Meet Joe Jihad

Meet Joe Jihad
Vol: 57 Issue: 20 Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It was only yesterday that I heard somebody repeat the ‘Bush lied’ mantra about the US invasion of Iraq. It is important to grasp the magnitude of that charge and what it means to all Americans, and not just Republicans, the Bush administration, or George Bush in general.

The ‘Bush lied’ mantra is as dangerous to US national security as was the ‘Bush stole the election’ mantra that was so popular following Al Gore’s defeat at the polls in 2000. Think about what it means to Joe Q. Jihad who has heard all his life that America is rich and Joe Jihad is poor because of American corruption.

Joe Jihad doesn’t really know any Americans. Maybe never even seen one up close.

To most Joe Jihads out there, knowing an American is about as common as is your average American factory worker hanging out with the neighborhood brain surgeon. How many of you know any brain surgeons personally? How many brain surgeons live in your neighborhood? And if you don’t know any personally, what are you then willing to believe about brain surgeons?

I tried to be honest with my own prejudices, and here is where they led me;

Most brain surgeons are, 1) rich; 2) Democrats; 3) liberals; 4) elitist; and; 5) don’t hang with guys like me. These seem to me to be logical deductions, given that brain surgery pays well, brain surgeons generally attend elite, liberally oriented medical schools, most liberals are Democrats, and I’ve never hung out with any brain surgeons and don’t know anybody else that does, either.

Now, suppose you read of a brain surgeon who is accused of murdering patients in some sort of serial killer scenario.

He goes to court, flanked by a cadre of expensive lawyers and is ultimately acquitted. What do you, John Q Americanpublic, believe in your heart of hearts, really happened? Was the brain surgeon really innocent?

Or did he buy his way out of his legal difficulties by virtue of his community standing and his ability to buy the best lawyers available? You are already suspicious, no? [If you are anything like me, you probably are.]

Now, what if a bunch of nurses came forward and said they believed he was lying about his innocence?

Your first assumption, logically, is that nurses probably know brain surgeons better than you do, so they ought to know. And you are already predisposed toward thinking liberal elitists have a better-than-even chance of getting away with murder.

And here you have a bunch of nurses, who you are already predisposed to believe know more about brain surgeons as a class of people than you do, confirming your darkest prejudices about guys that make more money than you, perform what is mysterious work to you, and enjoy a much higher standing in the community than you do, just because they are richer than you are.

I admit it is an imperfect analogy, but I think it is close enough for you to get the point. When it comes to drawing conclusions about something or someone, expert opinion carries considerable weight — especially if you don’t have much first hand knowledge of your own. The less you know about a class of people, the more weight you are willing to give to the testimony of those who do. Or should.


Here is what “Bush stole the election” and “Bush Lied to Seize Iraqi Oil” mean to Joe Q Jihad. If true, it means the world’s most powerful country was overthrown in a coup d’etat by a small cadre of rich,[and therefore evil] powerful men.

That is a frightening concept, made even more frightening by the fact that the source is the American press and prominent American politicians. Especially to someone who lives in the Arab world, where a coup d’etat is the standard method of transferring power.

Making it worse, the usurpers invaded Iraq under false pretenses to conquer Iraq, stealing Islamic property for their own use. The usurpers who stole the American government used its incalculable power to occupy Iraq as part of its plan to eventually conquer the Islamic world and impose its own standard of government.

That is the image presented of the United States to Joe Q Jihad by the American media, American politicians and American political pundits.

The fact that Al Gore never won a single recount is never mentioned in the same column space as allegations that Bush ‘stole’ the election.

The fact that there are copious documents linking Saddam to al-Qaeda, Saddam to the Taliban, Saddam to efforts to obtain WMD, and even some pointing to direct Ba’athist involvement in terror attacks against US targets are never mentioned in the same column space as “Bush lied” about the justification for invading Iraq.

Fox News is running a series of translations from documents obtained in Iraq during and after the war that have languished, untranslated, in warehouses. Now that they are beginning to be translated, it appears that, if anything, the Bush administration ‘misunderestimated’ just how deeply involved Saddam’s regime really was with the Taliban.

According to the files translated from one intelligence document, “both the Taliban and Saddam Regime agreed to a secret relationship involving intelligence services. We do not know the scope or extent of that operational relationship, but this notebook and other documents give us further clues.”

Critics of the administration argue that the facts are now ‘irrelevant’ since we are already in Iraq, leaving Joe Jihad with the unchallenged impression of America as usurpers who lied to invade and occupy Iraq to seize its riches for itself. The press and political critics were telling the truth, it is just that they’ve become resigned to the facts on the ground.

So Joe Jihad has only two choices facing him. He can wait for the lying American usurpers to come for his country next. Which means a choice between collaborating with the invaders or fighting them when they come. Young Joe doesn’t know any Americans, he’s never seen any Americans, but he’s learned all he knows about Americans from the lips of prominent Americans — who ought to know.

So he knows the ‘good’ America was overthrown in a crooked election by the warmongering Bush administration in 2000. And that Bush stole the election so that it could invade Iraq, avenge his father’s honor, and eventually conquer the Islamic world. (Heck, that’s what Joe would expect of HIS leaders)

And collaborating with the invader is no guarantee of either safety or security. Once the Americans have gotten what they wanted, they’ll pull out and leave the collaborators behind to face retribution.

Why would anybody think that a government that would lie to start a war can be trusted to keep its word afterwards?

So maybe Joe will just spare his own neighborhood the carnage by fighting them somewhere else, like Iraq.

‘Bush stole the election and lied’ about the reasons for war. The evidence overwhelmingly proves neither to be true. To American ears, its part of the white noise of election-year politics.

To Joe Jihad, it is all he knows about Americans. And all he needs to know to choose sides.

Treason: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death . . .” [United States Code, Title 18, Part 1 Chapter 115, paragraph 2381]

God help us.

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