Arab World: “Hamas is Bad, But Better Than Israel”

Arab World: “Hamas is Bad, But Better Than Israel”
Vol: 56 Issue: 25 Thursday, May 25, 2006

When the Palestinians held an election in which some 70% of them voted for Hamas, Arab apologists explained that the voters didn’t really vote FOR Hamas, but rather, were registering a protest vote against the corrupt ruling Fatah party.

After polls closed, officials and observers called the vote “peaceful”; Edward McMillan-Scott, the British Conservative head of the European Parliament’s monitoring team described the polls as “extremely professional, in line with international standards, free, transparent and without violence”. His colleague, Italian Communist MEP Luisa Morgantini said there was “a very professional attitude, competence and respect for the rules.”

And Hamas won a whopping 70 seats in the new Palestinian Parliament, as compared to Fatah’s 40 seats.

The Palestinians might be reluctant to admit that the first chance they got, they elected a terrorist group to rule them, but it wasn’t lost on neighboring Jordan and Egypt.

Jordanian security forces arrested 20 Hamas members last month. Amman accuses Hamas of smuggling detonators, rocket launchers and explosives into the country from Syria, and of attempting to recruit Jordanians to send to Iran and Syria for “military training.”

Authorities also said they believe that Hamas was planning attacks against unspecified targets in Jordan. “The foiled plots by Hamas elements against officials and installations in Jordan were in the final stages of execution,” Jordanian government spokesman Nasser Joudeh said.

“Interrogations of suspects proved that they received instructions from a Hamas leader…who is now in Syria.”

Egypt’s Interior Ministry said that the three suicide bombers who attacked Dahab last month had been sent by an Egyptian jihadist to Gaza for training in bomb-making techniques, and that police had detained a number of Egyptians who trained in Gaza, one of whom admitted receiving a congratulatory message from “Palestinian elements” after the bombings were carried out.

Egypt has yet to say officially which Palestinian organization in Gaza was to blame for the Dahab attacks, but officials speaking on background have accused Hamas and a Hamas-linked group called the Popular Resistance Committees of providing shelter for one of the planners.

Hamas the past few months has claimed many times its “military wing” functions separately from the group’s political leadership.

Since Hamas was elected to Palestinian parliament in January, the terror group has refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Hamas leaders, including Hamas’ Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar and the group’s overall leader Khaled Meshaal, regularly declare they will not give up the right to “resistance.”

In Middle East jargon, ‘resistance’ is a synonym for ‘terrorism.’


Here again, we find a situation that fits into the ‘looking glass’ category that has become a benchmark for these last days. Whenever a situation has anything to do with Israel, Jerusalem or the war on terror, logic need not apply.

It is almost like a ‘calling card’ that says, “Bulletin: Last Day’s Event! Check Bible prophecy for details.”

Consider the following with me. Israel is the only truly Western-style, legitimate representative democracy in the Middle East. It is surrounded on all sides by Arab/Islamic dictatorships. The West has embarked upon a policy of democratization of the Middle East. First it was Afghanistan’s free elections, which brought into power a government prepared to execute a guy for converting to Christianity.

Then it was Iraq’s turn at democracy. Terrorists roam the countryside at will, killing Americans and any Iraqi government official, soldier or police officer that presents himself as a target. The ordinary Iraqi on the street claims to oppose the insurgency, but somehow, the insurgents are able to hide among them without fear of being turned in.

The Palestinian Authority has tantalized the West with promises of democratic reform for almost a decade, but when they finally held a truly representative election, including secret balloting, they chose an anti-democracy terrorist group to lead them.

Meanwhile, Israel, the ONLY democracy in the region, is globally castigated as a brutal occupier of “Palestinian lands” that, until 1967, belonged to Jordan. “Palestine” did not exist, except as a nickname for the region of Southern Syria during the Ottoman Empire, said nickname being officially imposed by the British when they captured it from the Ottomans in 1917.

But Israel, whose capital, Jerusalem, was founded by Israel’s King David three thousand years ago, is the usurper, and the Palestinians, who did not exist until 1967, are globally recognized as Israel’s ‘rightful’ owners.

Although there is no Palestinian language, culture, or a unique Palestinian ‘people’ (other than Jews) and despite Israel’s unique three thousand year old customs, dietary laws, language and genealogy, it is Israel that is the alleged usurper and the non-existent Palestinian people who are the rightful owners of the land founded by King David.

The world refuses to acknowledge Israel’s religious connection with Jerusalem, despite the fact Jews still pray at the Western Wall of Solomon’s Temple, erected on that spot by the son of King David. The Wall is there, archeology and history tell us who built it and why, but somehow, that is irrelevant to the question of who is the occupier and who is the usurper.

Even when the whole world is aware of Hamas’ dedication to terrorism, the world insists on ‘respect for the democratic process’ even when those alleged ‘democrats’ themselves despise it, except as a potential terrorist tool. Indeed, even Arab governments recognize Hamas as a terrorist group, but prefer it over Israel.

It doesn’t just not make sense, it is the mirror-image of what WOULD make sense. But there it is, nonetheless.

Just in time to fulfill Bible prophecy in the last days.


Just one more week to the Branson OL gathering. Gayle and I packed up our motor home and hit the road Tuesday morning. There will still be a few bumps and lurches in the short-term — we spent Tuesday night at campsite in the mountains of Pennsylvania, where there was neither cable TV nor internet access.

I have a Cingular air-card for such emergencies, (but it didn’t work it the mountains, either.) I had to wait until we got on the road before I could send out the OL, which is why it was so late yesterday.

This morning, we awoke at our campsite outside Fredericksburg, Va. This campsite has wireless internet access, but my signal is very weak.

We will be installing satellite internet in our new motorhome while we are in Branson, which will eliminate the need to rely on cell phone service to connect to the ‘net.

We’ll have all the bugs worked out shortly. In the meantime, I beg your indulgence if your OL is later than usual on those rare occasions where we can’t get online until after breaking camp. We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the time remaining.

Until He comes,

Jack and Gayle

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