Wars On Every Horizon. . . Blessed Assurance?

Wars On Every Horizon. . . Blessed Assurance?
Vol: 57 Issue: 29 Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wars On Every Horizon. . . Blessed Assurance?

This week Australian Defense Minister, Dr. Brendan Nelson said during an ABC interview in Washington that Australia is putting its bets on the UN defusing the North Korean missile crisis.

“If the missile is, however, launched at some point, naturally we would expect that the world would respond by dealing with it appropriately,” Dr Nelson said on ABC radio. “We would express our views through the United Nations.”

Here’s the problem with trusting the United Nations to handle North Korea. It is a hand-off, not a solution.

At best, handing it off the to UN will buy the threatened nations (especially Australia) a little time to figure out what to do. The last time the North Korean problem was handed off to the UN was June 25, 1950.

With the United Nations in charge, fourteen nations ended up serving combat roles with the United Nations Command in Korea. (Including Australia, who contributed more than 17,000 troops and suffered more than 1,500 casualties).

With the UN in charge, peace negotiations were conducted concurrent with ongoing military campaigns. Diplomatic positions changed with battlefield successes, and battlefield success were later negated by diplomatic negotiations.

At its end, after spending two of the three years of the Korean War negotiating ‘peace’ the UN retired its forces from the field after the North Koreans agreed to stay north of the 38th parallel.

The Korean War holds the record for being the longest unresolved war in modern history, at something like fifty-six years and counting. Nobody won. No armistice was signed. North Korea’s leadership remained intact.

Armed troops still patrol each side of a heavily-mined border. North Korea has defied the UN whenever it felt it was in Pyongyang’s interests with impunity ever since.

There have been American (and Australian) forces on continuous duty in an active warzone along the 39th parallel since before I was born.

The Korean War stands as an historical testament to the folly of putting the UN in charge of a military operation. But not the only one. Just the worst.

It is worth nothing that the next time the UN was entrusted with leading a military coalition was the Gulf War in 1991. Nobody won. No armistice was signed. Iraq’s leadership remained intact.

Armed coalition warplanes patrolled the UN-mandated ‘no-fly’ zone for twelve years, engaged in more-or-less daily combat with Iraqi air defense installations on the ground.

There have been coalition forces (including Australian) on continuous duty in an active warzone in and around Iraq since 1991.

The United Nations was created as a safety mechanism to prevent the outbreak of world war after having experienced two world wars in one generation.

The First World War lasted four years and resulted in a decisive Allied victory.

The Second World War lasted five years and resulted in a decisive Allied victory.

The UN’s wars last for generations . . . during which time nobody is allowed to win.

By definition, the United Nations is incapable of conducting or overseeing war. It was created for the expressed purpose of preventing war.

No nation is an island — like people, they exist as part of a network of friends, allies, trading partners, ideological sympathizers and ideological opponents.

Putting the UN in charge of the Korean War gave the North Koreans a say in how the war was conducted against them. Through Pyongyang’s friends, allies, trading partners and ideological sympathizers within the UN itself, the North Koreans were able to run the war from both sides.

The same held true during the first Persian Gulf War. The UN Security Council was briefed before the US launched its air offensive. We learned that Saddam Hussein was briefed by the Russians immediately thereafter.

During the 12 year Phony War that followed, Saddam was able to use his network within the UN to dictate terms to his enemies by rewarding his friends.

Handing control of the North Korean crisis to the United Nations is like giving Mr. Magoo the car keys.


There is a central theme that runs throughout the Bible’s prophetic narrative for the last days — that of constant, unrelenting war. Jesus spoke of wars, rumors of wars, ethnic unrest and ‘kingdom rising against kingdom.’

At the moment, the United States (and western culture in general) is engaged in what the White House describes as a ‘generational’ war against Islamofascism — a war conducted under the joint supervision of representatives of the West and the Islamofascists of the 57 member-nations of the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the UN.

Which is why nobody is winning.

The UN has been in charge of the Iranian nuclear crisis since it first broke in 1998. Iran is estimated to be only months away from having operational nukes, thanks to UN dithering.

The North Koreans have a missile fueled and waiting on a launchpad. The missile is a three-stage ICBM capable of reaching the western United States with a small nuclear warhead.

Whether it is intended as a missile test or whether it is a sneak North Korean nuclear strike depends on how much one trusts Kim Jong il’s sanity.

It is now an open intelligence ‘secret’ that North Korea has been supplying Iran with similar missile technology and that Iran already has missile capability putting all of Europe within Ahmadinejad’s reach. And Ahmadinejad’s sanity is about as trustworthy as that of Kim Jong il.

Israel is currently engaged in a massive punitive invasion of Gaza in the search for a kidnapped soldier, despite strong international criticism of its ‘violation of human rights.’

(Not a word is said about the ‘rights’ of the 18 year old Israel student kidnapped and murdered by members of the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah yesterday. Eighteen year-old Eliyahu Asheri was an Israeli and a Jew — evidently, he was therefore disqualifed from human rights consideration and could be murdered with impunity.)

Overseeing it all is the scandal-ridden, schizophrenic United Nations led by the spectacularly incompetent Kofi Annan.

We’re in a pickle. No doubt about it.

But the Bible foresaw and foretold the very chaos behind the war clouds gathering on the horizon.

Not to give Christians a parlor trick with which to amaze their friends, but as an assurance that all is going according to a Divine, pre-ordained plan.

So that when we see these events looming, we can be confident that we are not following “cunningly devised fables”, but rather, the testimony of “eyewitnesses of His majesty” (2nd Peter 1:16).

The same God Who foretold the events we now see coming to pass will continue to fulfill His Word with equal precision, including His return for His Church.

That means we can know our eternity is already assured and the threats facing this world are, to those who understand, actually signs of hope and blessed assurance.

“So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.” (Luke 21:31-32)

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