Enter the Dragon?

Enter the Dragon?
Vol: 45 Issue: 27 Monday, June 27, 2005

In 1991, the United States shocked the world with the ease by which it defeated the much-feared forces of Saddam Hussein, who at the time, was in control of the world’s fifth largest standing army.

US Abrams tanks cut through Saddam’s Russian-built T-52 battle tanks like a hot knife through butter.

The subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union was due in no small part to the realization by the Politburo that the Soviets were light-years behind US military technology, much too far behind to hope to ever catch up, given the Soviet Union’s increasingly failing economy.

American military power so terrified the rest of the world that it united it under the single banner of anti-Americanism that has infected democracies and dictatorships alike. Those nations who could afford to have been playing catch-up ever since.

Those who could not, allied themselves with those who could, in an effort, as Jacques Chirac put it, to create a counter-balance to the ‘unipolar’ American hegemony.

It was the shocked reaction to the ease with which America destroyed Saddam’s army that accelerated the unification of Europe, and facilitated the alliances of strange bedfellows like Iran, Russia and the EU, for example.

The recognition that Israel probably had weapons as sophisticated as those demonstrated by the United States demonstrated to the Islamic world the need for a new kind of warfare if they could hope to destroy the Jewish state.

Open warfare of the conventional state-to-state variety died in Iraq in 1991 and the asymmetrical war strategy of state-sponsored terror took its place.

To the smaller, weaker states of the Islamic world, it offered a chance to attack and weaken both Israel and the United States while remaining relatively safe from massive military retaliation.

The war in Iraq made conventional warfare with the US unthinkable, even for the most powerful nations of the EU, Russia or China and set off the nuclear arms race that has already made Pakistan, India and North Korea nuclear powers, with Iran running closely behind.

The September 11 attacks on the United States revealed America’s Achilles’ Heel, and the 2003 war with Iraq demonstrated American unpreparedness for a drawn-out conflict on the ground. Not to mention how quickly American resolve would evaporate in the process.

A chilling series of reports by Washington Times investigative reporter Bill Gertz notes that China has been closely monitoring America’s weaknesses in advance of what Gertz speculates is a planned Chinese invasion of Taiwan sometime within the next two years.

Since the United States is committed to defending the island nation of Taiwan from the mainland, a war with Taiwan means war with the United States.

Gertz, quoting intelligence and military analysts, says that China is building up its military capabilities much faster than expected and is stepping up its efforts to gather intelligence against the United States, and in particular, on stealing US technology to increase its military capabilities.

Gertz quoted David Szady, chief of FBI counterintelligence operations on the speed with which Beijing is making progress. “I think you see it where something that would normally take 10 years to develop takes them two or three,” Szady said.

“What we’re finding is that [the spying is] much more focused in certain areas than we ever thought, such as command and control and things of that sort. In the military area, the rapid development of their ‘blue-water’ navy — like the Aegis weapons systems — in no small part is probably due to some of the research and development they were able to get from the United States.”

China has been upgrading its military capabilities for most of the 1990’s with its most significant boost coming from a technology waiver granted by Bill Clinton in the mid 1990’s to allow the Loral Corporation to assist China in fixing a glitch in its missile guidance system.

Loral, a company owned by Bernard Schwartz, Friend of Bill and one of the DNC’s most generous contributors, asked for the waiver while it was contracted to build up China’s developing space program after the failure of several rockets to get a satellite into orbit.

Once the waiver was granted, China was able to fix its guidance systems — including those mounted on China’s arsenal of nuclear ICBM missiles.

Chinese intelligence services are using a variety of methods to spy, including traditional intelligence operations targeting U.S. government agencies and defense contractors.

Additionally, the Chinese use hundreds of thousands of Chinese visitors, students and other nonprofessional spies to gather valuable data, most of it considered “open source,” or unclassified information.

“What keeps us up late at night is the asymmetrical, unofficial presence,” Mr. Szady said. “The official presence, too. I don’t want to minimize that at all in what they are doing.”

China’s spies use as many as 3,200 front companies — many run by groups linked to the Chinese military — that are set up to covertly obtain information, equipment and technology, U.S. officials say.

During the Clinton administration, Chinese executives paid millions for a chance to be an FOB and get accommodations in the Lincoln bedroom and tours of Los Alamos, Sandia and Livermore US weapons labs.

Soon reports began to surface of ‘misplaced’ computer disks loaded with classified information, allegations of espionage by scientists with links to China, etc., together with increasing Chinese belligerence.

Chinese espionage cases have invoked the ire of liberal groups like the ACLU who have termed such investigations ‘witch hunts’.

The case against Katrina Leung, a Los Angeles-based FBI informant who the FBI thinks was a spy for Beijing, ended in the dismissal of charges of taking classified documents from her FBI handler. The Justice Department is appealing the case, but is fighting an uphill battle against a united liberal front decrying what is claims is’racial profiling’ of Chinese-Americans.

The case against Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Wen Ho Lee, who was suspected of supplying classified nuclear-weapons data to China, ended with Lee pleading guilty to only one count among the 59 filed.

The FBI has been unable to find out who in the U.S. government supplied China with secrets on every deployed nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal, including the W-88, the small warhead used on U.S. submarine-launched nuclear missiles.

And a report by former Pentagon official Michael Pillsbury highlights 16 key advances in Chinese technology — all with military implications — in the past six months alone.

The failure to gauge China’s development is part of the bias within the U.S. government that calls for playing down the threat from the growing power of China, both militarily and technologically, Mr. Pillsbury stated.

“Predictions a decade ago of slow Chinese [science and technology] progress have now proved to be false,” the report stated.

