An Endorsement from Osama bin-Laden

An Endorsement from Osama bin-Laden
Vol: 37 Issue: 30 Saturday, October 30, 2004

It worked in Madrid. After al-Qaeda blew up a train in what Spain called “it’s 9/11” it issued a communique offering Spain a deal; “If you don’t bother us, we won’t bother you.”

At the time, Spain was governed by Jose Maria Aznar, one of America’s staunchest US allies in the war on terror. The Madrid attack was timed to coincide with Spain’s national elections. Aznar’s government was forecast to easily defeat Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s Socialists.

The Socialists who had pledged to withdraw Spain from the coalition defeated Aznar in a surprising upset, and Zapatero announced that his government would abruptly withdraw Spain’s contingent of 1,300 troops from Iraq.

Immediately after hearing Spain’s announcement, radical Shi’ite cleric Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr to declare a moratorium on attacks against Spanish troops in Iraq. The message was clear. Spain had surrendered to al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda had accepted.

The week following Zapatero’s announcement of withdrawal, John Kerry told “Meet the Press” that, if he was elected, he would do the same thing.

“I will immediately reach out to other nations in a very different way from this administration,” he said. “Within weeks of being inaugurated I will return to the U.N. and I will rejoin the community of nations.”

Osama bin-Laden released his latest video ‘message’ to America four days before Election Day in order to accomplish in America what he did in Spain — use terror and fear to bring down a sitting government.

The whole message was a tirade against George Bush, comparing his administration to that of the dictatorships of the Middle East. bin-Laden had clearly been reading the New York Times, because he sounded like a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee:

“He [Bush] moved the tyranny and suppression of freedom [from Middle Eastern dictatorships] to his own country, and they called it the Patriot Act, under the disguise of fighting terrorism.”

Echoing the criticism offered by John Kerry of the President’s actions on September 11, when he finished reading the story to school kids after hearing of the first attack, bin Laden taunted;

“We agreed with the leader of the group, Mohammed Atta, to perform all attacks within 20 minutes before [President George W.] Bush and his administration were aware of what was going on. And we never knew that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his people in the two towers to face those events by themselves when they were in the most urgent need of their leader.

He was more interested in listening to the child’s story about the goat rather than worry about what was happening to the towers. So, we had three times the time necessary to accomplish the events.”

Osama’s ‘message’ read more like a list of Democratic talking points for the John Kerry campaign than the usual “we will make your streets rivers of blood’ rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the demented terrorist leader.

Once he had finished campaigning for John Kerry, bin-Laden underscored his point that a vote for the challenger is a vote for peace and safety.

“Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands. Any nation that does not attack us will not be attacked.”


The message couldn’t be more clear. Osama bin-Laden just offered the same deal to America that he offered to Spain. “If you don’t bother us, we won’t bother you.”

The Bush Doctrine calls for the US to hunt down and destroy terrorists wherever they can be found, and to treat states that support terrorism as national enemies of the USA. That policy will not change if George Bush is re-elected to the White House.

John Kerry SAYS now that he would be as tough on al-Qaeda as the Bush administration. But from his comments, it appears that bin-Laden has been following the campaign closely, so he is undoubtedly aware of John Kerry’s antiwar past. He has campaigned on an antiwar platform since receiving the Democratic nomination. Osama is betting on Kerry’s deeds, not his words. (Unlike many US voters)

Clearly, bin-Laden’s goal is to see John Kerry defeat George Bush.

It was a message echoed ’round the world. “Bin Laden shocks U.S,” was Saturday’s headline in Britain’s Financial Times newspaper. “Bin Laden to U.S. voters: your fate is in your hands,” said the front page of The Daily Telegraph.

Montasser el-Zayat, a Cairo-based lawyer who defends Islamic radicals, said the video amounted to an “unprecedented attack on Bush at a very critical time, before the U.S. elections.”

Paul Wilkinson, chairman of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St. Andrews University in Scotland, called the tape “a very crude but sinister attempt to try to influence the presidential election.”

Diaa Rashwan, a Cairo-based expert on extremist Muslim militants, said bin Laden was trying to influence Americans “to give Kerry their votes, not Bush.”

The only one who didn’t seem to get the message Osama was sending America was John Kerry himself. When the tape emerged, Kerry started slamming Bush for having not captured bin-Laden as evidence that he “can run a more effective war on terror than George Bush.”

Clearly, America’s enemies disagree, which is why they are campaigning on behalf of John Kerry.

So far, John Kerry has gotten the tacit endorsement of France and Germany. The release of the ‘missing explosives’ report by the UN’s Mohammed el-Baredei was timed to damage the Bush re-election chances and hand John Kerry his ‘October Surprise’.

His candidacy is supported by the American Muslim Council, CAIR, and Kerry is overwhelmingly favored over Bush in the Arab world. One recent poll showed that the only foreign country where George Bush was favored over John Kerry was Israel.

Now, Kerry has received the endorsement of Osama bin-Laden.

Yesterday, Kerry urged supporters at a rally in Orlando to vote for him so that he ‘can steer America a new direction’ — virtually echoing the demands made by Osama bin-Laden.

Is anybody listening?

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