Through the Looking Glass . . . Part One

Through the Looking Glass . . . Part One
Vol: 39 Issue: 26 Sunday, December 26, 2004

It’s that time of year again when everybody is writing their ‘year in review’ columns in which they highlight the events they think were the most important of the passing year.

But 2004 was one of those years that can’t be properly characterized in a single column, so I will spread it out over the next couple of days. 2004 was a year of pivotal events — political, economic, and military — that have added many new pieces to the Big Picture. It will take time to sort them all out.

On the political scene, the year opened with a brand-new star, the ‘unbeatable’ Dr. Howard Dean. Dean became the unbeatable new political genius of the Left after he figured out a way to tap into the Internet for campaign funding.

The political pundits were pronouncing Dean the new Democratic nominee for the White House, predicting Dean’s hard-left politics would help him sweep the primaries.

Although Dean’s politics were perfectly in line with the personal politics of the aforementioned pundits, they scared the pants off even Iowa Democratic voters, who gave the nod to John ‘Christmas in Cambodia’ Kerry.

Dean’s reaction to his Iowa loss, a primal scream that sounded like a pig being strangled, was immediately dubbed the ‘Dean Scream’ and Howard Dean packed his bags and headed home to Vermont.

2004 was also the year that the media took off the gloves and openly abandoned any pretense of political neutrality by launching a propaganda blitz that would have done justice to Leni Riefenstahl, (Hitler’s filmmaker and director of that smash hit from the 1930’s, “The Eternal Jew”).

The Big Three news networks squandered forty years of accumulated credibility in their effort to defeat George Bush, enthusiastically backing any candidate who wasn’t . . . well, ANY candidate who wasn t George Bush.

Even Al Sharpton got a free ride from a press corps that was clearly prepared to back ANYBODY who ran against George Bush, even a racist demagogue whose title of ‘Reverend’ was conferred upon him when he was nine years old.

An honest press corps would have had a field day with Reverend Al. He came to fame as Tawana Brawley’s ‘advisor’ in 1991. He made headlines when he accused NY prosecutor Steven Pagones and four police officers of kidnapping, abusing and raping a black 15 year old. One of the accused police officers eventually committed suicide.

A grand jury found there was no evidence to support the charge. The reason was because Brawley made it all up. Indeed, Pagones later won a $65,000 defamation judgment against Sharpton, (who promptly claimed he was bankrupt). Sharpton s income had to be garnished to cover part of the defamation debt and supporters helped pay the rest.

Sharpton was charged with stealing from a civil rights organization he started as a teenager. He pleaded guilty in 1993 to evading paying his 1986 state income taxes. Sharpton was even once secretly videotaped trying to sell a pound of cocaine to an undercover police officer.

None of that mattered to the political propagandists masquerading as mainstream journalists, some of whom even pronounced Sharpton the winner of several of the primary debates. After all, he may be Al Sharpton, but Al Sharpton isn’t George Bush.

Al Sharpton’s candidacy for the Presidency of the United States seemed to mark the pinnacle of 2004’s ‘Silly Season’ — a season that was easily among the silliest on record.

There were nine candidates running for the Democratic nomination and every single one of them ran on the same campaign slogan; “Vote for me! I’m not George Bush.”

Of course, the winner of the Democratic nod had to have more than that single qualification in order to beat out the other eight candidates. Enter John “I served in Vietnam and George Bush didn’t” Kerry.

That was the REAL pinnacle of the Silly Season. An anti-war candidate whose sole credential (apart from not being George Bush) was a four-month tour in Vietnam in which he racked up five medals that, upon his return to the States, publicly threw over the White House fence in protest.

He had testified before Congress in 1971 that all Vietnam veterans, (including him), were war criminals. Then he criticized George Bush’s National Guard service by claiming he joined the Guard to avoid Vietnam, essentially arguing that Bush’s failure to qualify as a war criminal also disqualified him from serving as Commander in Chief.

Or something. The media didn’t seem to grasp the circular nature of that argument, (or it believed that we didn’t.)

Although EVERY SINGLE officer in his chain of command signed on with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that claimed Kerry’s Vietnam war record was a sham, the media showed no interest in investigating whether or not a presidential candidate was a fraud campaigning on a self-serving lie.

The media never questioned the fact Kerry’s discharge was dated five years after he was released. (For a naval officer, the absence of an honorable discharge is the equivalent to a dishonorable one.)

It never questioned the ‘combat V’ on his Silver Star, even though there is no ‘combat V’ authorized for the Silver Star. It never questioned his three Purple Hearts or his Bronze Star, although 250 of the 261 Swift Boat veterans involved in the campaign claimed they were fraudulently obtained.