“I think the Chinese have figured it out, as far as being able to collect and advance their political, economic and military interests by theft or whatever you want to call it,” according to the FBI’s Szady.

“They are way ahead of what the Russians have ever done.”


This morning’s report is more than chilling, in the natural, it is downright terrifying.

(If you are looking for something cheery to read with your coffee, I suggest you stop reading here and, ummmm . . . email me if you find something. I’d like to read it too.)

China’s military buildup includes an array of new high-technology weapons, such as warships, submarines, missiles and a maneuverable warhead designed to defeat U.S. missile defenses.

Recent intelligence reports also show that China has stepped up military exercises involving amphibious assaults, viewed as another sign that it is preparing for an attack on Taiwan.

“There’s a growing consensus that at some point in the mid-to-late ’90s, there was a fundamental shift in the sophistication, breadth and re-sorting of Chinese defense planning,” said Richard Lawless, a senior China-policy maker in the Pentagon.

“And what we’re seeing now is a manifestation of that change in the number of new systems that are being deployed, the sophistication of those systems and the interoperability of the systems.”

China’s economy has been growing at a rate of at least 10 percent for each of the past 10 years, providing the country’s military with the needed funds for modernization.

The combination of a vibrant centralized economy, growing military and increasingly fervent nationalism has transformed China into what many defense officials view as a fascist state.

According to the Bible, in the last days, the world will be divided into four spheres of global influence.

The first is a revived form of the old Roman Empire, which will serve as the seat of the antichrist’s government, which will be so powerful that it will overshadow the rest of the world, as is the role of the United States today.

The second is the alliance of Gog-Magog, which puts Russia and Iran at the head of a massive anti-Israeli alliance that will eventually embark on a march of conquest against the Jewish state.

The third is the pan-African alliance, or the ‘Kings of the South’ which is already in its infancy as the Organization of African States struggles to find a united voice for the world’s second-most populous continent.

(In 1990, about 12 percent of the world’s population, an estimated 642 million people, lived in Africa, making it the world’s second-most populous continent after Asia.)

Finally, there are the “Kings of the East” referenced by the Apostle John as capable of fielding an army of ‘two hundred thousand thousand’ or two hundred million men. (Revelation 9:16, Revelation 16:12)

According to John, this army will be responsible for the slaughter of one-third of mankind during the Tribulation Period.

According to the CIA World Factbook, China has some 281,240,272 males classified as ‘fit for military service’. All Chinese males between the ages of 18-22 are required to serve a two-year military obligation with another nearly fourteen million coming of military age each year.

There is no mention of a fifth sphere of global influence resembling the United States of America. Let’s take each one at a time in a quick review.

Israel, which at the time of the writers of the Bible, would not exist for two thousand years, is pictured as the flashpoint of global unrest and is of such importance that Zechariah says it would the focus of the whole world, particularly over the final status of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews. (Zechariah 12)

Russia and Iran, (Gog Magog) would lead a pan-Arab alliance against Israel in the last days. According to the prophet Ezekiel, it would take place ‘in the latter years’ and would elicit only a weak diplomatic protest from the rest of the world, leaving it to God to destroy them on ‘the mountains of Israel’. [Ezekiel 39:2]

The prophet Joel, speaking of this great ‘northern’ alliance (Moscow is due north of Jerusalem) will be defeated in a battle involving ‘blood, fire and pillars of smoke.’ (Joel 2:20)

The revived Roman Empire of antichrist will consist of ‘ten kings’ who give their power to an eleventh, who will share power with a global religious leader (the false Prophet) whose religious empire will be headquartered in Rome.

His political counterpart will be associated with the number 666 and will exercise control over the global economy.

The third sphere, ‘the king of the south’, while seemingly very powerful, will ‘push’ at the antichrist, and will be defeated in very short order by his vastly superior military power, despite the overwhelming numbers of the pan-African alliance. (Daniel 11:40)

And finally, we return to the 200 million-strong army of the Kings of the East, the fourth and most powerful sphere of military power during the last days.

But no superpower resembling America. America is currently the most powerful, most hated, and most inviting target on earth, for everybody from the global Islamic jihadists to the jealous Western powers to the Chinese dragon.

She is plotted against in capitals from Beijing to Moscow to Paris and Berlin. She is accused of inventing AIDS to decimate the African continent. She is hated by the Islamists for her support of Israel.

Everybody, seemingly, has a reason to seek her destruction.

In addition, America is universally recognized as the world’s most Christian nation (by everybody except the American Left who are actively seeking to eliminate God from the public discourse).

There are plenty of probable reasons for America’s absence during the final hours of judgment, from political civil war (Red-State Blue-State) to decimation from an Islamist WMD attack to destruction via the nuclear threat emanating from Russia, China or any the rogue nuclear states — to the pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church.

But the wars of the last days have specific targets; Israel, the antichrist’s empire, etc. Neither the powers of the last days — or their targets, bear any resemblance to America.

And there is no indication that the Rapture of the Church does much damage to the spheres of global power listed in Scripture for the last days.

And Biblical Christianity is virtually non-existent in Europe and has no influence whatever in the governments of China, Russia, Iran, or those governments on the African continent.

In short, we are seeing the buildup of every alliance foretold for the last days, precisely as prophesied, together with the decline in influence of, and global animosity for, the world’s only Christian nation, based largely on his support of Israel.

Within the United States itself, the nation has divided itself along Red-State Blue-State lines, with the Red States derided by the Blue as ‘JesusLand.’

And it is all taking place at PRECISELY the same point in history.

Taken together as a whole, there is only one possible explanation for America’s absence.

“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

And given the speed with which it is all coming together, it can’t be far away. The Lord IS coming! And He is coming soon!

“Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18)

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