2005 s Top Ten in Review

2005 s Top Ten in Review
Vol: 52 Issue: 2 Monday, January 2, 2006

Well, another year gone and a new one is upon us. In terms of Bible prophecy, 2005 was as active a year as any in recent memory. Here is a list of the top ten stories of the year.

1) Weapons proliferation tops the list. Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, and North Korea are all seeking WMD.

2) Jerusalem. Since Arafat died, the focus of PA demands has shifted to Jerusalem. Sharon formed his new party specifically so he would have support for redividing the city. Israel is going to allow PA elections to take place in East Jerusalem, a tacit admission of at least limited PA sovereignty in the East.

3) The failure of democracy in the Arab world. Democracy handed Iraq over to the Shi’ites who are likely to hand it over to Iran’s mullahs. PA polls give Hamas a greater majority in the PA than they give Abbas. If Hamas is democratically elected, then we are locked into recognizing the first democratically-elected terrorist state.

4) The War on Terror. Political partisanship threatens to hand victory to al Qaeda. From 2001 to the beginning of 2005, it was all about the failure of intelligence. In 2005, it became all about trying to destroy our intelligence-gathering apparatus. 2005 opened with the Democrats screaming for the head of the person who hurt our intel community by outing Valerie Plame.

5) Global Warming — Whether it is the result of greenhouse gases or some other man-made phenomenon is what is under debate. Nobody is debating the fact that weather records are shattering like glass.

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season ran through the whole season’s list of storm names for the first time in history. As of New Year’s Eve, there was an tropical storm named ‘Zeta’ – one of the latest ever recorded. 2005 was the hottest year on record. In some places it was the driest, others it was the wettest.

6) Europe: The European Union has made no secret of its desire to replace the US as the principle peace broker between Israel and the Arab world, and the post-9/11 US is secretly welcoming the chance to let them try.

Europe’s Euromed policy [Barcelona Process] promises a massive free trade zone extending throughout the Middle East, and Israel is one of seven nations tapped for membership. Israel is ecstatic about being included.

A headline from Jordan’s December 21, 2005 Middle East North Africa Financial Network noted “The EU’s Increasing Pro-Israel Tilt.” The headline in Israel’s National News on December 22, 2005 proclaimed: “Post-Gaza, Israel-EU Ties Getting Better.”

Recall Javier Solana’s warning to Sharon at the beginning of 2005: “Europe shall be part of the peace process — whether Israel likes it or not.”

7) The UN Oil for Food Scandal. The Bible prophesies a coming global government. The UN is positioning itself for global power, no doubt it will use the scandal and the ensuing “reforms” to advance closer to that goal.

The UN has built the infrastructure and created an unbreakable global interdependence on its institutions. The Oil For Food Scandal exposes Europe’s true role in directing UN affairs from behind the scenes as the Europeans prepare to pick up the pieces should the US withdraw and precipitate a UN collapse.

8) The rise of Islam to a position of global power. This year, President Bush issued the following Ramadan proclamation:

“The month of Ramadan, which commemorates the revelation of the Koran to the prophet Muhammed, is the holiest month of the Muslim year. . . It is also a time of spiritual growth and prayer and an occasion to remember the less fortunate by sharing God’s gifts with those in need. May this be a blessed Ramadan for Muslims in the United States and around the world.”

President Bush, who this year broke with tradition and sent out ‘holiday greetings’ instead of Christmas cards, closed his Ramadan proclamation with the words, “Ramadan mubarak”.

Islam represents 1 percent of America’s population, according to the 2005 CIA World Factbook, as compared to 84% who identify themselves as Christians.

Bush wasn’t sending greetings to American Muslims. He was paying tribute to global Islam.

9) Iran and Russia: The Russian nuclear deal with Iran has Tehran within months of passing the nuclear weapons “point of no return” — all but guaranteeing a preemptive strike, if not by NATO, then certainly by Israel.

All of Iran’s nuclear facilities are staffed with Russian scientists, technicians, Spetznatz commando units (and their families).

An Israeli airstrike would kill a significant part of Russia’s nuclear brain trust, not to mention the anti-Israel propaganda killing Russian dependents would engender among the Russian population.

Any secular futurist looking at the current sitrep would forecast the exact same scenario as Ezekiel’s Gog-Magog invasion scenario.

10) Pestilences: The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have been preparing for a possible outbreak of the Avian virus (also known as the Bird Flu), which officials believe could become a global epidemic. So far, bird flu has had a mortality rate of OVER FIFTY PERCENT.

Diseases thought to be obsolete have once again become a global threat again. New strains of old pathogens are increasingly invulnerable to antibiotic therapy. New pathogens are being manufactured in WMD labs around the world.

Syria has one of the world’s largest active bioweapons program, with enough biological weapons already mounted on warheads to kill everyone in the Middle East several times over. Those missiles are pointed at Israel.

al-Qaeda is also seeking effective biological weapons to introduce into the US population to kill off as many Americans as possible. And for the first time, the death toll forecast by John during the Tribulation is not only possible, it is in line with the same figures being tossed around by the CDC.


There isn t really much more to add. 2005 filled in a few more details in the Big Picture, but there remain still a number of gaps. With Iran on the cusp of becoming a nuclear power, and the US and NATO debating a military strike to stop it, 2006 looks like the year a lot more of those gaps will be filled in.

Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. (Matthew 24:34)

Maybe this year?

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