Even though Kerry built his entire campaign around those four months in Vietnam, the only time the media showed any interest in the Swift Boat veterans’ was when it found something negative to report about one of the members.

It never doubted that John Kerry ‘had a plan’ for extricating America from Iraq, saving the environment, plugging the ozone layer and presenting Osama bin Laden’s head on a platter.

(That is probably why nobody in the media ever asked Kerry what his plan actually WAS. It was enough to know that Kerry ‘had a plan’ the details were apparently irrelevant.)

On the other hand, there were about two hundred gazillion reporters assigned to dig up evidence that George Bush didn’t make a few of his National Guard meetings toward the end of his service.

All the Big Networks agreed that if George Bush missed a few National Guard meetings, THAT made him unfit for command and erased his four years of experience in the White House, (three of which were as a wartime Commander-in-Chief).

While ignoring two hundred and fifty actual combat veterans clamoring for media scrutiny of Kerry’s war record, CBS News assigned a producer who spent four years building a case against Bush’s Guard service. In the end, (after four years of investigation), CBS ran a story that was entirely based on the contents of four forged documents.

It cost CBS its credibility, it cost Dan Rather his anchor spot, and it may yet result in criminal charges, but the other two network anchors, Brokaw and Jennings, offered Dan Rather their full support and solidarity. After all, it was for a good cause.

The Silly Season capped in November, after the networks forecast a fifty-three state victory for John Kerry — when word leaked out that the actual, physical voters had elected George Bush.

The networks bemoaned the results when the Democrats lost seats in both Houses and John Kerry lost the White House. After careful examination, they concluded that the Democrats lost for two reasons:

John Kerry was boring. And the Red States are populated by redneck morons.

Political pundits the world over joined in a hearty ‘huzzah’ for the network’s findings, with a British paper going so far as to ask how fifty-six million Americans could be “so dumb.”


As 2004 draws to a close, it is worth noting that, apart from moving Dan Rather from anchoring the CBS News to anchoring at CBS’ “60 Minutes”, the mainstream media emerged largely unscathed — despite its exposure as a propaganda tool for the liberal Left.

Of course, the reason it emerged unscathed is because it is the liberal mainstream media that controls what we hear in the first place. If the mainstream media says it is unbiased and subsequently spikes any stories to the contrary, well, evidently, that means it is unbiased.

2004 proved to be the Year of the Propagandist, a year in which the mainstream media flexed its muscles and discovered that it not only felt good, but also that they could get away with it with impunity.

It was the year in which the media discovered another America, populated by the rednecks in the Red States, who were, in their view, too stupid to catch the nuances of their propaganda campaign, which is how and why George Bush was able to win reelection anyway. THAT America was derided by the liberal left as “JesusLand.”

It is not coincidental that 2004 was the Year of the Strong Delusion, politically. Practically every person on earth, (except citizens of JesusLand) has bought into the delusion that America is a global bully headed by a reactionary redneck who somehow manipulated the electorate in order to seize Iraqi oil wealth for distribution to his cronies in the oil business.

They believe it for two reasons. The first is that is the way America is portrayed by the liberal press who are unable or unwilling to differentiate between what is good for the country and what is good for their partisan political interests.

The second is because that is what they WANT to believe. They don’t WANT to believe that America has no interest in Iraq beyond bringing stability to the part of the world. They don’t want to believe that American soldiers are there to save Iraq from tyranny and terrorism.

If they believed THAT, then they’d have to question why they aren’t helping. But if Americans are vicious occupiers , then they can feel good about themselves.

And according to the Apostle Paul, THAT is the reason for the ‘strong delusion’ that will bring the antichrist to power. He writes of the “deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; BECAUSE THEY RECEIVED NOT THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that they might be saved.”

God will allow them to believe what they WANT to believe.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:10-12)

In reviewing 2004’s silly season, we see all the elements in place for the delivery of that strong delusion, and we even witnessed a practice run.

We saw how effectively that delusion could be nurtured — John Kerry received more votes than any losing presidential candidate in history.

We learned during the 2004 Silly Season that the majority of the world’s population favored a Kerry presidency as a result of the media onslaught, and that the only ones seemingly unaffected by it were the citizens of JesusLand.

The propagandist media almost managed to pull it off. Everyone agrees — if it weren’t for JesusLand, John Kerry would be the President of the United States.

2nd Thessalonians 2:7 says that “the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He who now letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way” at the Rapture, (together with the majority of JesusLand.)

Verse 2:8 says, “And THEN shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming.”

In 2004, the only thing that restrained the media’s ‘strong delusion’ from becoming political reality was that JesusLand was still here.


2004 in Review: A Year of ‘Perilous Times’

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