Confronting “Islamophobia”

Confronting “Islamophobia”
Vol: 54 Issue: 29 Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kofi Annan has figured out the solution for global ‘Islamophobia’. Annan believes the best way is to set up a new UN without borders called the “Alliance of Civilizations,” or AOC.

The new body is intended, says Annan, to promote “inter-cultural dialogue” — provided whatever dialogue that takes place is presented from Islam’s perspective.

Annan’s favorite new expression is “Islamophobia” which he believes is at the heart of the civilizational clash that made necessary his “alliance of cultures” in the first place.

Among the members are former Iranian president Mohamed Khatami, Marxist-Socialist Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Turkish Minister of State Mehmet Aydin, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned, wife of the Emir of Qatar and Chair of the Qatar Foundation, and former French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine.

Annan appointed his long-time Pakistani deputy, Iqbal Riza, as Special Adviser of the Secretary-General for the Alliance of Civilizations.

(Riza’s last job was Head Document Shredder in the Oil For Food Coverup.)

Notice, too, who ISN’T represented among the Alliance of Civilizations: America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and, most revealing of all, Israel.

It would seem the UN’s Alliance of Cultures is concerned with representing just one of them.

This all began with a UN seminar last June, entitled, “Confronting Islamophobia: Education for Tolerance and Understanding.”

I had to look up ‘phobia’ again in the dictionary to make sure I understand the meaning of the word. It means, “an uncontrollable, irrational, and persistent fear of a specific object, situation, or activity.”

I tried to put that into the context of ‘Islamophobia’ and I couldn’t make the stretch necessary to include the rest of the seminar’s title, “Education for Tolerance and Understanding.”

Speaking personally, I don’t find fear of being murdered by an Islamic terrorist ‘irrational’, although at times, I suppose the fear is uncontrollable, (as it probably was for the passengers on Flight 93 just before they hit the ground at 500 mph, for example.)

And if my fear of being murdered by Islamic terrorists is persistent, well, its because Islamic terrorists keep murdering people.

Applied directly to Islam and its teachings, I fear a religion that teaches that infidels and Jews should be converted to Islam or killed as a matter of religious policy. The more I understand about Islam, the more rational that fear seems to me.

In his attempt at confronting Islamophobia with tolerance and understanding, Annan told his Islamic audience;

Islam s tenets are frequently distorted and taken out of context, with particular acts or practices being taken to represent or to symbolize a rich and complex faith.

“Distorted and taken out of context” by whom? The terrorists who kill in Islam’s name? The ‘moderate majority’ who support and shelter them in Islam’s name throughout the Islamic world?

The Western world, aghast to hear the clerics of a ‘rich and complex faith’ calling for the execution of an guy for converting to Christ?

Which ‘acts’ are being ‘taken to represent’ Islam? The massacres of civilians by the devoutly religious al-Qaeda fighters whose final words are the Islamic religious expression, “Allahu Akbar?”

The wholesale murder of Jews by Islamic terrorists following the fatwa of Islamic sage Sahih Bukhari?

“The Day of Resurrection will not arrive until the Moslems make war against the Jews and kill them, and until a Jew hiding behind a rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: ‘Oh Moslem, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'”

While it is true that the entire world complement of 1.3 billion Muslims are not engaged in jihad against the west, it is equally true that those who are inspired to that jihad are inspired by the tenets and texts of what Annan calls that “rich and complex faith.

It must be a very complex faith indeed. But it seems unlikely that tolerance and understanding will do as much to comfort my “Islamophobia” as would a direct Islamic effort to confront terror.

There were a handful of Christian whackos, like Eric Rudolf, for example, who committed acts of religious-inspired terrorism.

But it inspired no ‘Christophobia’ — Rudolf was a whacko, as were the handful of other inspired to kill an abortionist for Christ. There is zero acceptance for terrorism among Christians.

There have been a handful of Jewish whackos, like Bernard Goldstein, who opened fire in a mosque in Israel some years back. But he was a whacko. The civilized world is not currently fighting a global war with Jews to oppose forced conversion to Judaism.

The world IS fighting a global war against an enemy seeking Islamic domination of the world’s religious systems and governments.

So the UN’s plan to confront ‘Islamophobia’ with ‘understanding and tolerance’ via an ‘Alliance of Civilizations” in which only one civilization is represented reveals much about the UN’s own ambitions.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


Annan can’t really believe that Islam is the victim of Western stereotyping, can he? There is no Islamophobic tradition or history among the modern Western democracies.

The first introduction most Americans had to Islam came on September 11, 2001. Before that, ‘Islam’ was the religion practiced by most people in the Middle East, but that was about as much as anybody knew or cared.

Since then, we’ve all learned a lot about Islam. We’ve learned that it claims to be a religion of peace and love that permits one to kill people that don’t agree.

Only the Muslims defend their beliefs by burning down churches, killing people and destroying embassies.

Kofi Annan’s ‘Alliance of Civilizations’ is a UN-sponsored alliance with Islam in the coming clash between Islam and Western culture.

As the hours count down toward the end of this age, the once-unthinkable is now business as usual. In a single generation, the world has flipped completely on its head.

The United Nations is among America’s most dedicated ideological opponents. The 21st century Western world is under siege by sword-wielding Islamic barbarians as the West debates how best to confront its ‘Islamophobia’.

America is in a virtual Cold War with much of Europe; the UN is allying with the forces of Islam. Islam is already the dominant religion in Europe. All in a single generation. This generation.

“Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.” (Mark 13:30)

Tick. . . Tick . . . Tick . . .

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