Special Member’s Report – Our ‘Mission From God’

Special Member’s Report – Our ‘Mission From God’
Vol: 58 Issue: 22 Saturday, July 22, 2006

Special Member’s Report – Our ‘Mission From God’

It’s been some time since I gave everybody an overview report of where we are, what we are planning, and the future direction of your Omega Letter.

As most of you know, the Lord has been impressing me for some time with the need to get out of the office and into the churches with the message of His impending return. After my initial skepticism (as I’ve noted many times, when I hear the Lord’s Voice in my head, it sounds a lot like mine), I gave into the leading, sold our home, gave away our stuff, bought a used RV and headed out on our ‘mission from God’.

I’d like to share something of our adventures and accomplishments so far with the entire membership, so everybody is on the same page.

I’ve been trying to keep up with a daily road tour journal which we send out to subscribers that commit to help us out with the expenses and sign up for the journal. This morning, I thought I’d go through some of what I’ve been sharing via the journal with the full membership.

To being with, we adopted, as a deliberate tactic, the decision to NOT publicize our tour beyond the Omega Letter website. If this was the Lord’s idea, I reasoned, then He will make things happen. If not, then this is one way of being sure.

I don’t like to get out ahead of the Lord on such things. We put our intentions out there and waited. And waited.

I know it sounds kind of nuts to some of you. Not pushing the tour, or working the phones, or however it is that such things are planned and set up.

Mostly, I’ve been praying that God would provide the assistance that He knows will be useful to His ultimate purpose.

Since it was His idea, I figure He must have some kind of plan. Me? I am clueless.

I’d been praying for some kind of clear direction on this and waiting on the Lord’s response. His response was to send me to Chicago where He had already started handling the details for me.

Once having finished tying up the loose ends, closing up the house sale, and disposing of the extraneous baggage, we set back out on our quest on Tuesday, July 19.

The following day was Gayle’s birthday. I had planned to squire her about the City of Big Shoulders, wine and dine her, and make her birthday as special as possible.

But as we were making camp in Sturgis the day before, she slipped from the top step of the RV and fell head-first to the ground, landing mainly on one shoulder. I was too far away to catch her, but close enough to watch, as if in slow motion, as she fell to the ground. She hit it hard. It was a terrifying moment.

It also pretty much ruined any birthday plans we may have made. Praise the Lord, she didn’t break anything, but she bruised up pretty bad, and pulled a bunch of muscles in her back and neck.

She is ok, (she says) but she walks like Walter Brennan did in the old TV sitcom “The Real McCoys”. And she has pretty much lost the use of her right arm until the bruising on her shoulder goes down.

Gayle is a real trooper. It would have been entirely reasonable for her to blame me for dragging her from our home on some ill-defined ‘Mission from God’ in which our role so far has been merely to make ourselves available.

Since we began this operation, it has been a case of one step forward, two steps back.

Having made the extra, unplanned leap — four steps down to the hard ground at the bottom — I wouldn’t have blamed her for blaming me. But, as I said, God blessed me with a real ‘help-meet’ (Genesis 2:18 KJV).

She wouldn’t hear of it. “These things happen on road trips,” she says. “I’ll just be more careful.”

So we left Sturgis, Michigan early that morning to make the 190-mile drive to Chicago, arriving on the South side at about 10:20. It took until almost 3 pm to make the forty miles from the South Side to the North Side!

American poet-laureate Carl Sandburg gave Chicago it’s nickname, “the City of Big Shoulders” in his 1916 poem, “Chicago”.

Driving into Chicago, I noted Chicago’s highways had no shoulders at all. Just construction barriers.

At one point, crawling at 5 mph through the endless construction zones, I phoned OL member Frank Spaniak to let him know we were in town. I couldn’t resist; when he answered, the first thing I said to him was, “You live here ON PURPOSE?”

Frank explained Chicago’s two seasons: in Chicago, there is winter . . . and construction season.

When we arrived on the North Side, Frank came out to meet us, and helped us get situated at a campsite. Bless his heart, he not only helped us find one, but he jumped in his car and led us to it.

Then Frank hung around, helped find a site, directed me into it, helped me take off the car dolly trailer and stayed and helped until we were completely settled in.

By the time we finally got settled in, it was after six pm. Exhausted, we fell into bed at 7:30. Never left the campsite after arriving. Some birthday.

On Friday, we had the extreme pleasure of meeting Ric and Gwenn Worshill. It was more than a pleasure. It was a blessing. Ric is president of the Messianic Southern Baptist Conference here, in addition to working full-time as a Chicago cop. Heck of a guy. We were best friends almost from the moment we met.

(I forgot how much I missed straight-from-the shoulder ‘cop talk’. It was refreshing, like a cool breeze on a hot day.)

We met for lunch and spent the whole afternoon together. It was such a wonderful time of fellowship that we hated to part company when the time came.

There was so much more to discuss. But we’ll have time.

I have been invited to teach at Ric’s Thursday Bible study next week. I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to serve. Ric has made it his mission to use his contacts here to help get this ol’ donkey saddled up to carry the Message.

Ric even located us a more affordable site to park this old bus while we are here. We packed up early this morning and made the 25 mile move to the new site where we will be staying for at least the next month.

All along the way, the enemy has made it HIS mission to discourage us and convince us that we are off on a fool’s errand. Anything that could possibly go wrong so far, probably has. But its been such a non-stop assault that it has lost its impact. It’s no longer a burden, its becoming something of a game to us.

Yesterday, my computer broke down. No idea why, and no particular reason.

It was working fine, and then it just rebooted itself in the midst of a column I was working on, and went into an endless loop. It would get as far as the splash screen, restart, and do it again. And again. At first, I was frustrated. Then I got mad. Now, I am oddly amused at his efforts. We aren’t gonna quit, if only to spite him.

My main computer is still broken. I am still trying to figure out what the problem is. I have ruled out a hardware problem, so for now, I am working on Gayle’s laptop until I solve the problem. If this one breaks down, I’ll go to a library. If that option is closed to me, I’ll dictate over the phone. Even the enemy can’t be everywhere.

Gayle’s injuries are, PTL, only superficial. Lots of bruising and she is really stiff and sore from her fall, but says she is fine, otherwise.

What a God we serve! Do your best, you old devil. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. I don’t know what is in store for us, but I know it has His blessing. Or you wouldn’t be trying so hard to put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Ain’t gonna happen. We’re in it for the Duration. Together with all of you, my brothers and sisters of our Omega Letter fellowship. May God bless our mission.

And may God bless you all. Until He comes.

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