ‘over-reaction’.

At best, they are victims of Hezbollah. At worst, they are victims of their own hatred of Israel that predicated their vote for the Hezbollah candidates in the first place.

Pat Buchanan recently penned an antisemitic screed entitled “No, This is Not Our War” in which he argued;

“On American TV, former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says the ruination of Lebanon is Hezbollah’s doing. But is it Hezbollah that is using U.S.-built F-16s, with precision-guided bombs and 155-mm artillery pieces to wreak death and devastation on Lebanon?”

“No, Israel is doing this, with the blessing and without a peep of protest from President Bush. And we wonder why they hate us.”

According to Buchanan, “None of this is written in defense of Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran. But none of them has attacked our country, nor has Syria.” Is he kidding?


Hezbollah’s history begins with the Israeli 1982 Israeli occupation of Lebanon to root out and expel Yasser Arafat and the PLO who has taken over Beirut as a base from which to attack Israel.

Hezbollah was formed by members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to combat the Israeli presence, and to assist the PLO’s efforts to destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state.

Arafat and his henchman had transformed Beirut from the ‘Jewel of the Middle East’ into an apocalyptic wasteland. Its beautiful boulevards became killing fields, its hotels and tourist centers became military command posts.

By 1983, the situation had become so bad that Ronald Reagan ordered a contingent of US Marines to Beirut to protect the embassy. Hezbollah, using Iranian explosives ferried to them via Damascus, car-bombed both the Marine barracks and the US Embassy, killing 242 Marines.

In one of the greatest blunders of his presidency, President Reagan ordered the immediate withdrawal of US forces, ceding the field to Hezbollah and giving terrorists their first victory over the ‘Great Satan’ and establishing America’s reputation as a ‘paper tiger’.

(It is worth noting that, at the time, Pat Buchanan was Reagan’s Communications Director and a Reagan advisor. Just in case you are wondering who advised Reagan to cut and run)

In 1988, Hezbollah kidnapped Marine Lt. Col Rich Higgins as a hostage. Hezbollah later hanged Col Higgins, videotaping his murder and sending it along to Washington.

And in 1996, a USAF military barracks at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia was car bombed, killing 19 US servicemen. All fingers point to Tehran as the culprit.

You’d think that an organization that killed 242 Marines in a single blow and executed a US Marine officer would also be an enemy of the United States. As would its supporters, including Iran and Syria.

In 2001, the US government enunicated the ‘Bush Doctrine’ — “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” Like Bush or hate him, the Bush Doctrine is the official and legal policy of the United States.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization of international reach with more American blood on its hands than any other terrorist group other than that of al-Qaeda.

Hezbollah was created, financed and controlled by Iran.

Not our war? What planet does Buchanan live on?

Israel remains the world’s most enigmatic nation. Nobody can fully articulate why they hate Israel so much, they simply do. Buchanan’s screed drips of mindless antisemitism and Jewish conspiracy theory.

Consider Buchanan’s position in its context. Israel withdrew from its ‘occupation’ of Gaza. The Palestinians immediately used their newly acquired freedom to launch more than a thousand rocket attacks into Israeli civilian areas. They sneaked into Israel and kidnapped an Israeli soldier to hold for ransom.

Hezbollah sneaked into Israel and kidnapped two other Israeli soldiers to hold for ransom. In each kidnapping, the Israelis they didn’t kidnap were killed.

But Buchanan argues that it is Israel that is the aggressor and that by standing by Israel, the United States is a tool of the Israelis, who “dictate to whom we may and may not talk.”

Pat writes that he is not defending Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran. If true, then the only remaining reason for his screed is to attack Israel.

The Psalmist lamented three thousand years ago, “Thou makest us a byword among the heathen, a shaking of the head among the people.” (Psalms 44:14)

People like Pat Buchanan.


I’ve mentioned the non-stop onslaught from the enemy we’ve encountered since we expanded our ministry effort to include traveling the country giving the warning of the soon return of Christ.

In the latest installment of spiritual war-news, I was electrocuted over the weekend by an improperly-wired shore power box at the RV camp we are staying at, throwing me some dozen feet or so and necessitating an ambulance trip to a local hospital.

Although I suffered minor burns and some severely bruised ribs (from the impact with the ground after being thrown), I was not as seriously injured as I could have been.

The Lord protected me from serious injury or death — thanks to your prayers for our mission. God bless you for it.

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